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Hi my name is howard McMillon

I live in So. Pasadena Ca.

I have Two girls 2 & 4

I'll be 30 next mouth and have been sim racing since 2000, a gamer since 84 atari 2600 and calico vision :)

I race on pc mainly I also own a PS3 only for Gran Turismo i have other game like Skate2, MGS4, Amored Core, F1 Chanllenge, and NFS prostreet.

My favorite type of racing = all forms of road racing from grassroots to F1(i do miss the group C cars :( ) Offroad, Rally, and motorcyle racing.

My Rig = G25 with modded pedals (load cell and bodnar box) pedals are hard mounted to a Bob Earl VRC staggered for heel toe action, and 3 22" lcd running eyefinity

My Favorite sims =

PC = i have many for the PC lol but will name my a top 5 iRacing, GTR2, netKar Pro, Dirt 2, Live for Speed and GP 500 ( the best motorcycle sim on pc imho its pretty dated but still owns)

PS3 = Gran Turismo, F1 Chanllenge

and thats alittle bit about me.

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im a little bit special cause im only 14 years old

I live in Montreal,Canada

Equipment- Logitech MOMO

Logitech G27

52'' full hd LG


i play ps3 and pc


GT5 Prologue

Sega rally revo


GT Legends


my favorite cars are the Honda S2000 and the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

by the way i drove 3 times in real life and i know how to clutch,drift,etc

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Hey folks, I'm Joe "TheAngryGimp". I'm a disabled Army Veteran, and was born in 1980. I work on computers, and do graphics/Art work freelance. I also play guitar for hobby.

I have gotten into hardcore simulations about 6 months ago, and been coming to this site to watch the show for about 5 of them.

Using a cheap used Driving Force GT(edit! Muwahahaha, just got a G27 used off of amazon a few weeks ago! So much nicer than the DFGT wheel I had, but the DFGT was still very nice for the cash). I wrapped the DFGT wheel with a cheap sports cover I got for $4 from discount auto parts for better grip and feel, then put a thin piece of glow tape for the centering line.

I play RFactor mods, GTR2 and mods, Richard Burns Rally & RSRBR2010, and some other racing games not as hardcore like Dirt 1&2/Grid/Burnout for fun.

Playing on my Vizio 32" HDTV with my wheel clamped about 2 feet in front of it to a table.

PC- Intel DC 3.00ghz (e8400), 4gb ram, 500gb HD, GTX260 w/896MB of VRam, X-Fi Pro audio, Vista 64.

Also have PS3 I got used off of Amazon recently. I have Gran Turismo 5p, but don't find it as entertaining as GTR2/Rfactor/RBR. Also get annoyed by the fanboys that think its the most realistic racing game out there, and the AI is horrible compared to my PC sims.

I'm eagerly awaiting RFactor 2, and GTR3 more than anything right now. Also, having lots of fun on I-Racing Mazda MX5 races. If my back ever gets fixed, i'll have to learn that heal/toe stuff with my new (used) G27 :)

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(oo New Page!)

Im Ash. 16 Tommorrow, from Cornwall, England.

Ive played racing games for as long as I can remember.. My Dad has bought all the Gran Turismos, But GT2 on the PS1 really stands out in my memory as the first game i religiously played.

I was the F1 obsessed (Beguiled is the... accurate term :P) kid at school and I was always fancinated by it. My Grandad worked at Dunlop when they supplied to all the major events and has basicly been everywhere, and had everything to tell me. Descovering that I was completely useless at all other sports really inflammed my aspirations.. but Im just not as lucky when it comes to money.

I started flightsimming some 4 years ago, right before FSX came out. and found a common ground between driving and piloting. I live beside a massive Naval airbase and after spending a week in a squadron engineering cell I decided that becoming a Naval Aviator is more... realsitic goal.

I finished what you peeps would call High School last month, and I am going to Collage in September, taking a lot of boring courses which will almost certainly turn my frontal loab to mush. Im then hoping to find a University and emerge ready for the Navy with a lovely £12,000 of debt as an incentive to hurry my ass up and inlist.

Ive got every game I could lay my hands on; all the Codie games, a Few NFS's and some SinBins. I kinda go in a rota style between them.. but at the moment im sticking to Rfactor (FSONE and CTDP F1) and RSRBR8RRrBR...BR 2010.

Ive just started in IRacing and I have to say it is just the dogs bollocks, But the pricing just sucks ass (PERIOD) for people on a low income. Ive never really looked at Ovals before, living in Road Racing Central. Cannot wait till I can get into Late Models and the Chevys.

As for equipment, ive got an ailing 2003 PC and two DFGTs, (The mechanics in the first one disintergrated.. a little) giving me a clutch. But ive got all the new fancy stuff lined up to order as soon as i win the lottery

Ive done a little bit of skinning, For both flightsims and racing games. I dont release much as I dont really get around to finishing much :P

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Im Russell Buchanan from Portsmouth, England UK.

I am 34 have a beautiful wife and 4 great children, 2 boys aged 3 & 8 and 2 girls aged 7 & my baby girl aged just 7 months.

I've only just discovered this great online experience and am an extreme novice to this but very excited about it and very keen to learn.

I am running a modestly specced pc which has an overclocked cpu (3.8ghz) and a 8800GT gfx card feeding my 28" 1080p HD display. I have just invested in a Logitech G27 which is amazing (You're not really driving without one of these things).

Stumbled upon rFactor, and iRacing whilst browsing recently and what a find.

I've always been a pc man so don't really use consoles although have just been given my brother-in-laws old PS2 along with Gran Turismo 4 which I may give a blast along with my wheel.

Favourite Racing = F1 (Lewis Hamilton Rules)

Although just love to be competetive....

So much to learn as I have never setup a car to race but the prospect of this excites me.

Welcome any guidance, could really do with a mentor but hey who knows.

Glad to be a part of the community.

RB Out.

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Hey guys,

Name is Bill, father of 2, husband of 1.

At 39 I'm starting to think maybe I won't be a race car driver when I grow up, so I might as well try this instead. ;)

Grew up with video games as a kid, I was an Apple (not Mac!) guy to begin with. Got interested again about 13 years ago on pc. Then moved to console when my new gaming pc couldn't run games anymore a year later. Played a variety of games, mainly tactical shooters (I don't have the reflexes for the fast stuff) but also started some filght sims again a couple of years ago (pc's are a lot cheaper to keep up now) and racing titles. I don't have the time to get good at all that interests me, and racing and flight sims take time and practice, so I figured I should try specializing more for a change. General gaming was getting pretty stale, I need something new, and I figure I prefer racing to flight these days. My (very understanding) wife got me the 360 wheel last year and every racing title took on a whole new dimension. Looking forward to stepping it up on notch with a wheel and running on my pc. Favorites have been Race Pro and Dirt 2, but I also put some time into Forza 3, Grid and older original Xbox titles like Colin '04.

I'll be trying a few different sims out and with any luck find something that suits me well. I've got Richard Burns (struggling) and I'm still demo'ing rFactor and the Race series of games (won't decide until I get the wheel). Planning on F1 2010 and WRC on pc, so I'm making the move to more pc and less console.


Xbox 360 & PC

XBL: Raw Kryptonite, usually use Defcon Won on pc for differentiation

•AMD Athlon 64 X2 DC 6000 •3GB PC2 5300 DDR2

•BFG GeForce GTS 250 OC, 1024MB GDDR3 •Creative SB X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro / Logitech Z-5500

•Monitors: 24" Asus VW246H 16:9 & 19" Viewsonic 4:3

•Win 7 64 bit / Vista Home Prem / XP Pro

•Reclining pneumatic office um "racing seat"

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Hey whats up guys I'm Paul. I'm from Lake Villa, IL. I have always loved racing, my dad drove street stocks at the local track when I was real young and I've been around racing my whole life, all 19 years of it. I really want to get a racecar of my own but funds are a bit limited so I'm looking at a cheap 4 banger.

As for my gaming career I really enjoy racing games like DiRT and DiRT 2, surprise surprise, but I'm also really into Red Dead right now on the 360. I have Nascar Racing 2002 Season for PC and think that it is one of the best racing games I have ever played, but thats probably just because I felt that 2002 was good enough for a couple of years so I didn't need to get 2003. Well that was a mistake since they quit after 2003 haha. Now I really regret it since I cant get a copy of 2003 for less than 80 bucks. So if anyone has a copy they don't want anymore or can find one thats relatively cheap, like 40 bucks or so I would love you forever.

So thats me, a kid looking for a dirt car in real life and on the PC through NR2003 mods.

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Thought I better fill this out.

Hey guys, Names Christian form Armidale NSW Aus. Have been a passionate racing enthusiast since, well really since I left the womb. I've been brought up around racing from a young age watch the v8 supercar series from as young as I can remember. I found sim racing to be a nice cheap alternative to the real life counterpart however I have dabbled in a bit of kart racing and track days. My first real sim was actually Grand Prix Legends, however I found I could never really enjoy the game since it was extremely hard to control the cars with a keyboard. My second Sim was EA sports, v8 challenge, which was much easier to control, and i've been told, worked quite well with a wheel.

My PSN addy is marchi-91

Using a G25 setup.

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Been playing video games since around '80. Enjoy FPS games the most. The original Battlefield '42 is still my favorite. Rarely played racing games due to the joystick/gamepad not giving a realistic experience. I recently Picked up NFS Shift on Steam and decided to look into getting a wheel. I found Inside Sim Racing and spent a month learning everything I could about simracing. I got my G27 last week and have spent most of that time running Nordschliefe with multiple cars trying to get my times down. I made plans with a friend to one day fly our motorcycles to England and ride thru France, Germany, and Russia. I'll make one trip around the Ring. Though I won't get anywhere near the times of the youtube vids I see that look like they are in Fast Forward! :shock:

Maybe the most whimsical description is from journalist W.F. Bradley, quoted in Cyril Posthumus' The German Grand Prix: "The dominating impression is that a drunken giant was allowed to reel around the Eifel mountains and then road contractors followed in his tracks."

I LOVE THE G27! It changes the whole experience. I had no idea FFB would be so meaningful. And the control it has over the gamepad is night and day! Thanks for keeping up such an informative show Shaun, Darin, and Jessica!

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Shane "The DAWGFATHER" Lake here from Waterville Maine..Im sure the name might ring a bell with the SRT peeps (BPRL SRT Pole Race) Im 23 turning 24 in Sept and the original VOICE of SRW, I do track and mod reviews for SRW and host them on youtube, granted the quality sucks but Im out there trying. Im currently out of competition due to my Momo crapping out but a Logitech G27 is arriving for my birthday so Ill be back in action before long. 33 time champ and lookin to add more

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Well let me introduce myself, My name is Omar and I reside in Jacksonville FL. I am 32 years old and am a technical consultant for Fidelity National Information Services. Ive been racing since I was 15 years old. I was very heavy into Auto crossing, Karting and grassroots racing. I just got into Sim racing now that I don't have the time to actually go racing anymore. Ive been a huge fan of the GT series ever since the first one came out for the PlayStation and haven't looked back.

Ive been wanting so get into Sim racing but being a college student at the time and lack of income held me back, but now that I am what my boss calls a "professional" I finally have the disposable income to get into Sim racing. I haven't really started Sim racing since I have yet to build a PC. I'm in the process of researching the parts that Ill use in the build. I did just order a Fanatec GT3 RS wheel and Club Sport pedals. I cant wait for the August review of the Rennsport cockpit, since I have my eye on that setup.

I'm excited about getting started and finally getting a hobby that's cheaper than Karting and Auto crossing, well not initially but in the long run. I look forward to learning all that I can here.



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\m/_(o_o) ,

First, I want to excuse myself if i make mistakes about the words i employ or syntax i miss..

I am Jerome, a 24 yrs old french guy...

...And i'm noob in racing sim. :D

How have i been interested in Cars Game ?

Well, i've played a lot of games since my childness, like, i guess, all geeks here. The Racing one has been like other categories of game : just having fun on it, but not much. So i turned on FPS, RTS, RPG, etc. Farm'em, have fun with it.

But now, i need changes... i've tried flight simulations, and others stuff. It wasn't enjoying that much.

So i install an old NFS (the porsche one) and.. it have been resulted in one night without bed, playing to this game!

Now, 2 weeks after, i'm rly motivated in playing this category in a less arcade way. I have bought a low-cost wheel+pedal set, awaiting for it. And, if i am really into, i will engage more money in it. :)

God Listen To SLAYER

P s : I am sorry to not present myself before posting, but i ve just seen this topic just now.

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Good day to all,

Im Allen Escoto from the Philippines, we have a group Sim Racing Pilipinas.

We aim to make the Sim Racing scene in the Philippines be known.

Now we are very lucky that the Sim Racing Scene is being known to RACING SCHOOLS here in the Philippines

Lately the Marlboro Red Rush (formerly known as Marlboro Red Racing) had a SIMULATION CHALLENGE we are very fortunate to handle that event. We made two Racing Circuits here in the Philippines also, the SUBIC INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY & the CLARK INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY. These tracks were also used in the event.

I myself started Sim Racing back in 2002. I was introduced to rFactor by my friend who got a trial installer of the game from a magazine. We always played the Lienz Series before then to F1 and now to touring cars

Our group has just recently joined the Skoda Cup at R2P, we are very proud to one of our team mate because he got the pole position at the qualifiers and also held the top spot winning the Manfeild GP.

Screenshots and gist of what happened is in our website.

We hope to meet more sim racers here. Especially Filipinos!

Thank you

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My name's Andreas and I have been following the show for some time. I'm more of a casual racer really. On the PC I played NFS: Hot Pursuit II a lot, first driving with the keyboard, later with a pad. Some years later I bought a PS3 and GT5:P. That got me hooked on the racing theme once again. I got myself the G25 from Logitech and started to tackle all the races in that game. Except for 2 I've got them all on Gold now. When NFS:Shift came along, in the firm I work for we organized a company-internal race event over the course of some weeks and I am a little proud to say that I lead the ranks. But I'm by far not a very good racer. Unfortunately, I don't have as much time to race as I'd like to have.

As for some personal information: I'll be 35 on the day that GamesCom starts :) and I live in Germany. No wife, no kids, just too much work. And a little race every now and then.

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Hi, I'm Steve

I'm 37 and from England. I grew up with video games and never lost the passion for them. I played mostly shooters during the 90's and early 00's with a little racing thrown in. Then I bought a 360, just an impulse purchase, and started racing PGR3 and later FM2 religiously. It was a great couple of years with FM2, but FM3 with no public lobbies killed it for me. Right now I am back on the PC and later when GT5 is released I will spend a lot of time there if it lives up to expectations. I really enjoy running all kinds of cars, especially those that are a handful to drive (America cars :) ) and spec racing too.

360 gamertag: Phil Marbles

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hello there peoples of the racing world. I have been into the race gaming scene for a while here now I watch the show and stuff but all the rigs just seem too expensive for me to get any of them.

I dont really have a rig or anything and dont own any sims besides Pro race but didnt think it was all that good.I have played lfs a bit but cant drive a fr car for the life of me on there. maybe I could find a team on here to race with. that would be cool. I usually just play [pc] grid, GTA IV, NFS shift. And i also race on Xbox 360 but ran out of live and dont feel like spending money on live. Games I play on 360 are Midnight Club LA, Dirt 2 and a little forza 3 which I rented a while ago. cool game. I was into the GT series but when my ps2 stopped working no more gt4.

So I come here in search of a good sim to play and a cheap rig I should get. maybe a wheel stand would work and I am also looking to get a good wheel. I used to have a wheel but it was just a cheap madcatz mc2 for my ps2. nice wheel for the price. Yea and all that good stuff

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Hey Every one:

My name is Juan Carlos and I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico. I'm turning 22 in month and a half (or so). I haven't been into video games very long, since my first console was the first XBOX, that is becouse My parents had a rule of no video games unless I paid them with my own money, and was untill middle school that I realised how to save money for my hobbies, but that is a little bit off topic.

I started with an F1 game for the pc that came out i think in 91, that my dad bought for him self, then with the first Forza and Colin McRae 2005, from there I jumped to my PS3 where I play F1 Championship Ed., Dirt, Dirt 2, and many other games that aren't racing games.

I'm sorry to say that I still play with a controler, since I'm now saving for a wheel and going to build a rig (hope everything is done befor GT5 is out hehehe). that is becouse I didn't wanted to go to deep into sim racing until I saw the show (even as a great F1 and WRC follower) and planing also later on build a PC good enought to run pc sims.



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Hi, just realised I didn't introduced myself here :oops:

So, I'm Dimitri De Koninck, 31 and living in Belgium. I speak french and a little english.

My pseudo is "dklaid" (DK for the initials of my name and the "laid" is a play on word that won't make any sens in english :D ). As you can see in my signature, I'm a membre of live-simracing (a french simracing league) and I use a G25. I manage an HGT championship there

I'm simracing since F1 2002 and seriously since F1c. But, disgusted by the way others were driving and the bad quality of the multiplayer of F1c, I stopped simracing for a few ... until rfactor was released :shock: .

Now, I'm mostly simracing on Endurance Serie by Enduracers and Historic GT&TC by Historix (for rFactor).

I suck at GTR² and Race (I don't understand the cars, have to force myself to drive in a stupid way to be not that quick) so I stopped using them. Iracing seems interesting but it's too expensive for may lazy way of simracing.

I'm not a bad simracer (won a lot of races and championships) but too lazy to be a very good one :lol:

I'm the guy who doesn't train much and sometimes discover the track a few hours before the race :mrgreen:.

And I hate setting up cars (that's why I stopped doing monoplace races).

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Hey there. My name is Ryan, 24 years old living in wales (Uk). Im a musician (guitarist) by career but am a huge motorsport and racing fan.

Ive been playing racing games since i was just a kid, starting out with sega rally and then moving on to RAC Rally (Pc) and Colin Mcrae on the PS1. I always loved Rally as a child as there were always rally's going on in the forest near where i lived, The Rally of wales, the final stage of the WRC world championship is held in the forest that is just a 5minute walk from my old house and i would go there every year to watch the cars.

After that i got more into sims with the Gran Turismo series and Viper Racing, though i always used joysticks and gamepads. I got Gran Turismo 4 the day it came out and have played that on and off over the years, until around 3 weeks ago after watching ISR on youtube while playing GTR2 with a gamepad (not much sucess) i decided to bite the bullet and got a G27 and Rfactor to start my sim racing journey!

My main passion within racing has always been formula 1, since watching the 1996 world championship as a child and watching damon hill win, though i lost interest after hakkinen left i started watching again last year and have caught the bug again. Consequently all ive done during this last 3 weeks is race Formula 1 cars in all of my spare time, after completing the rTrainer + F3 seasons. Has to be said i am absolutely loving it.

Outside of Simracing i have been playing World of Warcraft online for the last 2-3 years at quite a high level. Though my main true passion is Music, i've been playing guitar for over 10 years playing live in bands for around 6 years, and studied music technology at university.

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Hey Guys,

My name is Russell but i prefer Russ, anyways ive been sim racing around 2 or so years with starting off in GT Legends and progressing to R Factor. As you will probably see in present and future post i have a passion for video editting and motion graphics. Anyways i thought id post in here to introduce myself. I have to say kudo's to Darrin, Shaun and Jessica you guys do a fantastic job on the show :)


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Hi my name is Anthony.

I am 35 and from Melbourne Australia. I have been a gamer since the age of 16. My first console was a Sega Master System, followed by a Nintendo, then a Sega Mega Drive, and in the following years all of the Sony consoles. My first computer l had was an Amiga 500, which had great motorsport titles like Grand Prix Legends, Days of Thunder, Street Rod 1 and 2, and those fabulous Microprose Grand Prix titles.With the limited motorsport titles on the consoles at the moment l have built an old PC. At the moment l am playing games like GP2, Street Rod, and Test Drive. After seeing your website and watching the contents I am very interested in racing in simulation. As l am new at this could you help me get what l need to get started. WHAT COMPUTER SYSTEM REQIREMENTS WILL I NEED. WHERE CAN I GET A RACE RIG/WHEEL STAND FROM IN AUSTRALIA. WHICH WEBSITES DO I NEED TO GO TO REGISTER MY TEAM TO START PLAYING ON LINE. Any help from you guys would be great. THANKS Anthony. PS Keep up the great work and keep it comming.

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Hello all,

my name is Greg, 40, I live just outside Toronto Canada, been a gamer since the days of PET's, TSR 80's, and Atari 2600's, and have always been a race fan.

New around here, and "modern" sim racing in general....Love the show, and have gone back and watched every episode I could find (many more then once)

I used to sim race lots back in the day (GP2 & 3, EA 2000-1ect.) but then dropped out of the sim racing world for nearly a decade....I tried GTR with some work friends a few years ago, but they weren't very good and soon our little league died. I got all the required games for consoles, GT2-3-4, dirt(s) Grid, ect...but they never really hooked me

due to recent interest in F1 2010, I stumbled across some other sim racing sites(other then F1 2010), and decided to jump in with both feet.

I found out quickly that a controller was not going to cut it....for me at least...dug out the old sidewinder FFB and it wasn't much better, so got my self a new wheel and pedals....then I found out...much to my surprise, even with decent equipment...I'm not in fact better then schumacher or loeb, and I actually suck pretty bad :lol: apparently 20 min practice, is not quite enough to "crush the competition" like in dirt or grid....Currently I'm only running rFactor with various mods and add-on's....I'm 150% hooked

next up is going to be a cockpit and dedicated rig just for sim racing.....I've decided it's improper seating position, and screen positioning, that's effecting my driving ability :mrgreen:

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