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The TPS staff have decided to make WSS a friday night adventure for those in Europe, and as such the timeframe has been adjusted to ensure good compatibility with the Brazilians and Americans, without stretching it too late for the Europeans.

Time Schedule

  • [*:284axlja]Open Practice: 2000GMT
    [*:284axlja]Qualifying 1: 2130GMT (10 mins, open, unlimited laps)
    [*:284axlja]Warmup 1: 2140GMT
    [*:284axlja]Race 1: 2145GMT
    [*:284axlja]Qualifying 2: 2215 (10 mins, open, unlimited laps)
    [*:284axlja]Warmup 2: 2225GMT
    [*:284axlja]Race 2: 2230GMT

Throughout the season, UK is GMT+1, while CET is GMT+2, meaning races will start at 2225UK and 2325CET.

US Eastern Time will be GMT-4 throughout, Eastern Brazil will be GMT-3, while Australians will have to double check their own timezones, but will be around GMT+10-12. This means that in eastern Brazil, races will begin at 1825 - this should give enough time for you to come home from work and prepare. Equally, the races will finish at 0030 for the guys on CET - this is quite late but shouldn't be late enough to prevent you from racing, hopefully!

We will try to stick to the schedule as close as possible, and qualifying will always begin at 2130GMT. However, delays with people finishing, moving through the sessions and the potential for the race to run at a slower speed than expected (it's not done on time, but laps that should give a certain race time) means that it may run a little longer than expected. We will try to avoid this, of course, so please be on the ball, especially when it comes to the transition from race 1 to race 2 - there will be a 5 minute warmup session and that's all you get!

Server Settings:

Fuel Usage: Normal

Tyre Usage: Normal

Mechanical Failures: Normal

Qualifying: Unlimited laps, 10 minute open session

Parc Fermé: No

Formation Lap: Yes

Type of Start: Manual Rolling (see below for details)

Damage: 100%

Time Scale: Normal

Fixed Setups: No

Fixed Upgrades: No

Flag Rules: Black Only

Game Aids

Automatic Clutch: Allowed

Automatic Gears: Disallowed

Swingman View: Disallowed

Traction Control: Disallowed

Anti-Lock Braking: Disallowed

Stability Control: Disallowed

AI Toggle: Disallowed

Spin Recovery: Disallowed

Opposite Lock: Disallowed

Steering Help: Disallowed

Braking Help: Disallowed

Auto Pitstop: Disallowed

Invulnerability: Disallowed

Formation Lap Details

WSS Season 2 will feature a formation lap, with a subsequent manual rolling start, at all events.

  • [*:284axlja]Your speed may not exceed 130kph/80mph during the formation lap.
    [*:284axlja]Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is no longer allowed.
    [*:284axlja]Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field.
    [*:284axlja]The formation lap is part of the race distance, so factor this into your fuel requirements.
    [*:284axlja]As you come round to the grid at the end of your formation lap, you will be told to slow down to 60kph/37mph, prior to the final corner, where you must maintain that speed. You should also form up in a 2x2 formation, directly alongside your grid partner (1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, etc). You should aim to be within a car's length as soon as possible.
    [*:284axlja]Once the grid has formed, and once you are in line with your row partner and within a car's length of the car in front, you must engage your pitlane speed limiter - once engaged, you may not disengage until the GREEN GREEN GREEN signal.
    [*:284axlja]The race will not start until all cars are lined up correctly. Lining up correctly means in a 2x2 formation, and within a car's length of the car in front. Should anyone be out of position, or it is a mess, the race admin will call a "GO AROUND" - at which point, a second formation lap will take place at 130kph/80mph. It is not permitted to leave a gap to the car in front in order to "get a jump" on them.
    [*:284axlja]In the event of a "GO AROUND" signal, you must remain in the position that you are and a second formation lap, with identical regulations to the first, will commence. A "GO AROUND" will now no longer be given if the GREEN GREEN GREEN signal is issued.
    [*:284axlja]If the grid is properly formed and everyone is on the speed limiter, then a GREEN GREEN GREEN signal from the admin, via the chat function, will signal the start of the race. The entire field may then accelerate and overtake. You do not have to wait until the start/finish line to overtake.
    [*:284axlja]Use of the Push to Pass button is strictly prohibited on the formation lap and on the first complete racing lap. Only once you have crossed the line after one full racing lap may drivers use the Push to Pass button. Anyone caught using it prior to this will be excluded from the results of that race, and further penalties may be issued should that person have also hindered other drivers after using it.

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Points Structure

All drivers who participate in the championship are eligible to score official championship points, including co-drivers during the enduro events.

  • [*:1r63nf2t]Drivers have to complete 75% of the race distance to score points
    [*:1r63nf2t]There will be no bonus points for pole position, fastest lap or leading a lap.
    [*:1r63nf2t]There will also be a teams championship and teams consist of a maximum of two full-time drivers.

The points are as follows:

  • P1: 30
    P2: 27
    P3: 24
    P4: 22
    P5: 20
    P6: 18
    P7: 16
    P8: 14
    P9: 12
    P10: 11
    P11: 10
    P12: 9
    P13: 8
    P14: 7
    P15: 6
    P16: 5
    P17: 4
    P18: 3
    P19: 2
    P20: 1

Under no circumstance will a race otherwise be restarted - regardless of accidents or individual problems. You will have one shot to get it right, so get it right. However, a "GO AROUND" might be called, should the field be extremely out of position or an incident has occurred on the formation lap. This will be up to the judgement of the admin at the time and will not be questioned post-race.

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TouringProSeries Rules & Regulations available here.

Additonal Regs:

  • [*:kegapf5e]After careful deliberation, it has been decided that push-to-pass, a feature unique to Game Stock Car, will be banned until after 1 racing lap has been completed. That means that the first time you can use push-to-pass is after you have crossed the s/f line at the beginning of the second racing lap. This is to avoid any unnecessary startline incidents. Anyone caught using push-to-pass on the opening lap will be disqualified from that race's results. Any further use of push-to-pass on the opening lap by that driver in any other race or event will result in exclusion from the championship.
    [*:kegapf5e]Wallriding is not allowed.
    [*:kegapf5e]Bumpdrafting is allowed for round 5 only.

It is each driver's duty to ensure that they familiarise themselves with the rules and are fully prepared for each race, especially for the opening round. Mods, tracks, servers, briefings and passwords are posted well in advance via SimSync or the forum and are there for everyone to make sure they understand. Practice servers will also be live as much as possible, allowing everybody to test out their vehicles, that their game is working as it should and to get to know one another.

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All drivers participating are required to use a custom livery in the World Supertech Series Season 2 championship. If this is not possible, a standard TPS livery will be available.

We will be using the 2012 update to Game Stock Car. This will be a free update. Templates are now available here.

WSS will be using SimSyncPro for all custom skins and track downloads. This negates any requirement for constant patches and ensures everyone is on the same page at the click of a button.

Skinning Guidelines

  • [*:2ma7ranb] Find the car templates
[*:2ma7ranb]All custom skins must contain one logo from each folder in the Mandatory folder in this pack.
[*:2ma7ranb]Windows will be taken care of by the TPS staff.
[*:2ma7ranb]Above the window on each livery, there is an area where a windshield logo is normally placed. This, however, is not contained in the window template. In this area, please place a Touring Pro Series logo from the pack provided. The background colour is open. Any liveries not following this will be edited.

All custom skins need to be submitted in a .rar, .zip or .7z file via email to [email protected]. The deadline for skin submission is Sunday 15th July, at 20:00GMT.

Please make sure you are happy with your skins and they are final, following the guidelines above, before submitting to avoid confusion and hassle! Skins may be updated throughout the season, with SimSyncPro negating any need for skin packs.

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Touring Pro Series has taken the step of teaming up with SimSyncPro. This means that for the WSS, the custom liveries, mod and tracks needed for this series will only be available through this software. Updates will be easily available at a click of a button.



Step #1

  • [*:iew28kj1]Make an installation of Game Stock Car . Go to the website and purchase the game, if you haven't already, from

Step #2

  • [*:iew28kj1]Download the
TPS SimSync Pro archive.
After the download has finished, put both files found in this archive into your newly created main GSC folder.
Click on SimSyncPro.exe to launch the program. An auto-updater might pop up, in that case, let it do the update.

Step #3

  • [*:iew28kj1]Click on 'Show Available Series' and you'll see the 'World Supertech Series 2' series. Select this only, then press 'Start' on the bottom right.
    [*:iew28kj1]Synchronisation is now under way and a message will pop-up when the synchronisation is complete.
    [*:iew28kj1]Now you are finished and ready to race.


Q. SimSyncPro is having problems starting

A. Make sure to right-click SimSyncPro and 'run as Administrator'

Q. SimSyncPro starts in German and I do not understand German.

A. You can select your preferred language by clicking 'Optionen', then scrolling to 'Sprache' and selecting your desired language.

Q. I am having difficulty downloading in SimSync

A. Try checking the 'Prefer Main Server' option under Options. Try switching from FTP to HTTP connection or vice versa.

Q. I get some sort of '550' error.

A. Keep trying, eventually this problem corrects itself or see above.

Q. Sync terminates with 'error' on last file.

A. Simply start sync again, it will sync only the last file.

Q. I have a mismatch or am booted as 'possible cheat'

A. You should execute SimSyncPro before joining every event

If you have any questions, please post in the SimSync support thread.

Changelog below.

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To sign up for the World Supertech Series Season 2 season you must:

  • [*:1egyb6u1]be using your real name on both the forum and in-game.
    [*:1egyb6u1]be committed to all (remaining) events of the league season
    [*:1egyb6u1]have no outstanding suspensions from the TPS

If you fulfill these requirements, simply copy and fill in the information quoted below in your post:



Car: Peugeot/Chevrolet (delete as appropiate)

1st preferred car number: (#1 is unavailable)

2nd preferred car number:


  • [*:1egyb6u1]Sign-ups will remain open all season.
    [*:1egyb6u1]Entering as part of a team is not mandatory, you can enter as an independent and/or form teams with other independents.
    [*:1egyb6u1]Teams may consist of a maximum of two drivers.
    [*:1egyb6u1]Switching teams mid-season is allowed but a driver must not have already driven for a two-car team previously. Points will not be carried over from previous events. Drivers are able to leave teams as and when.
    [*:1egyb6u1]You may receive your second choice vehicle number, dependent upon availability.
    [*:1egyb6u1]All sign-ups are assessed on an individual basis and may be rejected. This will be based on previous commitment or behaviour.
    [*:1egyb6u1]Should you have any special queries that do not belong in the forum, do not hesitate to contact myself or Ivo Simons via private message.

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Not got a team, but want one? Got a team but need a team-mate? Just feeling lonely?

Advertise in this thread! There's a team championship at stake!

(Remember to edit your post once you have found a team-mate and to keep all discussions in private messaging.)

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