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Q: What the hell was I thinking to go on track while it was raining like that? It coul only get better...and it did!


R1: You guys fouled me with the dry warmup, as i went to race 1 with my slicks on... :eek:

After big slides, I went to pits as soon as I could (lap 7 I guess) and then I fought again on the final laps because my wet tyres were completly gone....


R2: Had a good start, jumping from 15th to 7th in 3 laps. Then I think I hit my teamate Caiado because he was sliding on T4 and I was not very carefull I guess....sorry

As I got nothing to lose or win I changed to slick tyres, wich was a very bad move, I had no grip at all... altough the weather seemed to be a lot bettter the track was damp.


Also I would like to say that last week I had a lot of work, flue, and saturday morning I had a golf tournament, wich started 4 hours after R2 ended. That didnt keep me from joining and keeping my commitment to the series.

At the begining we almost had 2 servers, now we barely have one, i thinks that it's not righrt, and it shows no  respect to everyone who, besides work, manages to create all of this for us to enjoy.




See you at Mid Ohio.

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Hey guys, Thought id pop in and say im finally back online and with a new wheel after my G25 was ratted.

Sorry about missing all the races this season moved house about 6 hours away from were i was and then 2 weeks later moved into out new house so finally have the net back ;)

Along with all that as i said i got a new wheel so looking to get back into the racing once every settles down still busy doing a few things at the new house ect but hoping it all calms down soon :D.

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Beautiful enhancements once again.

...and for those not aware; there is an excellent collection of pics at the TPS site in each gallery of each of the series. I hadn't checked back there for quite a while and I spent a pleasant hour there last night. Link in my Footer/Sig'.

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Event Details

Server: ATCC5 TouringProSeries

Mod: SSR MvS-S2000 v1.17 Download Info (via Simsync)

Track: Mid-Ohio (Virtual_LM) (Available via Simsync)

Server password: tps123

Time Schedule

Official Practice: 02:00GMT / 21:00EST

Qualifying 1: 02:30GMT / 21:30EST (Super-pole)

Warmup 1: 02:40GMT / 21:40EST

Race 1: 02:45GMT / 21:45EST (19 laps, including formation lap)

Race 2: 03:15GMT / 2215EST (19 laps)

Click THIS link to see what time it is in your country (in many countries the race will start after midnight and technically run on December 15th).

Server Settings

Fuel Usage: Normal

Tyre Usage: Normal

Mechanical Failures: Normal

Qualifying: Superpole for Race 1 (Race 2 grid determined by Race 1 results, with top 8 reversed)

Parc Fermé : No

Formation Lap: Yes

Type of Start: Rolling Start in Race 1, Standing start for Race 2

Damage: 100%

Time Scale: Normal

Flag Rules: Black Only

Weather: Forecast calls for dry conditions.

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