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Problems calibrating wheel

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Hi all. I am new to the simracing world, and it seems I´m having a little problem calibrating my steering wheel. Since good wheels and pedals are very, very expensive here where I live, I had to buy a modest one, which I believe is only manufactured here in Brazil. The thing is, it seems to be working OK, but I tried rFactor and Raceroom Racing Experience so far, and on both of them whenever I´m on the cockpit view I can see the steering wheel ''shaking'' a little bit, even when the car is not moving. It seems like a calibration issue, but I tried to re-calibrate it on Windows and it looks like it helps a bit, but this weird movement still there no matter what. On Racerrom Racing for example, this effect only goes away if I change the "steering sensitivity'' to 0%.. anything above 5% and it starts. Its nothing major, but while racing on the cockpit view it becomes distracting with that wheel shaking all over the place. Like I said, it´s a cheap wheel I got here, but is anything I could do other than buy a better one?


Thanks a lot!

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