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F1 2013 Wishlist

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Here is an F1 2013 Wishlist which I have created for you guys to see, and if we get good replies we might be able
to send this to codemasters so they can see what we think. :-P
 So here is what I think.
 1: Penalties and Safety Car.
        It was good to have the safety car in 2012, but it never really came out that often. It could be used as a good race strategy 
        system as well. I know i'm not alone on thinking this, but the penalty system needs fixing. E.g: I was driving a Williams at the Indian GP and I was chasing Michael Schumacher and his tyre blew up, ( which was realistic!) However I was given a penalty and I watched the reply 6 times and I definitely did not touch his car. Also other drivers should get penalties more often and have it registered on the race director.
 2: Pitting.
       I loved how in F1 2010 you could slow down and put the pit limiter on and confirm pit stops and stop in the pit box and I know that was taken out through KERS and DRS and there being no room on the controller for those buttons. But you could place the pit limiter button on the DRS button because you wont be using DRS in the pits anyway, and be able to ask for pit stops in the pause menu.
 3: AI.
  Not a lot, they should however be more challenging to overtake and be more aggressive when overtaking.
 4: Paddock and Interviews.
    I loved how in 2010 and 2011 you could be interviewed and move around the paddock, and I heard that was removed for 2012 because of long loading times, but I did not mind the loading because I loved seeing my racing stats and trying to improve on them. Also please bring back the short race weekend mode where it was just practice, qualifying then race!
 5: Crash Damage.
      I know it is very hard to do good crash damage however it could be slightly more realistic than just losing front wing, puncture, wheel loss and rear wing.
          All of these points I think would really help the game and replies below I wouldn't mind seeing with other peoples wishlist! :cool:

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