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CityLiga 17

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A new season is started for an institution of the german LFS-scene. The CityLiga is opening their gates for the 17th time. Every driver, beginner or veteran, is invited to participate on mondays every fortnight. We offer one of the biggest starting fields in LFS, three grids in the last seasons. This enables you to find opponents at exactly your skill-level for exciting races.
Altough CityLiga's main focus is still the german LFS community, we opened for international drivers seasons before and became bilingual in german and english.

Visit our website to create an account (if you don't have one) and to sign up for the new season directly at: . Moreover you can take a look at the archive on our website to get an impression of CityLiga by watching some vintage races in the stream's section or looking through the results of the past.

Grid qualification from 01st February 2013 to 11th February 2013:
GQ Combo A: GTRs (FXO GTR, FZ50 GTR & XR GTR) @ Aston National Rev. (As3r)
GQ Combo B: FXO Turbo (FXO) @ Fern Bay Green Rev. (Fe2r)

Season schedule (Link to the detailed schedule:
Round 1: GTRs (FXO GTR, FZ50 GTR & XR GTR) @ Aston National Rev. (As3r)
Round 2: FXO Turbo (FXO) @ Fern Bay Green Rev. (Fe2r)
Round 3: LX6 @ South City Chicane Route & Rev. (So6 & So6r)
Round 4: Formula V8 (FO8) @ Kyoto Ring GP Long (Ky3)
Round 5: NGTs (UF GTR & XF GTR) @ Aston GrandPrix Rev. (As5r)
Round 6: RB4 GT (RB4) @ South City Sprint Track 1 (So2)
Round 7: MRT5 (MRT) @ Fern Bay Island Rev. (F31r)
Round 8: GTIs (XF GTI & XR GT) @ Aston Cadet Rev. (As1r)
Round 9: Formula XR (FOX) @ South City Town Course (So5)
Round 10: UF1000 (UF1) @ Westhill International (We1)

Sign up for an interesting season!

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Just past the half way mark of CityLiga 17's Grid Qualification, one might notice that the 72 sign-ups differ over the prevailing opinion "LfS is dead". There is still plenty of room for more interested drivers, who want to compete every monday fortnight with like-minded, fellow racers.
The participents are as diversified as always. 11 nations and 23 teams are represented by CL-/LfS-veterans and fortunately also rookies, who average at 30 years of age. While the ones probably can't live without it, the others tackle their first adventures of organised league racing. To stay on the top at the end of the GQ, breaking the three-minute-barrier won't be enough: The first show-offs were already more than a second faster.
Although it is quiet close in the current rankings and although the servers will be very busy on Monday evening (currently only 40% of the possible laps were completed), there are still unused capacities and as always, the application window stays open throughout the CityLiga season!

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