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**SOLVED**Logitech Driving force GT**SOLVED**

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Hi guys,

A month or 2 ago a friend of mine introduced me into the wonderful world of simracing after 10 years of intensive FPS action in all the Battlefield series. The shooting got a little old so i plunged into this new adventure.

I stumbled upon this wonderful community called "InsideSimRacing" and saw all the creativity and solutions being offered to one another. I must say its a pleasent change from the cruel and downright vulgair forums u find playing FPS games lol :mrgreen:.

Now to get to the point why i am posting in the hardware section!

To enhance the racing feel over a Xbox360 controller i decided to buy a Thrustmaster F430 FFB wheel, It ran good for 3 weeks playing GTR2. Then the brake peddle decided to die on me. So i took it back to the store (Media market in Antwerp Belgium) but they told me that thrustmaster didnt have a repair center over here, and suggested i would pick another item from the store.

So i swapped it for a "Logitech Driving force GT" wich was only 10€ more then the F430 wheel.

With a big smile on my face i drive home to install my brand new Logitech wheel, with high expectations cause of the 900° and better FFB.

Now comes the CRAZY part :mrgreen:

It installs flawlesly, i can see it callibrating and putting itself back to center.

The problem is that when in game the wheel goes CRAZY, it starts activation buttons randomly and the wheel goes left and right without me even driving a car (sitting in the garage/GTR2).

Next thing i do is go to the control panel for the wheel and over there things get even crazier.

the wheel goes left and right and shakes real hard, while all this is happening u can clearly see in the control center that 75% of the buttons are activated all at once + the wheel movement. Without me touching anything!

I am not sure what to make of this, and was wondering if maybe someone had an idea on how to tackle this problem. I noticed that -'Doc_D- had a easy Solution,

but that link died along with mega upload a while ago i guess.

I would appreciate any kind of advice or help, and thank you guys in advance.

Did the best i could with the English, i hope it all makes sense :)

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First of all reduce the ffb to 2-3 untill you get used to the ffb.

Secondly turn off the power steering as this causes to spin automatically.

switch to Simulation mode. You should do fine. dont panic.

Have a nice day.

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Hi gjayesh,

Thx for the reply, my problem is not the force feedback.

the problem is that all buttons get pressed at once without me doing the pressing.

This is the problem i am having with this wheel.


In the games i play the wheel does all kind of thing for me, like selecting menus and even closing the game (Dirt 3).

This thing is driving me crazy!!

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I too found simracing in January of this year. I was tired of most games because of all the rage or lack of originality. Been simracing pretty much daily since.

I've had some similar experience with my dfgt. This has happened in shift 2 and race 07. I would get ready to race and my wheel would start to turn left and right without me touching it.

Make sure you have the logitech wingman software running. Also i always plug my wheel and pedals in this order:

1.plug pedals into the wheel

2. plug power supply into the wheel

3. plug usb from wheel into usb port on pc

I don't know if that makes a difference but i did notice that if i have the usb plugged in and not the pedals I was having issues with the pedals. Unplugging doesn't seem to matter.

I will run into the issue with the wheel turning back and forth on its own every now and then, when that happens I just close the game, unplug everything and plug it all back in in the order I stated above. This seems to resolve my issue.

I hope this helps because this is a very good wheel and I have enjoyed mine since last Christmas .

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Hi neverender158,

Thx for your reply :-)

I made a video clip and took some pictures with my phone to demonstrate the problems i was experiencing. Then i brought the wheel back to the store today and showed them what was going on with my DFGT. They where really cool about it and i was was fortunate enough to get a refund. :mrgreen:

The only catch is i have to spend it in they're store, so a Fanatec product is out of the question!

Thinking about getting the G27 now.

Never really got around improving my driving skills, so i am hoping this wheel wil be a good one without defects.

Wish me luck :D

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I feel like I don't have the right wheel now : ( but I'll give it a try at least I can expect some strange things

to happen .. of course I'm using my GT PRO FORCE on PS3 so maybe it'll be fine. wish me luck I'm so

clueless and appreciate you guys sharing ...

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well that wheel was not the right choice if anything i should've bought the DFGT 

so now i'm gonna order a Logi G27 i realize there are some better wheels out 

there but for the money im gonna go with G27

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