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rotating wheels in cockpit-view

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By watching the latest rFactor2 video, I noticed (once again) that the developers have implemented an effect, which can normally only be noticed on TV:

The front tires rotate forward, when the car moves. At a certain speed, the tire seems to stand still, therafter to rotate backwards... then forward again and so on... You know what I mean?

As far as I know, this phenomenon is caused by the TV camera, which makes 25 pictures per second. If by coincidence the tire is at the same position (can be determined by the text on the F1-tire) every 25 times a picture is shot, the wheel appears to stand still.

In the real world however, the human eye does not cause this effect. So why is (in the meamwhile) almost every developer using this feature in the cockpit-view? Shouldn't a racing-sim silmulate the real world instead of the TV-picture?

I have accepted this effect in the past, when it became popular in the late 90's in some of the more arcade-style F1 games where it was used as some "eyecandy".

But in "real" racing-sims (like rFactor) it feels strange to see this effect again and again. (Never observed this in iRacing since I do not own any of the open wheelers!)

To be honest, this is far away from beeing a serious issue. I was just wondering... :o

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I think some developers are looking to create an experience like what you see on the television. Many people who watch racing on TV are used to seeing this happen and I think it is just something they can add to make it more familiar to racing gamers.

You are correct in stating that the eye does not cause this, but it can also be seen when it has any 'pulsing' light source. But this does not normally happen on its own in nature. Chromed spokes on a tire can produce a strobe-light effect in the right sunlight that can interfere with and break up the image going to the eye and cause the effect to be seen in person also. But again, a TV is normally where this is seen due to framerates.

I also do not think it is a big deal, but it is strange to think about it now that it is in so many racing games. I guess I never really thought about it! Now I am really going to notice it every time I play a racing game!!! :lol:

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