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rfactor 2 updates

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Ive got rfactor 2,keep seeing thet there are new updates cars and so on but when i click on auto update it says its upto date but it isnt and i havnt got the formula cars either.... :D

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I may be telling you some things you already know but for the benefits of others, here goes...

Make sure you have the latest build, currently 90.

Step 1: Download the cars and tracks you want. These are usually rfmod or rfcmp files.

Step 2: Place those rfmod/rfcmp files in your Packages folder.

! - If there are updates to a Series, like Formula Renault 3.5 - which now has a version 1, 1.1 and 1.2 them all. Newer builds of the actual game will require all updates to work properly. So while build 85 may have worked with less ... build 90 will require all 3.

BTW, ISI's downloads are all on one page ...

PS There are already more tracks/content available thru modders and that content is not listed there, this is "manufacturer's" content only.

Step 3: When you first start rf2 (before you click Race) click on Manage Mod's in the lower right hand corner.

Now click on Options, then untick Show Mods Only.

Now you will be able to see everything that is in the folder and it will tell you if it's installed or not.

Step 4: Right click any item that says No under installed in the Mods Manager.

Step 5:The asterisk * ... Once you install items those that have updates available will have an asterisk next to them ...right click to install.

Now start the actual game, if there is anything left in the folder that didn't manage to get installed thru the above process, it's a piece of cake now.

Step 6: Click on Series and if the box is actually diamond shaped it is not completely installed, click the Install icon at the bottom of that screen.

! - To install a Series (like Megane Trophy) you will need to have all 3? tracks for that series installed before the series itself will install. A Series is dependent on all the required content (tracks/cars).

Because of the content that's being updated and added you can see why having a separate Data/Settings folder OUTSIDE of the core folder is so important as they are not done updating the builds themselves.

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