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Stockcar Evolution 2010 v1.5

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Stockcar Evolution 2010 v1.5 was released on 02/01/2010 for rFactor just in time for the racing season to start. The SCE team has been working tirelessly on the physics for 2010. The COT physics are the best to date. The SCE team totally reworked the COT physics so they can have the most realistic stockcar mod available to download. They took real nascar setups from several stockcar teams and applied that info to the physics. Along with real rules, COT specs and many more.

This initial update (v1.5) is in place to distribute the new physics and other updates for the 2010 season. You will have to Download the whopping 989mb file, as it is a stand alone. Which meaning, it stands separate from the rfactor install.

The plan is to release the new structure and the updates (tucks, graphics ect) will follow. Which brings me to the silver spoon of the mod. When ever you start to talk about updates, you start to get frustrations with mismatches, errors and annoying patches that seem to follow mods. SCE went a step forward and made a Mod Manager. Mod Manager 2.0 is available for download at Stockcar evolution. It allows the user or established leagues to receive updates or share custom car skins. You can do all of that without ever visiting Stockcar Evolution for an update. Simple setup instruction and one click downloads. The neat aspect of Mod Manager (2.0) is the ability to upload skins to a league hosting server for your fellow sim racers to download with a click of a button. This has taken away the need to have skin packs and made the process pain free.

The updates you will expect with Stockcar Evolution 2010 v1.5

It is Highly recomended you back up your previous version of SCE to save any user profiles, setups and custom paints before you continue. This will however install in a totally new folder from version 1.0

- Totally Reworked Physics For the COT

- 4 New Tracks remodeled by Andy Wilhite (Daytona, Talladega, California, Michigan)

- Latest GNS Physics and some minor graphics updates

- BETA version 0.7 of the CWS SCE Trucks. v1.0 will be out in the near future.

There is one 1 vehicle for each make of truck. The in Game models are not the final models for the final release of the trucks. Models were approved for use by Om3ga Racing MOD team.

This release is mainly a physics release for 2010. We will continue to work on our product to make the graphics better and update as necessary with feedback and new rules presented by NASCAR. The new rules for 2010 will be in v1.5 and a spoiler for the COT will be released as soon as we get the correct specs and data.

Our next release will be the trucks with new models and completed physics.

We will then continue work on Tracks and other various graphics enhancements.

We hope you enjoy the updates and new materials.

Thank you,

SCE Team


Please post all feedback on our forums so we can keep on top of things for this release.

Remember the COT physics are totally different so use the default setups to rebuild yours.


I have been racing in SCE leagues since Stockcar Evolution 1.0 and i have yet to find another stockcar mod with better physics. I have tried other stockcar mods and their physics do not even come close.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Matthew McMenamy


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Our 2010 Physics have been out since February along with Beta Trucks.

We are currently working on the Truck physics for a final version of them.

Once we are totally complete we will ask ISR to rate one of our vehicles. We just want it to be complete before they have fun with it.

I think you will like our 2010 physics so far but we still have a lot of work to complete. :D

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8-) i have been runnin the SCE 2010 for a couple of weeks now and i have tried every NASCAR mod for rFactor over the last 3 years that i have been drivin on the computer (i am 50 y/o)

and SCE is the best most realistic rFactor mod for NASCAR fans to drive

It is not a smooth arcade type game like all the others

:o IT IS A BEAST !! and I LOVE IT 8-)

this is not a kids game but is made for the dedicated life long NASCAR fans to enjoy the experience of competition 8-) very cool mod

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