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The attendance for this event was... shocking, quite frankly. The amount of absences, reported or otherwise, was unacceptable. Sort it out for next event please.

the low numbers on server 2 made for not very interesting races.  Also, many people seemed to drop out in the last 48 hrs leading up to the race.

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The race at KWS is a very special event, just bit outside our natural habitat but a very fine venue and a great race when the track is full of cars. If you haven't raced there, you might think it boring and dull but ask anyone that's been there and you'll hear different. 


You'll need everything you have to keep up here, including other drivers as drafting is big!. Talk to your mates to encourage them to show up for this really special event that is put up for us in this league!

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A reminder that the next round at KW Speedway will see all drivers use the BMW 320i seq, and the deadline for livery submission is Sunday 20 January.


Also a reminder that, due to the track being an oval, the usual 'no bump-drafting' rule is excepted and therefore allowed.

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Yeah, I probably could have yielded to Francisco before the final turn, but you guys were very close behind us and I thought that if I had, you guys would have run into me anyway.


I'm just having trouble seeing how the people racing in front of you could be held responsible for the actions of the people behind you...?


...which then happened to me as I backed off :P I am still a bit shocked as the collision physic of the game seems quite drastic, I got one touch plus overcorrection and flew off as if I was hit by a tanker :huh:


I never said about you being at fault(or Francisco) for Chris' collision with me. If you thought I implied it in one post then I didn't mean it.


By now, I have to be used to getting sandwiched, spun to the end of the field and continue with damage :rolleyes:


(I am just being sarcastic!)


Errr.. Rhys, what was your FL? I want to compare my best time with yours to see if I had a chance in R2 ;)

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Round 4: 

Div 1, Qualifying


Driver: Simon Kilov
Penalty: 4 points, relegated to P2 in Qualying (Pole Position awarded to Villar)
Time: Turns: T7, T9, T11
Reason: Track Boundary Violations



Div 1, Race 1


Driver: Chris Sheperd
Penalty: 4 points
Time: Lap 1, Start of race (T=270)
Reason: Causing a collision on start.

Explanation: Sheperd Starts the race as for a standing start rather than rolling start, hitting Lauritzen, stalling his car, and generally making a mess of the start of the formation lap. 



Driver: Ethan Bass
Penalty: Warning
Time: Lap 1, and Lap 2 - T1
Reason: Unsafe, aggressive driving.

Explanation:Bass is overly aggressive on Lap 1 nearly causing a couple of accidents (T2 Dive bomb on Blain and contact with Neto in flat out T9). Starting the second racing lap, Chris overshoots the braking point and goes into the tire wall careening back onto the track. As he is getting turned around to start again, he forces Dennis to take evasive action.



Div 1, Race 1 - Other Penalties (4 points each):

  • Alexander Lauritzen, Pit Exit Lane Violation



Div 1, Race 2



Division 2:


The following drivers have been removed from the league for failure to report and absence:
  • Brett Gray
  • Burim Bunjaku
  • Dariusz Wielgosz
  • Carlos Borges

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...which then happened to me as I backed off :P I am still a bit shocked as the collision physic of the game seems quite drastic, I got one touch plus overcorrection and flew off as if I was hit by a tanker :huh:


I never said about you being at fault(or Francisco) for Chris' collision with me. If you thought I implied it in one post then I didn't mean it.


It's all cool, I'm sorry for misunderstanding...


I took a look at GPCOS and my fastest lap was a 1m30.010.

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One of the most important principles in the Touring Pro Series is attendance. If a driver signs up, he is expected to attend all races in that championship.

However, the management realise that real life can get in the way. All we ask is that the absence is reported as far in advance as possible, as a form of courtesy, should there be any replacement drivers waiting.

Absence must be reported at the very latest by 23:59GMT of the day before an event:

  • If you post after the deadline, then you will have one strike against your name - three late reports in this manner (after the deadline but prior to the first official session of the race event) will result in removal from the league.
  • If you post after the event has been started (within 48 hours of the beginning of the first qualifying) then you will only have two chances during the season before you will be removed from the league (report like that counts as "double strike").
  • A single failure to report absence after the 48 hour deadline will result in removal from the league.

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Event Details
Server: ATCC5 TouringProSeries
Mod: SSR MvS-S2000 v1.12 Download Info (via Simsync)
Track: KW Superspeedway (Available via Simsync)
Server password: tps123

Time Schedule
Official Practice: 02:00GMT / 21:00EST
Qualifying 1: 02:30GMT / 21:30EST (Super-pole)
Warmup 1: 02:40GMT / 21:40EST
Race 1: 02:45GMT / 21:45EST (30 laps)
Race 2: 03:15GMT / 2215EST (30 laps)
Click this link to see what time it is in your country (in many countries the race will start on December 15th).

Server Settings
Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Usage: Normal
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Qualifying: Superpole for Race 1 (Race 2 grid determined by Race 1 results, with top 8 reversed)
Parc Fermé : No
Formation Lap: Yes (Both Races, Both Divisions)
Type of Start:

NOTE: Both Divisions will use a rolling starting procedure for this event.

Damage: 100%
Time Scale: Normal
Flag Rules: Black Only

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Notes for the drivers:

  • All drivers must be in the server with fifteen minutes to go until the qualifying session (02:15GMT), unless you have made prior arrangement. You risk losing your spot to a reserve if you are in Div2 or to a Div2 driver if you are in Div1. Once you are in the server, please try to stay there as much as possible for easier monitoring of attendance.
  • This track is a departure from the other tracks used throughout the season. KW Superspeedway is a tri-oval with significant amount of banking. Cars are mostly flat out throughout the race and running very close together.
  • A special exemption of the Bump Drafting rules is in effect for this event. Bump Drafting is allowed for this event.
  • Both divisions will use rolling starts for this event in both races.
  • You are not expected to wait for another driver should you be at fault in an incident. However, should you choose to wait (to avoid being reported post-race) then do so in a safe position and within a lap of the incident. Accidents caused by drivers waiting in dangerous areas will be penalised severely.
  • The staff will investigate all lap one incidents and any observed on the live broadcast - but aside from that, any incident needs to be reported within 72 hours for the staff to be able to review it - it is also fair to say that lap one incidents will be dealt harsher penalties then those during other parts of the race due to the potential for damage involved. You are hereby remind that you are expected to be familiar with the TPS Rules & Regulations.

Track Boundaries:
  • Track boundaries at KW Superspeedway are the default TouringProSeries rules, which can be read via the link above, article 6.3.
  • Be aware that dropping wheels below the inside white line will likely result in a spin. Be VERY careful as accidents here can have dire consequences.

Formation Lap Details:
  • The formation lap is part of the in-game race distance, adjust you fuel accordingly.
  • Excessive weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is not allowed in ATCC.
  • Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field, flashing their lights if necessary. This is the only time excessive flashing of lights may be used.
  • Drivers proceed two-by-two, with no overtaking.
  • The pole sitter will bring the field around for ONE LAP to the start / finish line at 65 MPH or 105 KPH.
  • The pole sitter will do this when the start lights go out and not before or we will have penalties for "false starting".
  • YOU WILL follow the car in front of you and stay in EXACT order! Do your best to maintain the spacing to the car in front of you as you had when you "dropped" into the field from the garage.

Rolling Start Details:

Once the pole sitter has reached the Checkered S/F line he will then accelerate at full speed and the race will be underway. YOU MAY NOT pass or jump out of line until you reach the start / finish line. This will ensure that nobody in the rear of the field will "jump" and gain an unfair advantage. We want everyone to get away cleanly and without incident to start the race. You may only pass before the S/F line if there is an accident in front of you, but this does not mean you are released to accelerate away and pass additional cars until the release point.

When the race actually starts, drivers are advised to get into a single file before entering turn 4!

On cold tires these cars tend to understeer in that corner and if you are outside you had better be prepared for the worst of it.

Allow other drivers enough room to get in line, if possible. One major pile up in T4 Lap 1 will ruin a lot of racing for many drivers.

Acceleration and passing point sown below:


Entering the pit lane:

  • Drivers are allowed to turn their headlights on (during the final sector) to warn those behind of their intention to pit, this is the ONLY exception to our headlights rule. Make sure to turn them off again before exiting the pits.
  • You may not drop to the apron until you have reached the last "marshall's tower" before the actual pitlane. If you do, and don't wreck your car, you will be considered cutting. This will ensure that the cars behind you will not be compromised in anyway regarding your line if they are not pitting when you do so.
  • Get down low on the track as soon as safely possible when your pitting and start to slow your car for the apron transition. Other wise, you risk spinning your car as the apron is quite slippery.

Apron to pit lane entry point shown below:



Exit pit the lane:

  • After pitting, you may not join the actual track surface until the 5th "marshall's tower" on your left. From this positon you will be able to see the entire straight leading to Turn 2.

Track re-entry point shown below:


  • YOU MAY NOT go above the lowest marked racing lane after the "track re-entry point" until you reach the next "marshall's tower" about half way down the straight.
  • The line you may not cross until this point is the checkered / broken line to your immediate right. This will prevent drivers from swerving dangerously into the racing line while still not nearly up to racing speeds.

Racing line re-entry point shown below.


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Current Division Allocation
Server allocations no longer include special rules for rounds 1 and 2 based on prequalification. Server allocation will now be set only by the championship standings - the top 24 drivers in the overall championship prior to an event will compete in Division One for that event. In case of absence, drivers will move up in championship order from Division Two to Division One. In event of a tie of points (drivers on minus points are classed as equivalent to 0), PreQualification results, then a driver's best result will be used. If there is a still a tie, the date of sign-up will be the final deciding factor. If your name appears in the allocation below, you are expected to show up for the race. If you cannot race you must sign-out in the Absence Report Thread HERE at least by midnight GMT on the day before the race. If you don't see your name on the list below and you are signed up, let me know via PM. If you wish to sign-up, please follow thin instructions in the Sign-Up Thread. Sign-up Thread will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Division One

  • Miguel Neto
  • Diogo Lopes
  • Andre Caiado
  • Simon Kilov
  • Jack Keithley
  • Hugo Gonçalves
  • Francisco Villar
  • Duarte Lopes
  • Reggie Blain
  • Lasse Sorensen
  • Rhys Gardiner
  • David Jundt
  • Ethan Bass
  • Eric Nelson
  • Matthew Barron
  • Jonatan Acerclinth
  • Dennis Phelan
  • Pedro Amaral
  • Andy Vandevelde
  • Glenn Petersen
  • Ivan Navarro
  • Bill Kaiser
  • Andrew Beranek
  • Jonathan Motteram

Reserves List

  • Matthias Klein
  • Domingos Vaz
  • Jim Eagan
  • Hugo Barbosa
  • Scott Sovik

Drivers reporting absent:

  • Vinicius Ferreira 
  • Paul Wood 
  • Ray Lilley
  • Daniel Wood
  • Dariusz Swiderski
  • Alexander Lauritzen
  • Yuri Braham (late)

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This thread is now open.


This race will feature: 


- Rules against Bump Drafting have been suspended to allow bump drafting at this event.

- Start procedure used

- Special pit entry/exit and racing line rejoin instructions

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KW Superspeedway Notes to Driver post has been posted and finalized HERE.


Please familiarize yourselves with the instructions for this special tri-oval event of the ATCC.


Also, make sure you get on the server and practice with other drivers to get used to bump drafting without wrecking yourselves. It's not that easy and requires some practice. Same with entering and exiting the pits lane.

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