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Dirt2 PC and Fanatec wheel- FFB settings in game?

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Love the shows guys, keep them up! I've been playing a lot of rFactor and Shift on my PC, and wanted to give Dirt2 a try since a lot of people are jocking how good the FFB and handling are. I use a Fanatec 911 Turbo S and ClubSport pedals. I usually set the wheel drivers for 450 degrees rotation, drift mode 4, no center spring, and this works well for in in Shift (modded w/ Juls Sharp Tyres mod) @ 30% steering saturation. 450 also works well in rFactor w/ most of the mods I use.

For Dirt2, I was wondering what is suggested or what you all use for the FFB levels and in-game advanced wheel settings? I'm not sure where to start w/ the steering linearity & saturation so I was experimenting last night, but it didn't feel quite right, either too sensitive or not sensitive enough. LMK a good starting point you like (please also mention your wheel rotation settings w/ the wheel drivers.)


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