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GTSeries is a Professional PS3 Racing Community which provides well organised racing on multiple racing games on the PS3. Currently, we have leagues and events in GT5, DiRT 3 and F1 2012. The forums also include discussion topics.

Currently on GT5, we have the International Touring Car Cup in development. The season is likely to feature DTM Cars around 6 circuits with a sprint and a feature race.

There is also the World Supersport Series which starts on Monday Night and features Acura NSX '91 RM. The cars have loads of grip and the 60 minute events make for interesting pit strategies.

The World Caterham Cup is currently in the off-season but Season 2 will start once GTSeries has more interest.

Finally, there are the GT5 Single Events. Once we have more drivers, the 2nd season of the "Star In A Reasonably Priced Car" event will start, allowing drivers to replicate the real life Top Gear Event. In the future, other single events will include NASCAR, Karting and Endurance Events.

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Hi Bradley,

I had to delete two of your threads as you were filling up our home page module.. ;-)

Please only post one thread at a time with the same subject.



Alright. I posted it in two other sections with slightly different descriptions.

The others included detailed info about the particular game the thread was in.

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