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G27 handbrake mod, wheel resets w/pics

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Hello all,

I've spent days searching about this problem and it appears my soldering job might be the cause of this problem, but I'd like to confirm and see what recommendations you all have.

My quesiton is how can I test my soldering connections WITHOUT using a switch? Meaning, if I touch the two wires together that I soldered to the board (using Chilli Coke's guide) should it activate the button in my G27 profiler? Why, because I'm not sure if the switch I bought from Radio Shack is an "open" or "closed" switch.

Here is link to the handbrake mod in case anyone is not familiar with it

This is for PC using and all buttons work correctly on the shifter but whenI touch the 2 wires together the wheel turns side to side and resets itself. I've included photos below and unlike anothers post here, I don't see any holes burned in the board on the opposite side of the solder point, etc.

I DID heat up the connection point on the board for at least 5 seconds and wonder if I might have burned the ground connector. Here are some pics ANY THOUGHTS ARE APPRECIATED :)

Last thought, I'm thinking I reheat the solder and remove the wires. Then test the wheel to see if the O button works. If so I know the circuit board is still good. Yes I know they can be found on Ebay for cheap.

Wire to "O" buttonIMG_0081.jpg

Backside of "O" button solder (near "TP109" lettering, no holes, etc)IMG_0084.jpg

Ground wireIMG_0079.jpg

Backside of Ground wire (near J12) letteringIMG_0083.jpg

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Dude you can't solder to a resistor. Seems to me like you bridged the resistor, in effect bypassing it. That's bound to cause issues! See if you can undo the damage by removing all of the solder without damaging or removing the resistor. Then, thread the wire through that little hole if front of the resistor and solder it down. That should do the trick.

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You have bridged the resistor with solder thus negating the hard coded resistance values in the controller chip in the Shifter,

That is a surface mount resistor and they can be rather fragile when it comes to excess heat.

As has been suggested you will need to use some de-soldering braid to remove excess solder, and then solder the wire carefully with a somewhat hot Soldering Iron - so that you melt and bond with minimum time.

I would also suggest you use a very fine wire needing less heat and then connect this to your chosen wireing.

I certainly wouldn't put any wire through any of the holes on the circuit board as these (well the tiny ones ) are actually through board links the larger ones are likely to be screw holes for mounting.

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