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The Green Kingdom

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The Green Kingdom is a league I have organized for GT5. This league is all about enduros, mainly on the Nürburgring. Though there are other endurance races in the works. Our ultimate goal is to do the full 24 hr. on Nürburgring. Along the way we will be doing a wide range of endurance races going from 2 up to 12 hours. The 4 hour races will be more or less like the VLN series, but anything after 8 hours we will be running classes. There will be three teams per class, and each team will (hopefully) have 3-6 teammates around one wheel. I am trying to make this series as close to reality as possible, aside from that the cars are a bit more robust.

Please join our forum on GTP as we still need almost every spot filled aside from my team.    



All the info is posted in the forums at GTP.

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