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head.jpgBased in the UK, RaceConnect is approaching it's 2nd birthday and with over 100 active members continues to grow and develop into the slickest league website out there.

With at least one race a night operating on a 2 week rota there are plenty of different championships currently running using a wide variety of mods for rFactor and Simbin's Race07, GTR Evolution and Race On!

Registration for RaceConnect is completely FREE!! All that is asked is you abide by the rules, treat others with respect both on and off the track and most of all have fun!!

Members of all abilities are welcome from complete novices to the aliens among you and it can be pretty much guarenteed that you will find someone to race with who is of a similar pace.

The site itself has an absolute wealth of information and statistics available allowing you to track your online racing career. Every laptime, race result and championship standing is available to view through the website including a section to monitor your own race statistics and a continuously updated driver ranking system based on your most recent race results.

You will also find series pages detailing the information for each championship, a section for sharing your setups, 2 live timing screens allowing you to see what's occuring on the race servers, a downloads section hosted on the RaceConnect servers with every mod and track that is used, practice servers up a week before each race, a new online TV channel where members can showcase their race highlight videos, watch InsideSimRacing and much more.

We have our own dedicated TeamSpeak2 server and will if needed add extra rooms for different languages or teams.

There is also a race jury made up of real life motorsport officials who do not participate in any races but offer their valuable knowledge and experience to adjudicate on any incidents or rule infringements that may have taken place during the races.

As well as the main site there is a large and active forum where members are encouraged to discuss all aspects of sim racing, seek help and advice, submit post-race reports and are actively involved in the desicion making process for many of the series that are run.

There are also currently Italian and French language sections of the forum run and maintained with help from some of our international members and if the demand is there more can be added.

Championships running at the moment include.

RCTCC - Touring car championship using Race07 / Race On! / STCC

RCTM - In-house DTM mod in rFactor

Historic GT & TC Cup - 2 series using the excellent Historix mod for rFactor

STES Endurance Masters - 2 hour multi class endurance racing using the outstanding Enduracers mod for rFactor

CART '98 Trophy - American open wheel road course and oval racing using the CARTFactor mod

and many more including off-road racing, go-karts and Citroen 2CV's!!

Coming soon.

Real F1 Championship - Using the FSONE 2008 mod for rFactor this series will run in parrallel throughout the year with the real life F1 championship

Vendetta GT2 Trophy - GT2 sprint racing using the Enduroracers mod for rFactor

Real FIA GT Championship - Dual class GT racing using the FIA GT mod for Race07 / GTR Evolution

NASCAR - Oval racing at it's best using the new improved VHR2010 mod.

NetKar Pro

Members may pick and choose the races they wish to participate in and can join midway through a season in any of the championships so if you've never heard of RaceConnect or just haven't paid a visit for a while then go and check it out and see what is on offer.

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