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Sim Racers - Introduce yourselves here

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Hello All

I'm new to this sim racing thing been a racing gamer 3/4 of my life so heres a lil bit about me My name is Mike im 50 yrs old I live in Bradley, West Virginia I have a Beautiful daughter that will be 29 this month im very single and not looking lol I have a 9 month old female pup ( Rottweiler & Greman Shepard mix ) named Ava and a grandpup that is a Catahoula he's 4 1/2 named Whiskey they are my life iv just ordered the plans and templates for the Ricmotech RS1 sim rig. I have the Thrustmaster TMX wheel with the T3PA pedals iv played to many racing games to list all but the main ones I play now are Nascar Heat 4 & 5 Wreckfest just started F1 2020 and loving it I only play on Xbox one atm main game tag is Ragman1970 (I have 6 more) lol other then describing my life im not much of a talker but I will probably have quite a bit of questions since I'm new to this. Oh BTW the 1st time I used my TMX force Feed wheel when I wrecked and that wheel jerked and jumped around on me it literally scared the crap out of me.

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