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I like the official ISI RFactor 2 forums, also and , their RF2 forum is pretty good too, I dont think they are as good as the above with RFactor 2 updates but I still like them for general sim racing news.


VirtualR on the other hand, I am not a fan of, at all.  The site is a guy who apparently works for Project Cars, and they skip many RFactor 2 news updates, or sometimes when they do post an update/news article, they will wait a few days before posting the news.  They will wait until they have other news articles to post (especially ones about Project Cars) right after/on top of the RFactor 2 (or possibly other sims as well) news articles.  They have even just posted real old, false, news about RFactor 2, and when the mod makers themselves told VirtualR to remove the news because it is not true anymore and making RFactor 2 look bad, VirtualR still didnt remove the news from their site.


For more info–-Development-HAS-NOT-stopped-(more-VirtualR-bias-against-RF2 , read posts 10-12 as well.

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