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hey Kev,I have no idea how old this monitor is I bought it online used a few years ago.It came out of some terminal so it pretty industrial bare bones.Pretty dang ugly to be honest.I can get you a pic if need be.It has a VGA cable and a USB cable.It has holes for a vesa mount.

I picked this up to try touchbuddy for iracing.I'm such a putz I never got it running right and gave up almost right away.When I touched the center of the screen and went left the curser went right and so on.I was in contact with the seller who was trying to help but I lost interest right away and got a button box instead lol.I need dummy proof.

I think I had about $100 into this thing with shipping but if you want to try and get it working you can pay for shipping,I will send it to you and when you get it working you can buy me $40 in iracing credits.How`s that for trust?

Oh BTW,a 15 inch monitor looks huge when placed near an Obutto with 3x24 inch monitors.Almost too big.

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