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Another topic could be why do people use different FOV (Field Of View).

Personally, I don't use the recomended FOV in iRacing, when I tried it, I realized it just took all the screen real estate of my 3 monitors, thus disabling the reason I went to triple monitors (to be able to see cars coming up beside me in my side windows (monitors)), the iRacing recomended FOV seems to take the advantage away from having triples and makes it more like a curved single monitor with bezels. I always tweak my FOV for this reason, I love seeing cars coming up beside me, so much easier to avoid them when you can see them. I know this is my personal thing and many people will argue that the iRacing FOV is more realistic but for me, my FOV is more realistic, when driving my own car, I see other trafic beside me with my peripheral vision (I've never been in a real race car, so to me, this is more realistic?). Not to mention, I didn't buy a triple monitor setup to have the cockpit bigger, I bought it to have a wider field of view thus allowing me to be able to use my peripheral vision and see what's around me.

So FOV could be a good topic for discussion, why it's adjustable in all sims, why do people change it, the reasons for changing it?

As far as I'm concerned, iRacing's recomended FOV defeats the purpose of having triple monitors, might as well just have one BIG monitor. I noticed this when watching Shaun drive in the CXC simulator videos posted recently.

Take care


Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<


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I know it's been said a couple of times, but I think drinking and racing is a good topic to discuss.  A lot of people do it, I used to do it myself.  When I first started racing, I thought of it like any other video game, but as you get more serious, you realize how important it is that you don't make a mistake; could cause somebody else a problem and ruin their night.  Some people might only have a time to do one race, and if you wreck them out that could ruin the only fun they may have all night.  I'm not saying I won't have maybe a beer, but I pretty much make it a two beer limit if I'm racing.

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Lets strike at home for a minute. Your show(s) are at the forefront of communications about something people have a passion for. Where else can I get amount of info on sim racing I do from you? My issue is the inevitable trail to the pot of gold.

It seems on TV and online that shows start out with a popular format which not only keeps them alive but they grow. Unfortunately the devil itself in the form of money eventually works its way into the plan and things tend to gravitate away from the ideas that made everything so pleasing.

When I found Inside Sim Racing I was thrilled that I would get a chance to experience first hand the variety of the sport/hobby. Sadly that variety has become more swayed to iracing. I'm not saying iracing is a bad thing as it truly is not. Obviously it has a large following and I was a member. Iracing is a major sponsor of your shows that is evident and if everything else is so inferior then maybe your shows should just concentrate on it but to all of us who enjoy the other sims as well, I'm getting turned off by all the constant references to iracing.

To a viewer now you guys are experts on iracing and just throw some tidbits out for the rest of sim racing. IMHO iracing is not the gold standard and as practically all the "racing" shows on TV are now NASCAR only I feel you guys are headed the same way. Lets don't make the word iracing synonymous with sim racing.

My bones to pick with the two main sims I've run:

rF2 seems to be a back burner project to ISI. Love the physics. The rest is a bit cumbersome.

Iracing has a great business model except for all the licensing issues with car variety. One Cup car, one Grand Am car..... Come on, really? The physics model must be made for something else because its just off a bit.

No question the sim racing world has had large followings since Nascar2 and rFactor and in their new forms they are probably still at the forefront today. I'll volunteer to be the ISI corespondent but you need some other dedicated guys to the other sims as well. Look at WindTunnel. Call in show about racing then, now its Dave the NASCAR shill. Thank god they kept Robin Miller for Indy cars!

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Recently I've read an article about a onboard video with pCARS on After a few comments I really had to stop reading, because of all this fuss about pCARS being an arcade or a sim. Why is all that? Just because a game will be published for consoles as well, or has some fantasy circuits, this game is an arcade game? GT and Forza are excellent racing games, but why are they nothing more than "Simcade"?  


Why people just can't enjoy playing racing games? Why do they start bashing other games because these are different from their favourite racing game?


I know you talked about this before in many of your episodes, and it's an endless discussion.

But it would be great if we could have some guests (live or online) with different opinions about this topic.


Regards, Paul

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There's a lot of great broadcasts of online race events happening these days
I'd like to know how some of these guys put together a broadcast, what software they use.
Perhaps an interview with someone.
How the broadcasting is evolving sim racings appeal to the public.

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Two cents worth.

Everyone wants to be a great driver

Everyone wants everybody else to be at least good enough to not take them out.

Everyone wants to be competitive.

But fields will never be equal because of computer capability or racing gear.


If we as a community help others to learn

How to be better drivers (I personally can't seem to get drifting down and would love to have a teacher.

How to tune cars setups to get best results. I got the basics but there's a lot I don't have a clue about. If I did my car would be better and I'd be more fun to race with. We need the masked magician to show us the tricks!

The meanings of flags and the rules of passing lapped cars being passed by a car a lap ahead safely. Even though I'm sure it's written somewhere it doesn't mean they read it. Perhaps they should have to go thru a tutorial on flags and track rules.

Make class/race qualifying routine. No one wants a Nub on the same track with fast pros anyway!

It ruins it for all. I'm gettin my a** kicked buy a real pro or run off the track by a non driver!

Where's the fun?

Well ok that's like 13 cents worth

Just seems to me that if everyone worked together to make everyone and their setup the best it could be and keep people in classes they can actually compete in till their skill and car/track lap times prove it. the racing could be so much more fun. And a real test of the drivers skill not just their equipment

MM out

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