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Forza 5 Wish List -- It's about that time

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As the release of Forza 5 becomes imminent by the end of this year, here's my "Ultimate" Forza 5 Wish List.

I returned to Forza 4 this past weekend, and every time I remembered something I'd like to see in the next version, I'd stop and add it to this list. I rounded everything out by looking at lists on other forums.

This isn't the thread to compare Forza to Gran Turismo, or if you're a "sim-snob," bash on console games.

Take a look. You might actually see some things you'd like added to your favorite simulator or another racing title.

If you have something good to add, I'll add it to this list.

Also, remember this is Turn10 Studios, and they essentially do what Microsoft tells them to do. Of course what Microsoft wants is to sell to the masses, so it's a challenge for Turn10 to develop Forza 5 as a more advanced simulator while making it a "pick up and play" title for everyone. I was actually pleased that Turn-10 was able to add Kinect (which I don't use) as mandated by Microsoft, but it didn't ruin the game for the more "hard core" fans of Forza. I'm hoping Horizon will appease Microsoft for serving the masses, and allow Turn10 to take a more serious approach to their Forza Motorsport title. Of course Codemasters and Eutechnyx are making a lot of progress on their "sim-cade" titles with great examples of how to cover a wide range of players/drivers, and options to turn on more advanced features to push the titles more to the simulator side.

...and Dan Greenawalt, if you're still Turn10's game director, please take a few minutes to look over this thread! :smile:

General --------------------------------------------------------

Sense of Speed: Overall, FM4 lacks a real sense of speed. 60mph feels more like 30mph, and 150 feels like about 90.

Manufacturer and Model Races: A single race, or a series of races for each car, both stock and tuned versions. The car can be raced "stock" before it is purchased, and a discount is awarded depending on the finishing position. A "tuned" race or series should also be available, with options to race at each class level (with matching opponents, class limits dependent upon car upgrade limits). This entices players to drive each car and tune them for each class. It also increases the immersion, and adds more value and length to the title.

Unlimited Garage: Lift the 550-car limit

Improved Setup Manager: An option to view all upgrades and tuning settings for each saved tuning setup before applying it to your car. All can be displayed in a table.

Ballast: Front to rear ballast and ballast weight needs to be added to tuning setups.

Power Limiter/Throttle Governor: Drop your car's power and performance points while retaining installed upgrades. There should also be an option in online races to allow or prohibit the use of this.

Tuning Changes Retained while in Rivals events: In FM4, any tuning modifications made while in a Rivals event (before starting the event) are lost once you exit the event. The only way to retain them is to select Tuning, select the setup manager and save it, THEN when you exit the event, you must go to the tuning, upgrade, or saved setups screens and load the setup.

Transmission Info/Indicator: Displayed in the cars' dealership and garage screens. Based on the actual real-world car, such as gated manual, sequential stick, sequential paddle. This facilitates setting up actual shifting before you start a race--such as a gated, sequential shifter, and in-game settings for manual or manual with clutch.

DLC Indicator/Icon: All DLC cars in both the dealership and your garage should be marked. This helps when specifying cars for online races where some participants may not have all the DLC cars. This should also apply to DLC tracks (if they are introduced). This was added to Horizon, so I'm sure it'll be incorporated in FM5.

Transitional Lighting: More options to set a specific time of day or night, or real-time transitional lighting for longer races (especially endurance races). This will also include nighttime driving.

Weather (cloud cover, rain): More options to set specific or variable weather conditions. Conditions can also change during a race, from sunny, to overcast, to light rain, to heavy rain (ie, F1 2012). Conditions can also vary on different parts of the track (Nordshleife can be sunny on one side, with heavy rain on the other). Variable conditions will be more applicable for longer races. In some cases, selecting a harsher weather condition could result in an additional credit bonus.

Braking Smoke and Plumes: Hard braking, especially locking, creates smoke. For in cockpit view, this could be "exagerrated" some so it's visible (comes over the hood enough to see).

Tire Wear: Applicable to longer races. Pit strategies will be important for races longer than 15 laps. There should also be a "realism" setting for more rapid or more realistic tire wear. This could be changed for online races, where faster tire wear could be applied to shorter races to "require" all drivers to pit at least once during the race. A tire-wear indicator should also be included, in addition to the tire temperature indicator (not sure if it's shown in the damage graphic that you can turn on during a race).

"Edge" Physics: In FM4, cars often "over react" when they run off some edges of tracks. The most notable is the last turn of the Indianapolis Speedway, where just "touching" the edge can cut your speed in half (I often refer to this as the "blade of grass factor"). Also, there are many cases where cars will go into unanticipated spins or drifts when they actually shouldn't.

Rumble Strip and Curb Reactions: In FM4, It often feels that the physics engine doesn't handle many of the rumble strips and curbs properly. Cars can "over react" and "grab" rumble strips and cause the car to break loose or spin, when in real-life, they wouldn't. Also, there are many curbs and strips that are too large or have too much of an elevation or angle. These often cause most cars to pitch on their sides, or even launch and cause the car to barrel roll. On many tracks, I often find myself focusing on not "touching" some curbs because I know the car will react unpredictably, and this actually takes me out of the "immersion."

Track Corrections: Some of the FM4 tracks based on real-world tracks aren't correct. Some examples... The Nordsheife has some missing sections, many turns are too wide or are "straightened" and some elevation changes aren't correct. Also, the last couple of turns of the Road America track aren't quite right, primarily the elevation changes. Overall, it seems many of the tracks have been "dumbed down" to make them easier.

MORE Tracks: More tracks at launch, and a program for DLC tracks. We need Spa, Daytona (oval and road variations), Brands Hatch, etc. Also, bring back the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit and New York (fantasy), and the 24-hour version of Nurburgring (both Grand Prix and Nordsheife tracks connected).

Track Cars: Ariel Atom, KTM X-Bow, Caterham. These "track toys" definitely need to be added, if the licensing can be worked out.

Tires--compounds and treads: Applicable to longer races and weather conditions, two or three tire compounds should be available (grip vs wear) and treads for rain conditions (many sport tires are not suitable for rain).

Fuel Consumption: Applicable to longer and endurance races

Team Radio: Spotter (optional) and team captain. Information about flags, accidents, other drivers pitting, etc. Option to send simple messages to change pit strategy, tire selection, basic suspension adjustments, etc. Definitely applicable to longer and endurance races.

Flags: Yellow, Green, White, Checkered (with characters waving as appropriate), etc. An option to turn on, and dependent on the type of event.

Car Vicinity Graphic HUD: Option to turn on a hud feature showing cars around you, primarily in your blind spots and behind. This overcomes the limitations of most simulators not able to accurately provide good "feedback" to determine where other cars are in relation to you. A common mistake is to change your line and catch the backend on a car in your blind spot, loose grip, and get turned into a barrier.

Left or Right-Side Drive: Option to select left or right-side drive, unless the "real-world" car is only manufactured one way or the other.

Decals, Edit Groups: Option to edit grouped decals independent of the other layers. Selecting this option opens the grouped decals on a grid with only those items selectable and editable.

Support for wheel AND controller: Need to use the controller sometimes, especially when applying decals. Kind've a pain to turn off the wheel and connect the controller, then turn off the controller.... GT5 allows you to use both (of course the PS3 controller architecture is different, so there'd have to be a workaround).

Matte Paints: They're in Horizon.

Adjustable Cockpit view and Rear-View Mirrors: Make all rear view mirrors actually useable (at least the center and driver's side).

Buy, Buy, Buy--NO NO NO: I can't stand the recent move of many game developers where, after you purchase a game, it constantly asks you to buy more content, and it's worse when many players can't participate in an event because they haven't purchased specific DLC.

Career/Single Player Mode ---------------------------

Practice and Qualifying: An option to practice (with tuning) and qualify for grid position. The car can be tuned during practice, and then the tune is "locked" for qualifying and the race. Practice should be limited to an hour, and qualifying limited to 15 minutes (or longer depending on the track). You can also "skip forward" to end either session at any time and progress to the race. This can be skipped completely, and the player will be placed in the default grid position for the race.

Improved AI Opponents: All drivers need to race clean and respect your driving lines. In FM4, when the opponents are set to "professional," only the first two drivers actually drive as expected. All AI drivers on the grid should drive in the same fashion, but maybe slightly "slower." In FM4, all the remaining drivers (third back) behave more like over aggressive and unpredictable idiots. They exhibit sudden line changes, very unexpected braking habits, and often crowd you off the pavement as if you aren't even there. "Professional" is not the word I would use, unless this is Mario Cart. I often find myself restarting races repeatedly because the AI did something ridiculous or stupid. Case in point, on the sixth lap of a seven-lap race, a starting third-place Ferrari (somehow in second) suddenly locked up its brakes right in front of me... at the entrance of the main straightaway on Silverstone... with NOTHING in front of him. I was just coming out of his draft to overtake him, and there was nothing I could do but rear-end him and spin into the barrier.

Longer Races: A "pro" option for races of 10 or more laps. Considering that most cars need a lap or two to warm up their tires, two to five laps is ridiculous. It's barely a race at all, and (especially without qualifying) it forces you to drive more aggressively and often in an "unprofessional" manner. A more advanced option would be even more difficult AI where a longer race would be necessary to overtake and beat them.

Endurance Races: Two, Four, nine, twelve, and twenty-four hour races.

Super Laps: Bring back the super laps from FM3, with race and track-day versions. We can enjoy the longer, beautiful tracks, like Nordshleife or Fujimi Kaido, any time we like, and earn additional credits while doing so. In FM4, there are a couple of Rivals events, but I'd like to see them in the regular Events window.

Pre-Event Car Selection: Option to view all the cars in your garage that are eligible for the event you have selected, even if your current car is eligible. Also, in addition to "under-tuned" cars, "over-tuned" cars should also be listed (and you have to de-tune them for the race).

Pre-Event Tuning Setup Manager: When you select an under or over-tuned car while in the event screen, in addition to the "Auto Upgrade" feature, there should be an option to access stored tuning setups for your current car. This would be logical, and saves additional steps to cancel out of the event, select the car, then go to the Upgrades screen.

Event Completion Rewards: Win cars or credits (like in FM3) when you place first in all races of an event.

Rolling Start for Hot Laps: An option to start a hot or timed lap with a rolling start with warm tires.

Online ----------------------------------

Series Events: System to manage a series of races for either your club, friends, or invited drivers. Series manager can specify drivers from their club, friends list, or other players they've raced with online recently, and it sends out invitations for them to sign up. It specifies cars, spec, class, upgrades, the events, tracks, race length, weekly dates and times. It also keeps track of the series positions. A nice feature would also be a car list and/or a place to retrieve specified tunes.

Required Pitting: A setting for an online race. If not mandated by tire wear (see above), the number of required pits can be set for a race. If pits are skipped, a penalty will be imposed, such as finishing position, time off the final lap, or grid position in the next race (if it's part of a series).

"Icing" -----------------------------------

In-Game Steering Wheel Options: Advanced mode to turn it off. If it's on, match on-screen rotation to actual rotation with hard single-handed cranks or hand-over-hand animations.

Chrome Finishes/Paint: In a variety of colors.

Manned Pit Stops: Pit crews jump out, jack up your car, and change tires (in-race selectable option for a longer pit to make minor body or aero repairs or taping).

Club (Ware)house: Of course, provide shortcuts for everything, but the option to walk around your "club house." Go to the office, clubroom, or lounge to view the bulletin board, and walk around the "warehouse" to see all the cars in the club garage. Take a car for a test drive, and show the car approaching an opening garage door with "blinding light" as it glints off the car (this can also be skipped). The bulletin board can include information about members, their stats, and proposals and announcements for upcoming races.

Run-Off Rubber Build-Up: Watch a real race, especially something like F1, V8 Supercars, or LeMans, and you'll see many rumble strips, especially the outside exit strip, with a lot of rubber build up on them. Tracks in FM4 are way too pristine (and some of the strip scaling, mentioned above, makes you want to avoid them).

Debris, Marbles, and "Dirty" sections: As a race progresses, a slightly visible build-up of debris and marbles outside of the regular driving line. If a driver runs into those areas, it affects grip and tire performance as the marbles and dirt stick, then detach for the next 100 feet or so.


Online or Network Team Endurance Races: Maybe hard to execute, but it would be an incredible feature. Set the number on your team, specify the number of laps for each, and coordinate who takes the wheel at the next pit stop. The server would automatically switch the "view" for the driver while other team members watch race-camera views. An option for the team to select the next driver could be possible as well with clear notification of who needs to be at their wheel and ready to start driving at the next scheduled driver-change pit.


Helmets: Design custom helmets, graphics, style, visor color, etc.

Racing Suits: Full design studio for racing suits. Change panel colors individually, select fabric (satin, matte), and apply graphics and logos. Select popular brands and colors of shoes and gloves. Options to include your driver outside the car in photo mode, with posing options.

Dirt and Car Wash: Cars get dirty, and there's build-up during a race. The dirt is cumulative, and cars require a wash every once in a while. A realistic car wash with brushes and a drying crew would be a nice touch, but include an option to skip forward.

Track Creator and Editor: Ability to pick from different landscapes with editable elevation changes. Lay out the track either piecemeal or with a "controlled random" method. Place start/finish, and other features as you choose.

LeMons Racing: Used, older-model cars valued at less than 500 credits, stripped down with some racing modifications with cheaper used parts. The cheaper they are, the more likely they'll fail and affect your race. Maybe even an option to "retain" some of the damage from race to race (player can adjust how much and it costs them something, more repairs costs more credits).

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I love the LeMons addition.


I'll admit when I look at GT5, I'm jealous of the "real race cars" with graphics that actually look like race cars. I keep on feeling I'm street racing unless I'm playing one of the super cars. I'd love to race a McLaren.


Maybe add Indy cars since F1 is tied up already.


Oh, I'd also love to see the cars not be so easy to spin out in a street. That's totally unrealistic.


Of course if Forza 5 doesn't play on a 360, I may be console shopping as well as game shopping.

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One of my biggest gripes with forza is that i can use a wheel, pedal set, cockpit etc worth thousands of dollars and have used on multiple pc racing and console racing for the past three years. But i can pick up a $20 gamepad which i dont use for racing and be laying down quicker lap times with in 10 minutes sitting in a lounge chair.

Every other sim/game with a little practice a wheel is quicker than a gamepad not so in Forza there is a heavy advantage using a gamepad. This is one thing they should fix for number 5.

I still like and play forza one of the best clutch models out there and the cars are quite fun to drive but its hard to take it seriously when your struggling to beat 12 year olds driving in third person view with automatic gearboxes and a gamepad.

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Microsoft is the operating for almost all PC games. Forza 4, no PC wheel support. Go figure. Don't worry about having a controller out performing your thousand dollar wheel set, I'd be concerned about your $20 controller being outperformed by someone on Kinect! Forza 4 is arcade, accept it. Now after saying that, I have a $1000 wheel set and Club race Monday nights with a bunch of friends on Forza 4. It's fun, not serious, how can it be, the rest on controllers just clean my clock. The people I race are fair and we have fun. If you want to race more sim like, go to another game, don't bother wishing the one you bought is more like other games. There are more sim like games, just go and buy one of them.

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If a game is to have controller support, game developers commit A LOT of time setting up "aids" to "equalize" controller users. Almost every first-person shooter that is available on both PC and consoles have controller aids to help with movement and aiming control. This is mandatory, because they want users to have a similar experience, and because controllers cannot match the level of control you get from a mouse and keyboard, they have to add in these aids.


This definitely applies to racing games. Microsoft wants to sell games, and they want it to appeal to every type of user, whether they're using a wheel or a controller. I'm certain it is mandated to Turn10 that the Forza titles must have good controller support, and they have committed a lot of time to making adjustments, and making the controller "easier" to use, and allow a user to be competitive online against wheel users. I'm sure the aids for Kinect are even more robust.


If a serious sim-racing title developer committed as much time to controller aids, you'd probably have the same experience with any of those titles.


Every time there's a GT Academy contest for Gran Turismo 5, at first, there's usually a few competitors with controllers that post the best times, but eventually the better wheel drivers start knocking them down the leaderboard.


So don't feel bad, or think a title is "arcady" because someone is beating you with a controller. They are getting a lot of "help."

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I have 4 words for FM5:  less cars, more tracks.


As for controller/wheel argument, I get equivalent lap times using either but certainly it is more difficult to have fine inputs using controller therefore I am less consistent using the controller.

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Microsoft is the operating for almost all PC games. Forza 4, no PC wheel support. Go figure. Don't worry about having a controller out performing your thousand dollar wheel set, I'd be concerned about your $20 controller being outperformed by someone on Kinect! Forza 4 is arcade, accept it. Now after saying that, I have a $1000 wheel set and Club race Monday nights with a bunch of friends on Forza 4. It's fun, not serious, how can it be, the rest on controllers just clean my clock. The people I race are fair and we have fun. If you want to race more sim like, go to another game, don't bother wishing the one you bought is more like other games. There are more sim like games, just go and buy one of them.


Say, I'm in Belleville, Ontario.  Wouldn't mind joining you guys on Monday nights if you'll allow a controller guy . . .

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The MOST IMPORTANT thing that can be added (imho), is a track creator/editor. Forza has a lot of cars already but not that many tracks, and when I look in the track wishlist I see a ton of tracks requested that I don't care about at all. I'm sure the tracks I want (Ebisu circuit) other people may not care about either. So why not just give us the freedom to make our own tracks? Then we can all make replicas of any track we want and saves Turn 10 the headache of track creation. I don't even care about background landscapes or the graphics of the track. It can be the worst 90's graphics barebones empty environment ever, I just care about the road! It shouldn't be super hard to do? Similar to those toy slot car tracks, where you just have a simple straight section, 45 left/right and 90 left/right pieces and you assemble them to make any track variation you desire.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE

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Defiantly need to fix the rubble strips it upsets cars way to easily especially driving something light like a lotus. 

fix the game pad vs wheel even out the playing field. 

hybrid engine swaps. ex. toyota 1/2jz into a nissan. or a gm lsx swap into a nissan. (have option for efi or carb on certain swaps like 5.0s)

fix the cockpit view, make the steering wheel match what my steering wheel is doing, it takes awhile to get used to ignoring the steering wheel on the screen. also fix the review mirror make it usable in every car without using kinect.

Formula d and d1 tracks or at least some tracks designed to be slid. maybe some 1/4 mile ovals with a figure 8 and a smaller oval inside. it will make it feel more like local tracks at least thats what a lot of the tracks around me are that have drift practices. 

angle mods for drift cars. Modded nuckels, modded control arms or adjustable, solid subframe bushings ect. 

hydro ebrake upgrade and cockpit view shows the ebrake and your hand using it.

 a selection of shift nobs or making custom ones would be a neat

tandem drifting against AI. Judged on speed entry angle proximity just like formula d and d1

clipping points

track editor would be a nice touch.

make the AI more competitive, acknowledge you on the track like taking your line if your trying to pass, get more agressive in the final laps. willing to rub a little paint or nudge you out of the way like in Nascar the game.

proximity sensor in the hud like nascar the game


crew chief telling you what other drivers are doing (pitting, leaders lap time ect.) 

weather that affects track conditions rain, wind, clouds, night time. all effecting grip and track temps. 

fix the edge physics. if i drop a tire i shouldnt instantly come to a stop. push it a few more feet from the track incase you get loose or bumped and have to catch it in the grass.

make kinect actually usable with a steering wheel. its a cool feature especially for drifting, it just sucks when it picks up your hands/knees or the wheel itself instead of your head. Ive tryed a bunch of different set ups and it never works correctly. 

damage your car in a event and you have to use credits to fix it after the race or just leave the fenders and bumpers beat up. warn before entering another event if there is mechanical damage that needs to be repaired. 

total a car in a race, its totaled forever but you retain the upgrades so you dont have to repurchase them if you buy the same car again. 


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 I really can't agree more with Apex- Forza has lost some of it's touch with the true racing sim world. As much as I love an enjoy racing in Forza 4 I can;t helo but miss some of the innovative features that were found in Forza 2, especially after the new spin off to the series- Forza Horizon- which, to say the least, was a disappointment in my opinion. As an avid Forza fan since it's infancy, I have contributed numerous wishes to turn 10. They came through last year when my recommendation for the Ruf (at this time Porsche was still not in Forza 4) CTR Yellowbird was confirmed and released. I do agree completely with most of the features, and I think car reliability and the Lemons is a fantastic Idea, even if complex as you would have to divide cars like that from regular race cars, but that has been something I have been dreaming of since Forza Motorsport. Cars like the Caterham R500, Ariel Atom, Legends cars, and Bandolero/ Cart racing is some of the purest form of driver enjoyment and racing prowess. Forget about the track editor, lets have a track creator. I really think rally needs to be incorporated in Forza Motorsport 5. Not to mention countless vehicles that people miss out on, like the exceptionally reliable Ford Crown Victoria (Lemons!) Orginal Golf Gti, and more deans from the 80s and 90s- including modern sports sedans like the 2012 Maxima. They need to revamp the conversions- engines should not be limited to manufactuers- I mean there are people who have an Ls1 engine in a miata! Bring back the Drivetrain conversions that we lost in Forza Horizon, and add in new conversions like interior conversions (Race gauges and seats). I think old tracks like Sidewinder, (Copper head in FM2) nd New York were awesome ideas, and very good tests of car and driver capability. I think now that it has basically been confirmed that Forza 5 will infact be on the xbox 720,  new tracks should be added- including a highway or roadway (without traffic preferebly) just to either cruise or test the true top speed of the cars and what the cars characteristics are like under speed (aerodynamics, steering, guages). I really do like the idea of The right hand left hand drive. There are a lot of cars in FM4 that, although produced for long durations in North America, still only have to JDM or Euro Right hand drive. Furthermore, I think new audio in neccessary- the ausio samples in Forza, although very clear and distinct, seem too subtle and subdued as apposed to the violent revs and screeching tires cars going at even moderate speeds in real life normally make. I think removing panels are essential, especially if they introduce more pre war cars so "hot rodding" is  possible. I think there should be a real option though, and hear me out, that people should be able to go into each others cars.... in other words, they can drive around the track with a frind in the passenger seat with his friend driving- it would be interesting and an exclusive feature to Forza. I do like the idea of bringing back the car rewards if you win every event in a tourney. That being said, there should be a maximum car increase to well over 800. I think that a more personal experience with creating your driver and building your car is neccessary, so in the least, a custom helmet and uniform would be nice, with throwback uniforms like the ones used by the 1920s race car driver had- leather cap and goggles with wool gloves and all. That being said, more prewar cars need to go into the game- and there should be more conversions, such as a MPC (Modern Platform Conversion) which replaces the old Platform or chassis on the car into a much more stable and modern one. (I would love to see a 27 model t with a 5.0l coyote with no engine bonnet out running a R34 Gtr in the least. Cars like the 92 toyota camry are a blast to drive, just like the older golfs- so I think really common cars should be added in. There should also be a "used ca r Market" in forza 5. Cars will come with damaged parts (indicated by a decrease in PI or power and maybe some scrapping or friction noise like the ones used when a car is damaged in simulation mode in forza 4) - maybe rust on the panels, and of course, some dust and what not that can be wiped off- a pro of this would be the fact you can get a car, let's say, since I;m on this subject anyway- A FORD CROWN VICTORIA, for about 1,000 bucks- swap the motor out for something more powerful- put an indepedant rear suspension and double wishbone front suspension with drastic lightening of the chassis and race guages and interior and I will have a car, than for under 50,000- will out run most cars around 200,000. Of course, you should still have the option of buying cars from the 90s "new" from the showroom- but just incase people are "poor" in forza, it would be helpful. I think that since most people at this point in their consoles life have some type of external memory unit- that the forza profiles should be linked via xbox live and not memory saves- because I had my forza saved on my memory stick and in forza Horizon i recieved no unicorn cars because of this as I used a different memory stick. I hope that by forza  5, I can transfer my cars, my money (which is around 61,000,000 legitament credits) paintjobs, and recieve my unicorn cars without having to do much else. Finally- (I think)- there needs to be two more modes of damage type- none- which shows no cosemtic damage even if you hit a wall doing 200 mph- and Realistic- where the chassis deforms  and tires and other panels can fall off... that would be great from lemons or in lobbies like cat and mouse, for people who really want to test their skills as a mouse or a cat. Demolition derbies would also then be a big part- and like I said -crazy panel modifications- like exhaust through the hood and removing panels and replacing them with steel bars would be a great additive for demolition derbies and cat and mouse. I think their should also be a vote on what cars or vehicles go next, which would be very useful- and know, since Forza owns the company responsible for PGR 4- I think it's about time they add motorcycles in the game, I said it.... and If the driver falls off, depending on speed- it should take some time to get back up on it... and if a dodge charger hits him doing 160 mph- he should pretty much be out for the race for the fact he would probably be dead in real life... and imagine a hyabusa engine in a golf gti mk1! Okay, so one more thing- add top fuel dragsters- people like drag racing and tuning cars for overall speeed- top speeed dragsters go from 0-100 in well under 3 seconds- not to mention that would leave the 10,000 hp engine open for an ample vessel- in other words- a 10,000 hp engine in a AWD civic, because, you know, there should be awd conversionfor every fwd car if not rwd as well..... oh, and this is the REAL final thing- Nitrous- now I'm not a big fan of this stuff, but Nitrous is helpfull if you want an inexpensive yet significant boost in performance for short burst- not to mention you will sell more games when 9 year olds who just finished watching fast & furious see nos on a youtube video and try their hand at  a real simulator like forza... ANyway, for those who stuck by and read this whole thing, which i will bet money the majority of you didn't, send me a message and see if you agree- P.S. this is my first post!

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All this is nice but without triple screen support its a no buy for me.  I cancelled my pre-order.  Its obvious Turn10 used the hardcore sim community to build credibility for Forza, but now that they don't need us they have been migrating back to casual status.

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Would love to see more tracks and wouldn't mind sacrificing the amount of cars in the game to accommodate this. 90% of the cars I wouldn't go near anyway. Who wants to drive a ford Fiesta ffs!


What I'd really like to see is the ability to run a full GT3, 2 or LPMP championship season (for example) with qualifying and pit stops. Basically Race Pro with better graphics lol! 


I doubt that will happen so rather than spending my money on a new box one to play F5 I'll probably be buying a gaming pc so I can play proper sims.


Ohh controversial lol! Haha this was in no wayt meant to be a troll post :D

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I will probably end up getting FM5 regardless of how it goes; I've been buying their games since FM1 on the old xbox ( gonna have to go revisit that one just for kicks). 


the only real gripe i have against FM5 is the lack of day night cycles and weather. GT5 has it and pulled it off (granted it was done in a longer timeline) also the ability to up your boost at the expense of your engine (remember SEGA GT 2002 ? ) Ballast weight would be nice as well.


different paint options for decals. if I want to paint my car Ford Grabber Blue, I want to place matte black stripes on it without issue. 


Ability to have different front and rear wheels (drag is a great example) also, the ability to paint each of the rims independently 


in the aspect of tracks, give us a TRUE top speed track. Just like the Ehra-Lessien track that Bugatti uses to test the speed.

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After writing up this list, and worse, after seeing all the Forza 5 videos and images that just look astounding (with more coming every day), and hearing about all the features that are coming...




Unless Microsoft and Fanatec can figure something out so I can use my $900 wheel, pedal, and shifter setup, it's OVER for me and Forza.


I can't justify starting completely over with my wheel setup and spending another $700-$800 on the Thrustmaster line to get everything again.


Obviously, I'm a fan of the series, but requiring me to buy a new wheel SPECIFICALLY so I can use it with Forza 5, is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS, no matter what reasons or excuses they come up with.


My CSR Elite wheel (setup pictured below) is only about a year old, and the pedals aren't much older, and apparently they won't work with Forza 5.


It's a good thing it works with PC, PS3, and PS4, but again, unless they can figure something out, I can't use it with Forza 5 on Xbox One, and every new release of a Forza 5 preview video or image or interview about new features makes this even more frustrating.


So for me, Forza 5 will just be some other racing title that I'm not "racing" in or supporting.



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pc has sim racing not car racing. a big difference. i made the move 3 yrs ago and have never looked back and never will only the smart 1s come to the dark side. and 1 big thing made me move and that was xbox charging for everything and always updating there consoles like england football team jerseys. the $$ i have saved have gone into top sims and my pc and my pocket.

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I like your wish list for FM4 (5?) and thought I'd add a few things to it that I wish were in the Forza 4+ (Horizon is hopeless, total waste of my money).


  • When upgrading a car, you should be able to see the default transmission, tach and number of gears. If a car has a decent default gearbox, workable layout with 6 (or more) gears, why would I want to waste PI to upgrade to the Sport or Racing tranny when it could go towards something more useful? If nothing else, make the tune option available from the upgrade area so that you can see the effect your upgrades are having.
  • Tire wear indicator (re-issuing this request). On Forza 2, I could get the tire information with a single button push and then get rid of it quickly. I don't see that option on the wheel layouts now.
  • Tire compound manufacturers. Again, in Forza 2, every compound had sub-categories of manufacturers with varying degrees of 'Responsiveness', 'Grip', and 'Life'. Give us that again and do the same for *all* components, not just 'Sport', 'Street', & 'Racing'.
  • Give discounts on components and sponsorship based upon the equipment you use. If you use a Nismo air kit, you should get a discount on Nismo equipment for other cars and sponsorship (stickers for the cars, helmets with the logo, gloves, fire suit, etc.). It would be awesome to supplement your liveries with the logos of the actual equipment you use on your cars and to get logos on your clothes to boot!
  • An audio record option. If you can transmit audio online to your fellow racers, why can't we record audio into a video we make? This would be a great help to teach others how to drive a particular track or how to properly drive in traffic with others. Also, it would be of great use if you were tuning a car and were able to just make comments about things that need tweaking that you could later review and work on. Nothing is worse than having to stop the drive just to take a note, it really ruins the flow of the drive and nearly impossible at transition points when I'm more concerned about setting up for the next corner than I am about remembering some little point I noticed on exit from the last corner.
  • Start position of every 'race' in single player should be determined via time trial (where you have a tuning option available just like in Free), but a time limit is set. You have XX minutes to establish a clean run and determine your position, otherwise you can take the default spot of 8+ position. If you really want to experience frustration, trying doing some of those Class A races that are only 2 laps long (ugh, that's another problem in and of itself), on Hard  or Pro with upgrades allowed and try to *cleanly* catch up to, let alone overtake, M.Rossi in that Ferrari 430... I can't do it.
  • Get rid of 2 lap races unless it's on a really long track like the Ring.
  • Bring back the imaginary tracks (snake tracks from Forza 2 were a lot of fun). Real tracks need time to construct accurately, so why on Earth wouldn't Turn10 keep the fake tracks? NY, the Snakes, the test track, Alps, Maple...all of those should be in every release no matter what.
  • Allow the choice of online Multiplayer races that are wheel / controller centric. From all of my experiences, I'd rather drive with the other wheel drivers than those using the controllers. Also, when I do tunes for other people, I always have to ask if they are using a controller (which I won't do a tune for, 'cause I really suck at "thumb driving"), or a wheel. I'd prefer to build my friend list up with a large group of wheel drivers so I can race and tune against/for them.
  • A trophy + achievements case in your 'Garage' or 'Clubhouse'. This would seem like a natural fit for your Vista, Videos and Pics options to reside as well.

Sorry if some of that is redundant.

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