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Hello all i like to play pc racing games and host servers to different games but i need a place site/forum where people could download the files that drivers must have when race on servers i host.

So i start a site for that 2 years ago.

Members on our site racing just now  rfactor F1 so we organize leauge racing but i also have servers running online with mods and tracks to rfactor i like public.


It exist so many leauges in rfactor and race 07 and other games so the drivers is very spread out in different leauges sad but true.


Now why i post this .

We have servers  online 24/7 no limit off slots.


But what we miss is people/drivers that like to organize leauge races. that is often not just a one man work.


So if you have ideas to organize leauge races sign up on site and tell me your ideas on a pm.

It can be  rfactor race 07 GTR 2 or something else .. make a visit on the site or just downloads some files you missing.

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2014-02-24 update


Added 2 game stock car servers

Because of many bad drivers on our race07 servers
We set password on our race 07 servers start from 2014-03-01

No leauge racing 2014 that our site organize some servers i rent out

Servers based in Sweden on 100/100 MB fibre cable

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