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We are here at Inside Sim Racing to let you all know about an exciting new league that has been started for racing on Gran Turismo.



The Online Race Driving League is all about clean fun racing with members who want a reliable league to call their home. Our first 3 races have so far attracted racers from all over the world and we run on UK time with races normally around 21:30. 


The ORDL was founded in January of this year over at GT Planets Club Section. We run a variety of series; Stock, Road, Touring GT and have Super and Enduro coming soon. 


We are looking for drivers who are reliable and clean to join us and help make the ORDL a reputable league. We would like for the ORDL to be known for great racing and is open to drivers with any level of experience.


Racers new to the world of sim racing can study our replays and we hope that more experienced members can assist in the development of new talent. 


Please join us for fun practice sessions during the week, our members usually post a room number for anyone to come and have a go. Other sessions are held for members only to prep for race day and fine tune their cars. 



We hope to see you on the grid soon!
PSN - Evoloution
ORDL Founder

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The ORDL would like to announce an exclusive association with GamePOD!



Ashley Dennis, Gamepod owner has kindly offered ORDL members a discount on purchases.


In addition to a 5% and 10% discount, certain race events will offer a prize of 15% discount on purchases to the overall winning driver of the event. Lookout for these events!



This discount is in addition to the prize cars, outfits etc already offered by the ORDL for event winners.


We would like to thank Ashley and hope that our members take up this exclusive offer. For more information please contact [email protected]




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We are still looking for new racers to join us. We have moved to and have added lots of new features, series and items to our league.


Also, please check out our thread over at GT Planet for up to date information on our events and meet our members.



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