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G27 settings

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I believe that when a new racing game is ready one of the first and important priority is the setting of the wheels. Is anybody using G27 logitech and give the comunity a suggestion for a good setup? Thanks.

Usually Darin and Shawn shows wheel settings during the videos of the games, but not for F1 2012 so far.

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Hi Antonpaco,

After testing as I said here are my results give them a go and let me know if they work for you ;)

Logitech profiler:

Overall 100 %

Spring 0%

Damper 10% (increase if u want heavier steering)

Tick enable center spring: 0%

Tick special steering wheel settings :292 degrees

Tick use special settings but not allow game to adjust settings

In game:

Advanced wheel



25 (increase if u want less responsive steering, reduce for faster steering)

5% throttle deadzone to reduce wheel spin



5% brake saturation for a more sensitive brake

FFB effetcs:



100 (this doesn't seem to affect the g27)

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