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Hard Mount DFGT?

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The DFGT doesn't have hard mount points. If you want to hard mount it, I only really see a few options.

You can open up the wheel cover and make your own screw holds and mount them. Beware of your warranty being voided.

Next possibility is using some velcro in conjunction with the clamps. Those clamps should be a pretty good grab from what I can tell. With the addition of some good industrial velcro, you can make that as good as a hard mount. You can get some real good velcro at your local craft store.

Another option is to get some real heavy duty foam double tape and mount the DFGT onto a block of wood about 5/8" thick. Before you mount it to the block of wood, take the G27 mount template from the logitech website, drill out some holes and drop in some screws.

Hopefully others can come up with better ideas. For now, I'd honestly stick to the velcro and clamps, it should work as well as any other solution.

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@ "BlizzardDUCK~Actually there are several ways you can Hard Mount a "DFGT"..however,be warned~ just as "Lowhungfuzzydice" said,all of them more than likely will Void your warranty,I had the same dilemma a few years back when I moved up to a "DFGT" [from a "DFP"] and also bought my first real wheel stand,but no matter how much I would tighten those cheesy clamps,after an hour or so of racing they would loosen up[usually @ the worst time..hehe] and eventually broke both clamps by torquing them down way too hard [my own stupid mistake] I just used a few zip ties,[wrapped around the entire wheel base,from top to bottom] and while I admit it was not pretty,it was absolutely rock solid.

but I still wanted to Hard mount my "DFGT" I eventually just made a template,liquid nailed the base of the "DFGT" to a 1/4 Inch plywood,and used some lag bolts to tighten it down to the stand,worked like a champ,but the best way I have found yet is from some cat named "SWERV_GRIFFIN"

and here is his system~

I build Racing Stations, and mount different Wheel/ Pedal combos to them. The easiest way to come up with a hard-mount template is this. Invert the wheel on your lap. Cover the entire underside of the wheel box with 2" Masking Tape overlapping the edges by 1/2"". I usually build it up 2 layers thick. You can still feel the mounting holes on the underside of the DFGT's wheel box with your fingertip. Press lightly to make a slight recess in the tape above each hole. Then simply take a ball point pen or other slightly sharp object and puncture the center of each recess in the tape above each hole. Once this is done, you have a self-adhesive mounting template that you can stick to whatever you are mounting the wheel to. The DFGT bolts down with 5MM diameter 1.25 thread pitch Bolts, I believe. Length is determined by the thickness of your mounting surface, plus an additional 12MM to 20 MM. I hope this has been helpful to you or any others facing this same dilemma.



I have used his way to mount a few friends "DFGT's" and it's a very good system,but it has been awhile since I last mounted a 'DFGT" this way,I now am a die hard 'G27" user and only keep a 'DFGT" for a backup and traveling rig..but seem to remember I had to change a few bolt sizes and MM lengths depending on the rig/stand I was mounting it on.

anyway man,hope this helps you out a little~cheers and GR8 Racing! :)

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