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Boy, am I having trouble with the game.

I have had no trouble all over Xmas playing on the public servers. When I tried to go online Tuesday morning I found the 'Connecting to Lobby' either delayed for 30 seconds+ before being returned to the Options menu or, hanging altogether.

When I have managed to get to the track the first thing to notice is that the countdown timer is always starting from 999.99? I am able to go on track but clicking the button to access my set-up files hangs the game. Countdown timer stops! From here I have to use Task Manager to exit the game.

I have tried a fresh reinstall of the game(Tedious) and when that did not resolve the problem I decided upon a complete reload of a mirror copy of my C: drive from a fortnight back when the game was fine. Oddly enough, I still have the problem? All other aspects of internet access are just fine. The 9Gb re-install for instance; other access, etc.

So, I'm pooped! Yes, it's possible(with patience) to run around Birmingham - the land of the giant spider- but, without set-up files it is pointless. Besides, as the countdown timer always begins from 999.xx, I may not actually be online?

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Below are some Screenies to provide examples of the Track Boundaries for Round 4 at Birmingham:


Turn 1 - Front Wheel is barely outside of white line, but out nevertheless, and front left is on the grass.



Turn 7a (First Chicane) - This is barely OK, as I cannot see track between the edge of the wheel and the edge of the line.  This is as close as it gets, but still good.



Turn 7a - This would be a clear example of cutting the first chicane - NOT GOOD!



Turn 7b - This is the second part of the chicane. The front wheel is out here.  This is an example of a cut, that is not allowed.



Turn 9 - Now to the fast chicane.  Here the wheels are barely inside the outer edge of the line. This is barely OK, but good to go. :)



Turn 9 - Same corner, clearly not good!



Turn 9 - Same corner again, this time marginally out, but NOT OK! (Rear wheel OK, Front wheel is on the grass and outside of the white line.)



Turn 10 - Next part of fast chicane. Again, this barely OK, but still good to go, because I can't see track between the either wheel and the line.



Turn 10 - Example of front wheel out of the track boundary, because I can see a bit black between the wheel and the white line.



Example of Pit Exit Violation



For Pit Entry normal Track Boundary rules as with the rest of the track will apply.

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Two More Corners:


Turn 12 - This is OK.  Note the front left wheel is outside of the white line, BUT the other wheels are on the sand colored textures that extend beyond the curbing, which makes it OK.



Turn 14a (Penultimate corner) - This is a cut, not good.






There are three to five hot spots on this track where cutting will gain time, depending on how you count them (T1, 1st chicane (2x), fast chicane (2x)). In an 18 lap race that means there are at least 72 opportunities (68 for Div 1, Race 1). For this race, if you are reported for cutting and have 12 or more track boundary violations in the race, you can expect to be penalized.


It's very easy to cut the first part of the first chicane.  Be very careful there!


 Fair warning has been given.  :ugeek:

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Driver allocation has been updated HERE.


Paul Wood and Daniel Wood have reported absent, Matthew Barron and Dennis Phelan are promoted to Division 1.


Glenn, since your report is technically a late report I'll leave you where you are for now.  Please let us know if you can't race before the event starts so we can adjust the allocation accordingly.

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Due to moving house, Corey Slade cannot make this round, and it is unlikely that he will make much of the rest of the season. I'll keep you guys posted on that last part, but for now, please sign him out of this round.


Thanks Rhys, Yes sorry guys i had planned to race and get back into it in the new year but found out a few days ago that im moving back to Bathurst ( few hundred KM's away from were i am now ) So my stuff is packed up and getting taken over in pieces and im unaware of when ill actually get all my gear back. 

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