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GT1 World Series 2013

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New Dimension Racing invites you and your team to the first edition of the GT1 World Series. In the void the International Grand Touring Championship, IGTC, and Masters of Endurance, MoE, left New Dimension Racing decided to organise a GT1 (that's how we call the balanced GTR class) endurance championship. From November through April the best teams fight for this new Live for Speed championship.

To balance the GTR class the FZ 50 GTR (FZR) will carry a 1% intake restriction and 15 kilograms of extra ballast. Just like IGTC, GT1WS utilizes Safety Cars. There are three championships: the overall title and also the pro- and am-class titles. While any driver can race in the pro teams, the am teams at maximum may feature one pro driver on their roster who is neither allowed to drive in the pre-qualifying nor the qualifying and who may not drive more then one third of the race.

With the big variation of race distances true team endurance skills are required to succeed in this championship.

Calendar of Events, All Dates listed are the date of the Race.

  1. [*:vuffdsfj]500 km of Blackwood GP Track - BL1 - 17 November 2012
    529.120 km, 160 laps - Course Length 2.055 mi / 3.307 km
    Clear Day
    [*:vuffdsfj]3h of Fern Bay Gold - FE3 - 15 December 2012
    3 hours - Course Length 2.183 mi / 3.514 km
    Overcast Dusk
    [*:vuffdsfj]1000 km of Westhill International - WE1 - 12 January 2013
    1036.000 km, 200 laps - Course Length 3.219 mi / 5.180 km
    Cloudy Sunset
    [*:vuffdsfj]24h of Kyoto Grand Prix Long w/Boothy Chicane - KY3B - 2-3 February 2013
    24 hours - Course Length 4.584 mi / 7.377 km
    Clear Day
    [*:vuffdsfj]6h of South City Long - SO4 - 2 March 2013
    6 hours - Course Length 2.504 mi / 4.029 km
    Clear Day
    [*:vuffdsfj]12h of Aston Historic - AS4 - 6 April 2013
    12 hours - Course Length 5.026 mi / 8.089 km
    Cloudy Afternoon

Event Timetable

18:00 UTC on Sunday PRIOR to Race Day: Pre-Qualifying BEGINS

18:00 UTC on Tuesday PRIOR to Race Day: Pre-Qualifying ENDS

19:00 UTC on Friday PRIOR to Race Day: Qualifying Group 1

19:40 UTC on Friday PRIOR to Race Day: Qualifying Group 2

3-Hour, 6-Hour, 500km, and 1000km Races

17:50 UTC: Grid Stacking Begins

18:00 UTC: Race Start

24-Hour Race

14:50 UTC: Grid Stacking Begins

15:00 UTC: Race Start

12-Hour Race

11:50 UTC: Grid Stacking Begins

12:00 UTC: Race Start

Link to the complete rulebook

Information how to apply to the GT1 World Series

List of Pro and Am Drivers based on past championships

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The first the official entry list for the 2013 GT1 World Series.

GT1-Professional Class (14 Entries)

02 Team Vires

03 ineX Racing 2

04 eXtrem Racing

05 Last Lap Motorsports

06 Team Rock Racing

07 Ixion Simsports

08 DiabloSkinZ PRO

09 SAVAGE SimSports PRO

10 Genuine Racing

11 Conquest Racing Pro

12 nFinity eSports PRO

13 ineX Racing

14 CoRe Racing Pro

15 Team ev0» PRO

GT1-Amateur Class (18 Entries)

52 rForce Am

53 Mafia Racing

54 Stig Breeding Program #1

55 AceX Motorsport

56 SAVAGE SimSports AM

57 Last Lap Motorsports

58 Team Vires

59 nFinity eSports AM

60 Team ev0» AM

61 CoRe Racing Am

62 Green Angus Racing

63 Ixion Simsports

64 World Class Lions

65 Stig Breeding Program #2

66 Green Angus Racing 2

67 Last Lap Motorsports BUS

68 Conquest Racing Am

69 Hellenic Racing team

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