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ferrai challenge for ps3

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@Hunti1~My buddy has "Ferrari Challenge"[PS3 Ver],and Ive run a few laps with it,it's not a bad game,but it's not a gr8 racer by any stretch of the imagination either,we did get his "G27" to work with it,but pretty much half ass,no clutch function & the cars felt a bit disconnected [a bit like shift 2],also it has a very big "Arcade" feel to it at times,which is not necessarily a bad thing,I personally LOVE a good "Arcade" racer sometimes,but they pretty much marketed this title as a "SIM" type racer,which it Most certainly is NOT,but seeing as he picked it up used for 8 bucks,it can be fun to pop it in once in a while,but after 10-15 Min's you will feel a very strong urge to hit the eject button & throw in "GT5" ;)

I did download the 2ND title from psn[14 bucks @ PS Store] called "Ferrari the Racing Experience",which was pretty much a huge disappointment,could not get my "G27" to function @ all with it,I did get my "DFGT" to work a bit,but only in Automatic tranny & could not turn off assists,which totally sucks,who wants to drive a Ferrari in automatic?[NOT ME!] and I Hate assists :x ~cheers & gr8 racing.

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