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FS CSP, GT3w/sli-pro, buttkicker, gaming PC, playseat

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I haven't sim raced in about 3 months, and I'm not sure that I will be again, so I guess it's time to get rid of the stuff.

I've been collecting for this fascinating hobby over the past year. Here it is all set up.



fanatec GT3 RS V2 wheel with simracinghardware SLI-pro mounted. I routed this thing internally so it looks very clean. Also because of all the routing I don't want to sell it seperately.


clubsport pedals, the previous owner drilled 2 holes in the top mounting points on the underside to mount it to his chassis.

$50+ shipping ******************SOLD*************************

LayneSP button box made to match a fanatec GT3 RS V2


$90+shipping *******************SOLD************************

TrackIR V5+track clip pro, I bought this from an iracing member, and the track clip pro broke, so I had been using superglue to hold the infrared to the part that clips to your headphones, but it still works perfectly, also it has no base for the camera, but Jason Garrett the Iracing member I bought it from assured me if I contacted naturalpoint he would pay for the cost of a replacement.


buttkicker gamer2

$90+shipping ****************SOLD***********************

Interfaceone fanatec wheel shifter adapter. It is protected by a projectbox from radio shack but I whittled away at the project box so it really isn't fitted in there properly but it is protected.

$140+shipping or pickup

playseats classic playseat You can see I have done several modifications to it, it is absolutely stable with it set up the way you see it in the picture.

$100+shipping *****************SOLD*********************

TH8RS shifter

I'm also selling my gaming computer, the only thing it is missing is a graphics card.

but here are the stats.

HAF932 advanced tower

I5 2500k processor

Asrock Z77 extreme 4 MOBO

H100 liquid cooling system

corsair 600w PSU

cd drive

240gb sandisk extreme SSD

I also filled every fan slot so this thing is EXTREMELY well ventilated


$750 for the computer + shipping.

Please email me at [email protected], or PM here, but emails will be responded to more quickly. Also for local pickup most of the stuff is in the silicon valley area.

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@ "Niexist"~you have some decent stuff there my friend,but you are asking a bit too much for most of it [iMHO],for instance the "Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter" ~you are asking $130.00 + shipping, I was able to find it for $133.00 brand new INCLUDING shipping >[in Stock B&H # TH8RSPCPS3 Price: $133.93 Free Shipping (USA)] also with manufactures warranty, intention here is not to piss you off,or to hurt your chances of you selling your stuff,please understand this,but I do feel an obligation of sorts to all my fellow "SIM" Racers,who just like me, work very hard for their $$$,& just want them to get the best price/bargain possible~ ;)

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Okay, I'll drop the price on the TH8RS shifter to 100+shipping, and the price on the buttkicker to 110+shipping. Happy now? Because as far as the rest goes, go to simracinghardware and try to buy the SLI-pro mounting unit. You're looking at 350 dollars BEFORE you purchase the wheel.

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Yes, the PC is not for sale, the buttkicker is spoken for, so stil available are the chair, the wheel, and the pedals.  I'll give a discount of 100 dollars to anyone wanting to get both the wheel, and pedals, $400 total.  I believe the SLI device on the wheel is about 300ish on its own.  I'll also do the racing seat for san diego county local pickup for 120 dollars as I think it will probably be do cumbersome to ship.

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