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CityLiga 16

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After long waiting it begins. The 16th S2 season of CityLiga. The biggest German-based Live for Speed league features 9 different car-track-combinations. Like in the past years mondays are reserved for CityLiga every fortnight.

CityLiga is for everyone: fast or slow, long LFS member or beginner. The important point is to enjoy a fair competition. With the large number of drivers entering CityLiga there is competition for everyone.

Visit our website to create an account and to sign up for the new season. Here is the link to the sign-up application: Moreover you can take a look at the archive on our website to get an impression of CityLiga by watching some vintage races in the stream's section or looking through the results of the past.

Grid qualification 03.08.2012 to 13.08.2012:

  1. [*:36h3wyic]BMW Sauber F1.06 (BF1) @ Aston Shootee rev. (A34r*)[*:36h3wyic]LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic (F25*)

  1. [*:36h3wyic]20.08.2012 - XF GTI (XFG) & XR GT (XRG) with 1% intake @ South City Classic rev. (SO1r)
    Two Lap qualifying / 71 lap race
    [*:36h3wyic]03.09.2012 - BMW Sauber F1.06 (BF1) @ Aston Shootee rev. (A34r*)
    12 minute qualifying followed by an 8 minute session for the Top-Eight / 49 lap race
    [*:36h3wyic]17.09.2012 - LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic (F25*)
    15 minute qualifying / 43 lap race with mandatory pitstop between lap 3 and 40
    [*:36h3wyic]01.10.2012 - Formula BMW FB02 (FBM) @ South City Chicane Route (SO6)
    15 minute two shot qualifying / 2 races of 31 laps, Top-Eight of race 1 start race 2 in reversed order
    [*:36h3wyic]15.10.2012 - ??? @ Kyoto (combo will be decided based on poll results - link:
[*:36h3wyic]29.10.2012 - FXO Turbo (FXO) with 7% intake, RB4 GT (RB4) & XR GT Turbo (XRT) with 3% intake @ Aston Grand Prix (AS5)
15 minute race fuel qualifying / 20 lap race
[*:36h3wyic]12.11.2012 - UF 1000 (UF1) @ Fern Bay Cadet rev (F11r*)
starting line-up based on tracker results / 2 races of 26 laps with mandatory pitstops, reversed grid in the size of half of the finishers of race 1
[*:36h3wyic]26.11.2012 - UF GTR (UFR) with 1% intake & XF GTR (XFR) @ Blackwood Grand Prix rev. (BL1r)
15 minute qualifying / 54 lap race
[*:36h3wyic]10.12.2012 - Formula XR (FOX) @ Fern Bay Gold rev. (FE3r)
5 lap qualifying race / 1 hour race with mandatory pitstop between minute 28 and 32

* = denotes open configurations

web version of the schedule:

Sign up for an interesting season!

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