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Dirt3 - Monte Carlo Track Pack & Lancia Delta S4 (Group B)

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Got myself that track pack for $16 or 17 and the Group B Lancia S4 add-on and wanna tell you briefly what I think.

So you get 8 tracks in rally mode which have all very different names, but it's actually just 1 fu** track. The trick is you start at different spots at the track and you go the other way sometimes. That means it's not that it's a very long track where your stages are entirely in different areas, it is a track about 3.30min or 4min long and you race in different areas with plenty of overlap. Considering my setup (wheel, shifter and handbrake) is very new I'm still familiarizing and learning. I found the competition just too weak/slow by far.

I think there's something wrong when you win a stage you never tried at you first go...and not even have a perfect run.


The other issue is I've got stuttering just in Monte Carlo, nowhere else. I'm running triples with 2 Palit GTX670 in SLI (they are a bit overclocked by Palit and come apparently quite close in performance to GTX680's). Guess they should be able to handle that quite easily.

I've done some research on that and it looks like it's happening pretty often. I haven't been able to fix it though.

Do you have any idea what to do?


Yeah, the Lancia Delta S4 brings a huge smile on my face though. Costs only $2.50...and it's worth it...goes like hell and beats WRC's very very easily.

It's the 1st time I was able to compare a proper Group B car to the latest WRC's on the same track and I found the WRC's don't stand a chance at all...there's just a huge difference.

All the stuff about improvements in suspensions and differentials can't compensate the lack of 200BHp and the higher weight of about least not in Dirt3 that's for sure...and it doesn't matter if it's a twisty stage or a high speed one either.


Would I buy again?

Monte Carlo TP: no

Lancia Delta S4: yes

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I enjoy Dirt 3 on the xbox 360 mainly in TT w/ friends. We just keep going back and forth beating each others times, until we can't get any faster. Then on to another stage.


Have you tried Richard Burns rally on the PC? Epic Rally sim for $6 on disk on Amazon. Then add the FREE massive add-on, RSRBR,  with 100's of cars and tracks. It's the KING OF Rally Sims.

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Hi Thirsty,


The Monte Carlo pack is pretty to look at but the same old stuff after a few goes,  and the reason your winning so easily is that its just too forgiving. The cars seem to drive almost the same on the tar and snow with the same tires which is far from accurate. Hopefully they will release Dirt 4 with more Sim orientated physics to make it more of a challenge and it will compliment the games brilliant graphics better too.  The stuttering is program related imo and nothing to do with your pc's horse power,  my over clocked cpu of 4.2ghz and GTX680 cant run it smooth either.  Dont forget that Codemasters dont write games for triple screens so that probably isn't helping.  Personally I love the way it looks but the car physics are just too under par compared to other titles.  I mentioned it too you earlier somewhere but when my son was 6 he could win stages with no driving aids turned on.  When you consider that he was driving in a Motion Sim and getting thrown around everywhere it indicates pretty clearly how easy it is to win.  ( I never told him it was that easy though ;-) )


When you come up tomorrow I will make sure you have all the right files for RSRBR so that it works properly,  the Lancia Delta S4 is badass in there and handles leaps and bounds better than the Dirt 3 version.  I cant say that my Frex Hand Brake even works properly in Dirt 3...its like it tries to lock up all 4

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@ Zebrawire:

I enjoy Dirt3 a lot too even though there's a lot of stuff in there I'm not interested at all. I like just doing rallying and rallycross is fun as well.

That Monte Carlo thing is just a rip-off anyway.

Just uninstalled RSRBR because it was just messing me around. The speedo in the hud was showing 60km/h when I was going an estimated 30km/h, reverse gear didn't work and these sort of weird things. I'll give it another go with Muff71's files and hope that works all right.

Can't get too excited about its graphics, but I'd put up with it if it worked properly.



So you got that stuttering as well. Yeah I got a bit the impression it's a software issue. My handbrake works all right. I don't have to pull it all the way to the end. Maybe half way and the arse comes around - love it:-) It worked even better in RBR.

I do hope your RSRBR files will get that thing going properly - would be great.

Cya tomorrow then

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