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INTEREST CHECK: Double Team Racing

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This is just a check of the concept to see if it would be popular, no schedule or specs have been determined.

Basically how this would work is this, you and a person of your choice would be forced to drive nose to tail for an entire race, similar to bump drafting in NASCAR, except if you leave contact with your partner you get a 1 second penalty for every time you and your partner disconnect. The fun thing is that mics will be banned so you may not communicate with your partner other than text, which is a 5 second penalty for every message sent. At the end of the race, the penalties will be added up and the final times and results will be posted the day after the race. I am willing to change the concept if it is too strict or too lenient. To be fair, cautions will come out if 2 or more tandems wreck. If you and your partner wreck and nobody else gets involved, then no caution will occur and the standard 1 second penalty will be enforced. The finishing time is that of the second car in your tandem that finishes plus your penalties.

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