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Hi everyone,

A complete Noobie here. I have always dabbled in racing games but never had a wheel and pedal setup. I am now determined to build/buy a racing sim setup over the winter months as the winter can drone on here in Michigan. I am similar to Cancun Tom above in that during the summer months I race RC cars outdoors (tons and tons of fun!). However, during the winter months I am not able to 'escape' as easily and so the RC's are put away and I sit and wait for mother nature to warm up again. So I have decided to build a racing sim for my PC, which is more than up to the task. I am also going to be hooking my xbox one to it at times, so I am looking at a Thrustmaster TX setup. I am going to attempt to build a sim racing rig, but with 3 young boys at home (6,4 and 2), I am not left with much 'free' time to build. But who knows, perhaps this year will be 'the one' where I am able to do a little more.

Anyway, can't wait to start building my system.

Just for kicks, my PC setup is an i7 Extreme 6 core OC'd to 4.4GHz, 32GB DDR3, several SSD's and HHD's and a GTX980ti. My main hobby is photography, but I do not get to enjoy that as much as I used to, time wise. I take many thousands of pics of the kids, but getting out and about has been limited the last few years.

Thanks in advance for all the research to this point and the many answers to my questions...



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Hello everyone!

Another noob here.  I'm Razz, 52 years old from Sandy Eggo, CA.  I am looking to get serious about sim-racing after playing around on a friend's iRacing setup.  I'm still looking at equipment and trying to make a choice that I'll be happy with for a while.  I don't currently have anything except the computer I'm sitting at now.  I plan on building a dedicated PC just for racing.

I also race dirt-track oval in the non-pixelated world.  Currently involved in dwarf cars.  Dwarf cars are 5/8 scale replicas of 1920-1940s hot rods powered by sport motorcycle motors.  Very fast, very nimble and very agile. With a minimum weight of 1000 lbs, the 7-inch wide Hoosiers are providing a ton of traction.  They're very similar to Legends cars (Dwarf drivers will tell you that the Legends series copied the dwarf car concept)

I also have experienced with Sprint cars, IMCA modifieds, dirt late models, street stock and pony stock all on dirt.  In a perfect world, I'd like to find a sim that is realistic to the dirt track experience.  I've tried quite a few and been disappointed.

I hope to learn from everyone's experience here on the forum and have some fun. 

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Hey there,

Just getting back in to sim racing.  20+ year hiatus and all equipment is outdated.  New gear here tomorrow and can't wait to turn some laps/stages again.

Live in SE VA, born and raised in WA.  Married w/2 kids 18 and 16 (almost grown so now I can play again :)).

Looking forward to meeting and racing with folks.

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Hello everyone,

Im Abdullah

I'm from KUWAIT but i live in Tempe, Arizona USA

I'm 24 year old Mechanical Engineer student, and have been a sim racer since launch day of Forza Horizon 3 lol, & occasionally play Assetto Corsa if i got bored from Forza.


I race on Xbox One now but will get a PC soon.


XBOX ONE Gamer Tag = AFAlFouzan


Favorite types of racing = Endurance / GT Racing


Equipment = Sold my Logitech G920 set to get the Fanatec Clubsport Forza Bundle along with the CSL P1 wheel and Clubsport handbrake. Running a GT OMEGA RACING with the rear seat add-on modded to mount an X-Rocker Spider Vibration seat to cut the road of the Buttkicker. 27" ASUS MX279 LED Edge-to-Edge Frameless Monitor.


Favorite Sims -

Xbox One: Assetto Corsa, Forza Horizon 3 (the game need some wheel settings update as it sometime feel rubbish).

PC: Soon


Thank you for reading and i hope to be welcomed in this amazing community as i have learned a lot from you guys before getting into this ADDICTIVE hobby.

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I recently got back into playing racing games ( a former favorite past-time that was forgotten). And after a few months of playing with a controller (and HATING IT!!!!), I started looking online for simulator rigs. I have a one year old (birthday is today actually!) so my budget was very limited. 

I came across the DIY section of this site, and am in the final stages of my PVC Rig (Simul8r MKII). I purchased the logitech g920 set and shifter. Looking forward to playing racing games the "real" way! 

I must say, some of these rigs are SERIOUS! I was curious is to what makes some of these wheels, pedals, and shifters demand such a high price! Can someone fill me in, in case i get better at this and want to take it to the next level.

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23 - Welder/Fabricator

Ontario, Canada

Been playing racing games since I was around 5. It all started with Mario Kart! When it comes to driving/racing now, I play games like Project Cars, ATS, FS, My summer car, etc.

I like working on my truck, gaming, fishing, and love the challenge of DIY for any project!

I'm currently using a G27 un-modded on a wheelstand pro. Looking to build a few button boxes along with homemade mounts (this is where being a welder comes in handy lol). 

Current pc hardware: i5 4590, Asus Strix GTX 970, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 250GB SSD, H97 Gigabyte mobo.

Extras: Astro a40 headset + mixamp, logitech g400s mouse, steelseries mechanical keyboard + mouse pad

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Hi all!

Cool comunity!

I am from Kazan (Russia) and i like SimRacing!

my simrace youtube channel:

My Racing/Gaming Setup:

MB: Gigabyte G1.Sniper M5
CPU: Intel i7-4790K (4.4 GHz)
GPU: Gigabyte GTX980 OC

3 x 32'' 16:9 1920x1080 Curved

RaceRoom GameSeat RR3033
p/n 75001102

Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition
+ Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On
Thrustmaster Gangschaltung TX Racing Wheel TH8A Shifter AddOn

Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel T3PA-Pro Pedalset 


SIM Dashboard

on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Cameras: GoPro HERO 5 black, Panasonic SD-60, Logitech C922&c525


Glad to be here! 


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+Name Andy

age 39

From South Australia


Sim racing/trucking

pc and ps 4

Mainly Assetto Corsa, Pcars

Euro truck and Americian truck sim.


Gran Turismo on ps 4


rig next level GT pro

wheel Logitech g29 with H shifter

40"samsumg 4k tv

old pc

i7 920

gtx 770 4g

12g ram

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My name is James and I've returned to sim racing for like the 4th or 5th time now. This hobby fills my life with joy and excitement. Sure, life is good. But it's just a bit better when I got a rig somewhere in the house to go do laps. 

I have a ps4 pro and a LG C6 OLED TV 65".

I have been waiting for gt sport patiently. 

I run iracing on a Lenovo t440 laptop, dp output in 720p at lowest settings. It's a Jag fest and I heart it none the less. 

I have a t300 base with a plastic Ferrari TX rim attached, and g27 pedals with an adapter to T300 base. 

I used to have a $3000 osw kit with a lenze servo, and a YouTube channel, and a black 8020 rig... but I'm a dad now, so.... T300 and a wooden rig is pretty good too though. Maybe a playseats challenge for the living room later this year.. :/ .... :( Lol. 

Let's see what else...

My favorite color is blue. 


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hey guys and girls,

My name's Pascal and I'm fairly new to sim racing. I've done digital racing for as long as I remember, it started on my grandpa's PS1 and I'm still playing today. Never really thought about doing actual "simulated" racing. I'm just a casual gamer that enjoys racing games. I've played a few "sims" over the years(colin mcrae 2005 and GT5 are the most hard core ones I guess) but never really as a sim. Always just used the controller or keyboard. Until last year I got my Thrustmaster T100 for my PS3. Used it mainly with grid autosport and dirt 3, both a bit ardcady. Now that I have a PS4 I've picked up DiRT Rally, and I wish I'd done sim racing sooner. Currently planning on building my own rig, with the T100 which will be replaced with a T300, T3PA and TH8A once I get the money for it.

About myself. I'm 21, live in the netherlands and have two kids. A 6 year old stepson and a 6 month old son of my own. I own a PS4, PS3 and a crappy pc, which are all hooked to a terribly cheap 32" flat screen. Currently I'm just playing DiRT rally, but I'm planning on pCARS2 when that comes out as well. I have one other hobby and that's not really a cheap one, I play airsoft. Currently have sunk a little of 2000 euro into that, but I'm cutting down on that at the moment

I'm a big rally fan, and love to show off when driving(think drift and gymkhana stuff). To keep the real world roads safe I keep this to the games I play. Other than that, well, on a normal track with road cars, LMP, F1, you name it I'm probably one of the slowest guys here. On dirt roads and when going sideways I shine the most.

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hello folks kind of new to sim racing but i love it, i have draged raced most of my life  would be interested in joining a leage. just upgraded my setup fanatec csw v2 v3 pedals and R1s sim,would enjoy being part of something rather than playing by myself and could really use some advice and to get better so hit me up thanks

this is my 68 ive had her for about 25 years 



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I am Surya from Indonesia.

Screen name = real name :)

Old man, 50 this year.

Stop playing sim Grand Turismo Playstation 1. Hope to get back to sim racing now that technology has improved a lot.

Forum looks good. Hope to learn a lot from this forum.




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Hello Everyone!

I am new here and getting a ps4 pro and a g29 setup and looking for a league that is clean and competitive. I mainly will be wanting to play Dirt Rally but interested in other titles. 

I use to play sims all the time on pc and Gran Turismo but slowly got away from it all. Now I am wanting to get back into it.

Jonesboro, Arkansas USA

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Hi, I'm Andy, 35 from DFW area. 

Getting into SIM racing now, planning to be back racing go-karts in the near future.

For now, racing in Forza and Kart Racing Pro to get things going :-D

Being new to the  game, I'll be looking for some advice on low-budged rigs, but I'll do some reading first...



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Hello everyone! My name is Troy Harrell. I am from Sacramento Ca. I recently had a brain hemorrhage and have become disabled but getting better. I just finished building a new computer for a racing sim for fun at home. It has an i7 7700k with a gtx 1080. I came here to get tips and information on building my sim. Nice to be part of this community!

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Hi fellow racers,

My name is Roeland. I'm from the Netherlands.

Started out with PS3 en PC. Now i'm only racing with Ps4

I've opened a topic, Feel free to post;


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Glenn from NJ.  Glad to be part of the forum, new to world of sim racing.  It’s looking like another expensive hobby.


35 married with an 18 month old son who loves anything with wheels.  He is the actual reason I am looking  to purchase a set up since he loves to be behind a steering (he is going to be a bigger gearhead than his daddy).


Will start off with our Xbox One but I can see an upgrade to a PC and full rig down the road.  For now looking for a slightly used starter set up for our console.


Some photos of my son’s car game (better than his dads).



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Hi there, I'm Alex from Niagara region Canada. I am new to the high end equipment but not to computers (Been building them since 1987). I love racing especially Karts and F1, I have an Oculus Rift Thrustmaster T300RS with the 3 pedals and shifter.

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Hi I'm Andrew 

been playing racing games since gran tusismo 1 on PS 1.

sovthat makes me old now have 2 daughters and a son.

got a PS4 a couple of years ago and kept my PS3 for gran turismo and dirt 2. Always played with a controller.

Then I got project cars an assetto corsa for my PS4 and Thrustmaster T80 wheel changed the way I race forever already looking to upgrade the wheel to a forcefeedback wheel still undecided on that yet.

dabbled on online racing on gt6 a bit need to find some good rooms though as most of the races I've raced have been a let down either people want to play dogems or half the field disappear as soon as they get overtaken. Project cars hasn't been much better so far.

any suggestions for some good clean racing would be great I don't mind getting beaten a lot as long as I'm with people I can get better with.

have been doing the GT sport beta testing and the racing in that has been ok 


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Hi everyone

I have been a casual driving sim gamer for 20 years. My first was Geoff Crammond which I got in the late 90s, with a wheel and pedals.  Since then I have been in and out of racing like the Dirt Series, F1. More recently tried Assetto Corsa and F1 2012.

Glad to be here :)

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Just ordered my Thrustmaster TX 458 Ferrari + T3AP-Pro pedals, should be here Saturday! w00t!

I've been playing video games since they were invented, really I was there that day! (I think it was a cheaper hobby when they all cost a quarter, honestly!) Played many of the sims across most platforms, predominately PC, but I gave up PC gaming many years ago as I couldn't afford to keep up with the continually rising requirements and so made the move to console. Now I play on an XBox One Elite, mostly Forza titles, with hopes for an Xbox One X by year's end. (I have a Farming Simulator 17 experiment running that I'd love to be able to dedicate the Elite box to full-time, in search of a Quadrillions place (already determined that there IS a Trillions place hehe)).

Hope to see some of you on the tracks! *<8)

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Hi All!

My Name is Mario, Located in Belgium.
i've been following this forum offline for a while

picked up some nice ideas i'm still thinking/working on

currently still playing via Xbox One, thinking about swapping to PC but not shure yet
as I play games like Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, Project Cars..

So here's my Current setup

Thrustmaster TX Steering wheel and Base, Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals, Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter,


Bride Low Max Replica racing seat

Still on it's way: DimSim Handbrake for consoles


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