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World Caterham Cup

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The Caterham Seven Fireblades have a great power/weight ratio and this accompanied with the agile handling make the Caterham one of the best cars to race with. In the World Caterham Cup, there are 6 rounds. Each round consists of 2 x 40 Mile Races which will cause the driver to have good consistant pace, good defensive and attacking skills and a good strategy.

The 6 tracks used in the series are: Deep Forest Raceway, Cape Ring Inside, Tsukuba, Suzuka East, Rome and Monaco. Monaco suitably being the final round of the seaosn where the champion should be crowned.

For Race 1 in each round, a 10 minute qualifying session will sort out the grid however there is a twist for the 2nd race. The results of Race 1 will be reversed and that will set up the Race 2 grid. This will be the biggest test for the more skilled drivers and how they cope with having to overtake.

If you want to sign-up to the Monday Night Series, then go to and make an account using your full name. Then sign up to the World Caterham Cup and get ready for a championship of a lifetime.

PS: All of the information and regulations can be found at the website.

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