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Crashing Problem

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I am running this on a laptop. I usually get problems with Code Master games, but that didn't stop me from getting this game. They don't support gaming on laptops, but I usually can run Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 no problem. The problem I get is I can't be in cockpit view as it crashes the game for those Dirt games.


However, F1 2012 isn't consistent on crashing, sometimes it crashes in a menu or in a race. Usually the screen will freeze with the game still accessible, like I can get to the next menu because I hear the switching of the icons, and can click to select, but I'm still on the last menu which is frozen. Or if it does it in a race, you can hear sounds as competition continues, and you can steer and go, but you appear to be frozen. I know that you can get it to work on a laptop, as I have gotten Dirt 2 and 3 to work and found what I have to not do to keep it from crashing. Anybody got tips for F1 2012 for me?

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