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Button mapping t500rs with F1 add-on

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Hi all,

Well got the game yesterday and so far not too bad.

ffb is a bit weird but I think I'm starting to get to something decent, champions mode needs tweaking especially the one against Lewis which is much to easy I mean slicks in the wet??

Anyway I hope others of you are using the F1 wheel and have noticed that sometimes a button is mapped to 2 actions,is there anyway to change this?

For example in the pits button 5 is 'view timing' and 'back', in champions mode button 5 is 'view info' and 'back'

In the case of an instant replay a button on the wheel launches it, then I have to use the keyboard and the f keys!

Has anybody found a solution to correct this? I can't seem to find how to change it.

Don't CM test this before selling the game?lol

Thanks for answers ;)

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