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WTB: CSR Elite, Clubsport, or T500RS, Wheel stand

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Update: I'm still looking for a CSR Elite ($400ish) and Clubsport v2s ($170ish)


Just sold my g27 and playseat so I'm free at last. I'm looking for used gear, any of the "big three" wheels is fine for me. I need everything but a shifter: my Th8rs is waiting patiently to get plugged in.


t500: I do have a local frys nearby, so the price to beat is $400 unless you've modded the pedals or steering in a nice way.

Clubsport pedals: v1 or v2 (or even csr elite)

CSR Elite Wheel: Yes, I do play Forza so this would be ideal, but the demand for this wheel seems disproportionately high right now. I also am suspicious of why it's not available at fanatec's site right now and the impending Xbox 720 announcement.


Also, if you have a wheel stand you're willing to ship, I'm listening.


Location: Seattle

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It was predrilled for the t500, so mounting that part was a snap. Strangely, the pedals didn't line up to the pre-cut floor tracks, but they stay still while playing. Mounting the TH8 required some drilling, but that was no problem.


It's a fairly sturdy stand, and I love that it came with a shifter mount. Unfortunately the thrustmaster is so heavy that it will topple the whole thing if you extend it up as far vertically as possible. But that doesn't happen if you have your feet on the pedals.


Overall I'm pretty happy with it.

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