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NFS World - videos

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Although not a sim, some one asked about this game in the NFS Shift thread. World combines the maps from NFS Most Wanted and NFS Carbon as well as the tracks. Curently it includes the Rosewood part of Most Wanted (about 1/3rd of it's map) and Silervton and Downtown of Carbon (about 1/2 of it's map). They ran a beta test in Asia (Taiwan) back in October 2009. The next Beta test was run on US and EU servers, on March 5->8, then another for March 19->21.

Videos from the March 5 beta: A collection of pusuit sequences:

Car show and cruise:

Campbell Tunnel, a level 10 event where the AI are fast enough that you need to use nitrous in order to win. This track and a few others were left out of the March 19 beta, in an attempt to increase the number of players per race.

Chinatown Tram

March 19 video. Stadium and Hwy 99

You can just look at "rcgldr" at youtube to see the rest of the videos I've made so far.

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Thanks for the uploads mate, much appreciated.

On account of the game, it does look like they just integrated open multiplayer for Undercover and made a new game out of it. Can't say it's what I was hoping for. :P

But still, could turn out to be fun. What's you take on the game after playing it? Any fun?

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