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Csr + Elite pedals steering problems

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Guys&Girls I need some help here.

I finally decided on buying a csr wheel and csr elite pedals.

Wich i got now for about a month.

So feeling a happy chap with this nice piece of kit.

But it doesn't improve my racing in forza4. Even worse I'm 2-3 seconds slower than with my pad.

No matter what track or car I use i can't beat my own ghost.

That's tested with the R8 LMS(tuned and prepared with my pad for gt2 racing) and the 911 GT3,SLS GT3,Mclaren GT3 these 3 are stock versions.

The settings i'm using are in game:

- all deadzones to 0 for inside and 100 for outside.

- only the clutch is unchanged to the standard default setting.

- Vibration 100

- Force feedback 90

Tried sim and normal steering but don't really feel a difference.

Maybe because i've always been using sim steering with my pad.

On the steering wheel i'm using:

SENS - 270

FF - 100

Sho - 100

Dri - OFF

Abs - 80

Lin - 000

Dea - 000

Spr - 1

Dpr - 1

For every car the rumble of curbs and locking brakes is perfect.

I feel a good snap in the steering wheel and rumble effects.

But on steering in on a corner there's suddenly no power needed from my arms and it all feels very fluttery on the steering. Even with a rear-powered car when it gets into a slide there's no way on figuring out how much countersteering is needed as the rear-goes out and there's no tracking left anymore in a corner.No power is needed to steer at that point either you don't feel any resistance on the wheel at all even in that situation.

In fact it's similar to the power i need to steer with the stick on my pad.

I though hmmm maybe somethings wrong with the wheel.

So i booted Project CARS and made a second profile on the wheel.

there i set all deadzones to 0 inside and 100 outside.

Force feedback 75

On the steering wheel there i'm using


FF - 100

Sho - 0

Dri - 0

Abs - 85

Lin - 000

Dea - 000

Spr - 0

Dpr - 0

But there i do need power to steer into a corner and perfectly feel the tires working.

Even feel the difference between the cars i'm using.

I can drive onto the edge of the grip of the tire in there and feel it go off.

I must say they do have an extra in-game setting "tire resistance/friction" and that's set to 100.

So i think it's fair to say that at this point i don't see the advantage off the wheel over a pad for forza.

In cars i was after 5 laps already 1.5 to 2 seconds faster on catalunya than what i clocked with a pad.

Guess it's either me,maybe a setting that you guys know for the wheel or the difference between a console racer and a pc-sim.

I'm clueless here anyway will keep on using the pad unless someone knows the ideal setting for forza4.

At the moment i must say i'm pretty dissappointed in my experience with a csr wheel on forza4 especially after reading all these good recommendations.

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The pad is an assist. Nobody, even people with magic fingers can operate a pad as delicately you can a wheel. So they, (the developers) design in a certain amount of play, and there are certain kinds of turns that really respond to moving the stick this way and that. I've heard other wheel/pad users say the same thing. You'll will have much more fun with a wheel, and you will get quicker, just give it time.

p.s. There is a specific setting on the wheel for Forza. It's been so long, I've forgotten, but do some research, it's definitely out there.

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Yes John is right, there is an assist built in the game for button mashers. Yes some button mashers are faster but just put your head down and practice and push the limits with your wheel. If you do, you WILL get faster!

I made the leap a few years back and will NEVER go back to the pad! The wheel adds a much deeper immersion into the game. I'm not sure if there is an "ideal" Forza setting out there. It is just a matter of preference and driving style, but If I were you I would set your Sen to 540 and up but no lower than 540, cars seem more stable this way. Don't give up just keep at it.

BTW, what do you have the wheel and pedals mounted to? A good rig is just as important if not more than a good wheel and pedal set. Can't have one without the other... IMO.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it.

Seems like all I can do is to keep on practicing then and not worry about results in online competitions for a while.

I got it mounted to the WheelstandPro. Because I'm limited in space and can't get it setup permanently.

That could change in the future but not at the moment.

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