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F1PS3League - AMERICA'S Online Racing 2011 F1

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Hi Guys.

We are a FREE ONLINE PS3 (ONLY) Racing League Community.

We Currently Have 6 Leagues 3 PRO (NO ASSISTS) and 3 ASSIST (OPTIONAL ASSISTS).

We have just Opened up and PRO AMERICA'S LEAGUE for all to Apply for.

Yes that's Correct you have to Apply and Drive a 1 hr Induction Course to Earn your F1 Super License.

We are a very very Secluded Community 99% of our 120+ Players/Drivers have been Offered a Place Via recommendation from other drivers, We tend to Stay away from Open Rooms, We don't let any BANDITS in our Community.

We have very Strict Rules with a 20+ FiA Association, a 15+ In Race Stewards and over 10 LIVE assistant Stewards to Film/Record ALL races in Spectate Mode for all drivers to watch and Enjoy there overtakes.

We over here @ F1ps3League are Very different to the normal leagues you get out there as we take our F1 very Seriuosly, Due to the Game F1 2011 not being fully FAIR, we have had to make GREAT changes to the Structure and the Rules to Allow all our drivers a FAIR chance of Winning.

1- We run 2011 Performance, (yep we do and it works fantastic look at the Drivers tables to see)

2- We run NO ASSISTS - Nothing!! the way it should be guys...

3- We have IN RACE LIVE Stewards in every Race we run.

4- We have 20+ FiA Reps (3-5 from each league) that Sit and Investigate all Appeals and Incidents.

5- We Are a 120+ (and Growing) Hardcore F1 Fans that stop at nothing to make it as real as possible.

SO many Points to mention that makes Us Completely Different to all other F1 leagues we have seen on PS3, I'd be here for hours typing.

We Have over 4 yrs Experience with ONLINE F1 League's, Me (admin) has competed in Most of the others out there.

Our Simple Philosophy is......

We Come ONLINE to Race Fairly & Cleanly, It is not about the Winning its all about the Wheel to Wheel action with the guy in front, We race to the 'Real Rules' not the games bad interpretation of them, If you have no driver Courtesy and Etiquette then you will never pass our INDUCTION TEST, Hey its NOT MY site Its YOUR Community.

We are Offering the America's A slot in Your New American League We opened up,

The Moderator/Lge Manager for this is "sMalaske" SO add him as a Buddy on your PSN list.

Then simply go to the community home page and register FREE to get your Induction Test.

We hope to see you over there to race fair and clean with us all.

Thanks for Reading





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