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GT5 Big prize Event for Australian's

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Aussies seem to be left out of most sim racing prize events so RaceOnOz league sponsor PAGNIAN imports has kindly offered up a Next Level Racing wheel stand for us to give a way to one lucky entrant in our big prize race event. Anyone who enters will go into the draw for the big prize, the better you race the better chance you have to win by being allocated extra tickets. We have some of Australia's fastest GT5er's entering, so if you think you are in that class join in and you could be the next RooZStar and possibly have yourself a great new WheelStand.

If you not the quickest guy around this race is still for you with each person doing a qualifying will be put into a race with quys of equal ability offering you a great race experience and still a chance to win the prize.

Details and registration are on our league web site, register soon the main raceis on the 16th of december just in time for a great Chrissy pressy.

Race Detail Page, register on the web site and post you intention to race in this thread, use your PSN name when doing this so we can easily add you to the Qualifying list



ROOZ is again celebrating the great relationship we have with Pagnian Imports. Together we invite all members of the ROOZ community to enter and enjoy this one off event. Pagnian Imports have generously provided us with a Next Level Racing Wheel Stand, valued at $279.00!!

The most important aspect of this competition is that anyone who enters can win the major prize. All entrants will be placed into a draw and the winner will be randomly picked. The winning number will be drawn live on my channel (cjianon666) Monday night, the 17th of December.


To enter, simply put down your gamertag in this thread. You will need to be a member of the ROOZ forum in order to do this.

The car being used in this competition is the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) ‘02. This car can be purchased from the new car dealership.

The build restrictions are as follows:

Modifications are allowed to be made to the car, but power must not exceed 305 Bhp, and weight must not drop below 1170 kg. You must use sports soft tyres. All other tuning options, including aero, are allowed.


All competitors will race on Sunday the 16th of December, with the exact time being announced closer to the event. The race will be approximately an hour in length, and will be held at Tokyo R246. The room will be set up as per the normal ROOZ rules for season racing (including rules regarding disconnections), allowing only TCS and ABS. Tyre wear and fuel will be set to fast. There will be numerous rooms, with the top room limited to only 10 drivers. The remaining competitors will be distributed evenly into the other rooms. As per normal ROOZ regulations, there will be a 10 minute qualification period during which the pit will be closed. These races will be held in strict accordance with the ROOZ Driver’s COC.

There will be minor prizes (tba) for the top 3 drivers in each room, and each driver will receive tickets in the major prize draw. Depending on where you finish, will determine how many tickets you will receive (eg The winner of a room may get 10 tickets, last place may only get 1 ticket). Those who have nominated, but do not attend the race will not be allocated any tickets. The exact number of tickets and how they are distributed will be totally dependent on the number of drivers who enter, therefore this will be announced just prior to the event.


Prior to the race, each driver must complete a 3 lap qualification race with one of the ROOZ mod’s. You will have a maximum of 2 opportunities at this qualifying race, and your fastest time will be recorded. This will allow us to create a leaderboard, and ultimately decide the room in which you will compete.

Leading up to the race you must organise your qualification attempts with one of the mod’s. We will have a thread open with all available mod’s, and the times that they will have rooms open for you to run your qualification. You will nominate a day and time, and you must attend. If you nominate a time and do not attend, then that is counted as one qualification attempt. All entrants must have qualified by Sunday the 9th of December.

During qualification the room will be set up as per the normal season regulations, allowing only TCS and ABS, but tyre wear and fuel will be turned off. The room will be set up to allow only 2 people in at any one time, the mod and the competitor. You will be invited in when it is your turn to qualify. This way you are on track by yourself and no-one is coming into the room during your run. If there is a disconnection due to the network, you will need to reschedule your qualification.


This will be a terrific event, and a great way to start the festive season. I hope we get plenty of the forum faithful competing but we ask that you spread the word. We always like seeing new drivers on the forum and this is a great chance for them to get involved, and maybe come away with a prize. As always we welcome discussion, so post away and join the conversation (after you sign up of course!!).

More prizes have been offered thanks to some of our members, a Driving force GT wheel and some Gt5 gift tickets. Join in, the more we get enter the more events like this we will be able to run in the future.

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