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XPLR - Xbox Pro League Racing - RCZ Cup

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XPLR - XBOX Pro League Racing has been running for over a year now, changing hands at the end of last year the staff are working hard to bring exciting and unique racing series to it's members.


We typically run 2/3 race series per week over 6+ weeks, time attack events and also maintain a site ranking of drivers.


We welcome drivers of all ability and are more than happy to help with tuning/painting


So come check out XPLR - XBOX Pro League Racing today!

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Head over to XPLR to find out all of our latest Race Championships and time attack challenges. The RCZ starts on Sunday 17th Feb at 8pm GMT. The Clio cup was as close as promised. These little beauties are a dream to drive and promise more exciting racing with a great calander to match.


RCZCUP2 by gregbie, on Flickr


You can find out more info at the following link.


Hope to see you there.


Greg :-P

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Thank you Darin, we do our best. Great site you have here. Thanks for putting in the work to create a platform to help all that have a love for online racing, in all its glorious forms. :-P


Greg Kynoch - Co Founder - Xbox Pro League Racing

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In to the first corner xNIGHTMARE84 held onto his first place with S2M Ranger making a phenomenal start pushing him from 5th right into the leading pack.  
S2M Ranger making a move around the outside on XPR Tactical to move into to 3rd place.
XBR EGGY in 2nd being chased down by S2M Ranger & XPR Tactical.
S2M Ranger & XBR EGGY switching positions!
Blind Reverand Racing teamates lumpi wee and Glimmer Uk running very close together.
Racing Dk, S2M Kenny & Gregbie caught up in a tense battle for 8th place.
XPR Tactical & XBR Mad Dog getting abit too close.
xNIGHTMARE84 takes home a convincing victory for race 1.
XPR Tactical & lumpi wee with an extremely close finish but XPR Tactical just manages to hold off.
The 'Rainbow Warrior' manned by Gregbie leads the second race coming into the corner with S2M Kenny right beside him. 
Glimmer UK makes a move on S2M Kenny up the inside, swiftly followed by Racing Dk & S2M Ranger.
Glimmer UK & S2M Kenny still side by side 2 corners later, while Racing Dk makes a minor mistake allowing S2M Ranger to make his way past.
Gregbie making a dash for it to try and extend his lead at the front with 3 racers trying to hunt him down while the rest of the pack are still jostling for position.
A collision between S2M Kenny & Glimmer UK makes space for S2M Ranger to take the pair of them and move up into 2nd.
Glimmer UK leads the rest of the field as they are still trying to find some space and get past each one and other.
xNIGHTMARE84 & XBR EGGY going side by side through the fast sweeping bends.
S2M Ranger has closed the gap down to Gregbie as the pit window opens.
Gregbie pits earlier to try and keep S2M Ranger behind him.
lumpi wee tries the same further down the field to try and break free of XPR Tactical &  XBR Mad Dog.
S2M Ranger comes out in front of Gregbie after the pit stop phase.
Glimmer UK manages to keep XBR EGGY & xNIGHTMARE84 behind as they come into the first corner.
lumpi wee also manages to jump in front of XBR Mad Dog & XPR Tactical through the pit stop phase.
S2M Kenny leading from XBR EGGY as he attempts a pass on Glimmer UK.
A little mistake from Glimmer UK 2 corners later allows XBR EGGY and xNIGHTMARE84 to sneak past.
A little contact between S2M Kenny & XBR EGGY releases xNIGHTMARE84 into 3rd.
S2M Ranger brings homes the car to take the win in the 2nd race with Gregbie not far behind him.
After an intense battle for everybody that competed, S2M Ranger & xNIGHTMARE84 are tied on 192 points with XBR EGGY in 3rd with 185 points. Meanwhile Michelin Racing are currently winning the Team Championship by 4 points to S2M Racing.

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