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Austin Kimberly

15 yrs old

home town San Deigo CA

race british formula ford

looking for sponsers

currently live in Englefield Green, England

Xbox 360 Gamer tag: Karter 63

setup: 32 inch HD 1080P lg tv, Logitech g25 with a momo wheel mod, Lightning SST and moded g27 shifter, CST pedals and a custom made rig. Very custom pc to much to list.

Favirot sims: Iracing and Race Pro

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Hi, I am Paul from Las Vegas, NV. Married, no kids. I'm 40 and a sim racer since Papyrus Indianapolis 500. I race mainly on the PC but will be picking up a PS3 for one reason only, WRC Rally Racing in the new GT5. Going sideways under control is the funnest part of driving.

I currently play iRacing and Test Drive Unlimited which has inspired me to take my next vacation in Hawaii, rent an expensive sports car, and cruise.

I have a G27, Playseat, and 60" TV that I use as the PC monitor to race on.

When my college roommate brought home that copy of Indianapolis 500 for the PC, we played for hours and hours trying to win using the keyboard for a steering wheel. We had no idea you could use a joystick. Finally one day we sat in sweaty anticipation as I rounded the last 5 laps to victory. It was so hard that my roommate called Papyrus and asked if it had been done before. When they found out we had used a keyboard they were basically floored and thought it was impossible to do with a keyboard and that everyone uses a joystick! I was floored by what Papyrus had created and when I found out about iRacing and knew it was the same genius behind Indy 500 and Gran Prix Legends, I just had to be a part of it. IRacing is exactly how I would have designed an online sim racing series and I am having the greatest time since those days of rounding Indianapolis with my keyboard.

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My name is Bernes (last name) my first name does not work in English

I am 34 and from Norway, i have a passion for track driving and have done about 250 track laps on

various tracks here i Europe this year, many of them on the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Varying from race cars to normal production cars, the company i work for has a track car and i am 1 of the drivers.

As for sim racing i have driven the GT series from the start and always using a wheel, but i mostly

spend my time driving and "testing" cars on the Nordschleife in these games. I switched to Forza 2 when that

came out as i felt the physics of that game was superior to GT4 and it was a step up.

Forza 3 has now some of the best physics i have felt in any game so far, and comparing cars in game to

the cars i have driven on the limit at the real track they have got it close to perfection.

I also own a PS3 for use with GT5 but the prologue that is out so far just is not even worthy of licking Forza's 3 boots unfortunatly. Not to start a fanboy war i will of course buy GT5 to test it when it gets here.

My Gamertag on both systems are BBernes

I use the Fanatec CS edition on all systems.

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Hi my name is Kevin Burris. Ive been racing on the PS3 for two years now and Im going to the pc towards the end of feb. On Ps3 I have been racing on Nascar 09 for quiet some time now and getting bored of the same old same old. Im looking forward in meeting most of you guys on iRacing in Feb.

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Im Michael Hyatt

Live in Martinsburg, WV

Have one daughter who 3 yrs old

I'm 32

I race on PS3, thinking of getting into PC sims

PSN ID = ChicaneGP

Favorite types of racing = Oval, Road Racing, Off Road / Rally, Open wheel

Equipment = Logitech G25, "Chicane" custom rig - 50" LCD Sony TV

Favorite Sims -

PS3 = Dirt 2

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Hi, guys.

I just saw this thread so I apoligize for posting on your site before introducing myself.

Manny (OS Member mniner2003)


Bay Area, CA

Sim Racing since 1994 PC

Married with 3 kids (10-G, 7-B, 1-B)

PSN and XBL GT: Runn1st

PC: RunN1st Racing

Enjoy Oval, Road, and Open Wheel Racing!

Racing Rig:

Gamiing PC with 37inch LCD with Bob Earl stand, with G25 mounted on a Wheel Stand Pro.

Own Race Servers for:

GTR2, Evo, rFactor, and NR2003

Favorite Sims:

PC - NR2003, GTR2, EVO and rFactor

360 - Forza

PS3 - Gran Turismo Pro

Xbox - Indy Racing

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Hi, guys.

I'm pixel_geist on PSN,

I'm from Charleston, Illinois, I'm 35

I'm married (14 years) w/ two sons (8,2)

I'm employed as a Mig and Tig welder and own a 200 acre soybean farm.

right now I only race on the playstation, and have been a loyal playstation owner since 1995, but after seeing the videos here, I'm seriously thinking about a PC setup and a online game subscription.

ATM: playing NFS:shift (platinum trophy) Gran Turismo 5 demo.

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I'm Martijn and I'm 28 years old

My name is pronounced like "martin" but with the I from "time" ;)

I'm from The Netherlands. A small country on the other side of the globe, just across the sea from our beloved neighbours, the UK (*waves*). We're usually known for our capital city: Amsterdam. Now before everyone starts asking questions on our drug-policy and the red light district, let me first finish my introduction :P

I've completed studies in IT and photography and I'm considering doing another study on graphic design. I own a small company that's into webhosting and work as a freelancer for designing websites both technically as well as graphically.

The experience of gaming started somewhere late in the 80's. Did my very best to collect nice race games but software was hard to get for me back then because I didn't really know anyone else that had a PC, let alone was into both PC's and racing. My "racing career" started on a friends' MSX with Road Fighter by Konami, a game which I still love very much.


From there I went to the PC with Outrun, Accolade's Grand Prix Circuit, Indy 500, about every racing game I could get my hands on including of course Test Drive, Stunts, Need for Speed - Road & Track, Geoff Crammonds' World Circuit (Grand Prix), Nascar, Indycar, Colin McRae, GPL and so on, and so on. Both simulation as well as arcade.

Nowadays I'm just a casual simracer I'd say. Just like to spin a few laps every now and then. I don't race online because I don't have the time to practice to get to the level I feel is good enough for competition. And even if I did, I wouldn't have the time to race. Perhaps later when I've got more time.

Oh, I'm also a collector of certain series of games that have emotional value to me, like the Need for Speed series and Grand Theft Auto.

My equipment:

- PC and also a Xbox 360 I share with a friend of mine

- Currently I use a Thrustmaster 2009's RGT FFB Clutch - I race without pedals but use the progressive levers.

- My previous wheel is a Thrustmaster Formula GP1 which also had progressive levers. I used it for about 15 years before buying my latest wheel. I still have it because it still works and holds a lot of emotional value.

My favorite types of racing:

I love racing in the rain or other very slippery circumstances. It's too bad most simulations lack a good weather model. That indeed implies that I don't do much oval racing, although sometimes I enjoy doing a race on a short oval like Martinsville.

Favorite sims:

Difficult to say. I never mastered GPL but I did have lot of fun. I've been a fan of LFS since it came out. I've also bought rFactor some time ago and loved the adjustability. The simulator that I've spent the most time with is Geoff Crammonds' World Circuit. It's impossible for me to choose ;)

It's really great to see so many different people with different ages come here, enjoy the show, enjoy simracing.

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I'm Joe, in case you couldn't solve the riddle of my forum name.

I live on Long Island and in United States.

I have rFactor and TOCA Race Driver 3 for the PC, with Richard Burns Rally coming when the post office decides I'm ready. I'm looking forward to one or two SimBin games to add.

My XBox 360 tag is FrigginJoe360 and my PSN ID is FrigginJoe.

I have Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5 as well as PGR3 and 4 and GRID, if those qualify in any regard.

I've been gaming since Atari and couldn't wait for the days where sims were possible, yet only now do I decide to try and invest some time and space to getting into it. Stupid me.

Using the MS And Logitech DFP wheels, but am hopeful I'll have the Fanatec Turbo S wheel for all the platforms before long. (nothing sim there)

I have facebook but regret it.

My other interests include MMA (UFC, etc), computer/video games and game development, my Boston Terriers, birds and several other things I do not devote enough time to.

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Hi all my name is Gary and I am 45 years old. I have been racing since the Atari 2600 days with the Drag Racing game that was made by Activision. I also had a racing game on the Intellivision (spelled wrong) game system, and played a lot of Test Drive in the 80's on the PC. I have been playing the GT series since the first Playstation came out. I just got my first wheel (the G27) for Christmas from my wonderful wife and am playing GT5 prologue and am going back to GT4 and playing some of that too. On the PS2 I played a lot of the Ford racing, and a few others that I can't think of off hand (oh ya I played the Toca and Tokyo racing ones too). I really am a very beginner, but still having a blast with my new wheel. I have a few year old PC and am running Ubuntu so I am unable to play any of the PC sims (at least I think I am unable to), but did receive the Rfactor 1 hour demo with my G27 and can't do anything with it. My PSN ID is BubbaLsL if any PS3 owners want to add me to their friends list. This site is awesome and have fun racing guys and girls.

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Hello, my name is Joe Freitas. I am Zephyr86's brother and probably to blame for his recent dive into sim racing. My apologies to the community. I am 38 years old and I am a Racing Sim-aholic. I have no interest in recovery. The only twelve steps I want to take are the ones that lead me to my rig. viewtopic.php?f=110&t=1507

I was born into a racing family and have been around the sport for most of my life. I never really aspired to become a race driver myself since I was more into playing stick and ball games growing up, but my interest in racing has always been strong. While I prefer road racing, I do also enjoy watching NASCAR oval racing. I have been an avid follower of F1 for about 25 years now and I also closely followed CART until its sad demise. Presently, I find the ALMS to be the most entertaining road series here in the States. I live about 90 minutes from Laguna Seca and try to get out to at least one race weekend per year. I absolutely love that place.

As far as racing games go, I guess my first one would have to be the legendary Night Driver on the Atari 2600 :lol:. In the 80's, I can remember putting a lot of quarters into Monaco GP and Pole Position at the arcade as well. Other console titles that I recall playing in the 80's and early 90's would include Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP, Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing and a game based on Days of Thunder. In the mid to late 90's I was heavily into Gran Turismo and the Psygnosis F1 games. I thought that those were the best. My first PC racing game was Grand Prix 2. Others that I played were the Psygnosis PC titles, Grand Prix 3 as well as a bit of Grand Prix Legends and NR 2003. Unfortunately, my gaming PC died shortly after and I switched over to the more turn key console games again. My racing then became mostly limited to the EA F1 titles as well as GT and, of couse, Forza.

I am now getting back into PC sims and thoroughly enjoying the challenges that they present. I finally got on track with iRacing just last weekend after months of planning and looking forward to it. I am finding it to be, at the same time, challenging, a bit frustrating and immensely fun. I have never before had such a sense of accomplishment by simply dropping .3 in any game/sim before. I hope that iRacing continues to grow and sticks around for years to come.

XBL - Jojo Gigio

PSN - JojoGigio

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My "racing career" started on a friends' MSX with Road Fighter by Konami, a game which I still love very much.


Hi Martijn, that was a lovely game indeed. I was able to finish the whole thing once. Nice to see a screen-shot :)

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My name is Cody Irons and i'm currently obsessed with sim racing :D. I'm a 26 year old software engineer, i live in norman, oklahoma, i'm married (2 years in may,) and i really love this website and the SRT episodes. I've always enjoyed racing games but never made the jump to purchase a steering wheel for the pc as i fealt it would take up too much room on my desk. But it's now a permanent feature on my desk and i'm hoping to pick up the obutto sometime and just get rid of the desk completely. I came across the SRT g27 wheel review and purchased it promptly afterward. Since then i've also picked up the buttkickergamer2 and am really enjoying that.

But like i said i purchased a wheel and it was originally for dirt2, grid, dirt, nfs:shift (was hoping it would work well with nfs:high stakes but there is something weird going on there, i love that old game, someone needs to make hometown and redrock ridge for race 07,) and for christmas i received GTR-Evo an Race-On. And i honestly haven't played dirt2, grid, nfs since.

I'm really looking for more sim style games and currently have rFactor and Richard Burns Rally in the mail, i wanted to get Nascar 2003 Season but the price is just entirely too high on amazon. I'm really interested in some of these online purchase only type games, ARCA, NetkarPro, Live For Speed, IRacing (though i don't care for subscription based games.) So if someone wanted to make recommendations on them or comparisons between them that would be really cool.

My game-list is currently (just reading down the steam list, and some are not installed i tend to collect games when they are on sale) :

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box


DiRT 2


GTR Evolution

Midnight Club 2

Need For Speed: Shift

Need For Speed: High Stakes

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (pc version has something horribly not write about it)

Race 07

Race On

STCC - The Game

TrackMania United Forever: Star Edition

I'm still a real 'n00b' at GTR Evolution but am loving having to really learn a track. My favorite cars so far are the Lister Storm, Camaro 09 both editions, Challenger 09 both editions and have been doing a lot of racing on Monza 08 and Curitiba 07 (and a little Magny Cours)


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Hello Sim Racing Fans!

My name is Steve and I am from Los Angeles.

ZedR on PS3 and XboxLive

Not sure of the time line here but some of my favorites have been:


1984 Williams Star Rider

1988 Atari's Hard Driving

1996 Atari's San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing

I have been a big fan of racing games all the way back to the original Paparus games.


1989 Indianapolis 500

1994 NASCAR Racing

1998 Grand Prix Legends


1996 PS1 wipEout XL (With neGcon)

1996 PS1 Destruction Derby 2

1998 N64 F-ZeroX

1999 PS1 R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 (With JogCon)

2000 PS2 Midnight Club

2000 N64 Rush 2049

2001 Cube XG3: Extreme G Racing

2002 Xbox Burnout

2006 360 Burnout Revenge

Well that's the history. There were a lot more games. Some Need For Speeds and some Gran Turismos but the games above I really loved or really played a lot of. Probably my favorite of all was wipEout XL with the neGcon. What a hypnotic and amazing feeling to play that game with that controller.

Anyway I kind of drifted away from the racing genre for a while but now I am quite hooked again.

Currently playing:


iRacing, DiRT 2, Richard Burns Rally, GRID


WipEout HD

That was quite a trip down memory lane for me.

Thank you,


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I`m 26. Name is Reino. I live in Estonia and have become a fan of simracing about couple of years or so. Before that i haven`t tried them. So i tried and i tried, and now i really don`t like the "arcade" race games pretty much.

Right now i get busy myself with iRacing. I like it a lot, but the pricing is not very cheap. But i don`t rush it. Improving step by step.

Also i like GTR2, GTR evolution. Haven`t tried the rFactor. But i`ll wait what`s the rFactor 2 looks like. TOCA race driver 3 was fun as i remember and also CMR 2005.

Favourite type of racing would be road, sometimes oval. :)

Equipment: Logitech G25, G15, G3, G25 :) So full G series. And Logitech Z-2200. Missing a playseat. :cry:

BTW: Great show, i think i`m going to watch every episode now on.

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Hey i am Andrew from NL Canada.

Build my own computers since 1998, current pc components consist of; Windows Vista HP 64bit, AMD duel 3.2ghz, 8gig of 800mhz ram, 2x (SLI) Nvidia 9800GT with 1gig of ddr3 ram graphics cards, 2x 500gig hard drives running in raid, 5.1 surround sound speaker system, 22" lcd monitor and use the G25 wheel / pedals / shifter.

I currently play ARCA sim racing, GTR Evo & Dirt 2, mainly ARCA & GTR Evo online racing.

Have a PS3 just for Nascar 09 (dont play online much)

ARCA & FSX Username; wingsoneagles, or it just says Andrew in GTR Evo

used to love Richard burns rally, but need to get mod to run on Vista (sometime in future)

Meet and talked to Richard Burns in 2000 at the British Grand Prix and got signiture (awesome guy)

Hobbies / interests;

Racing simulation games

Love racing cars and watching racing

Flight simulation (FSX)

Snowboarding / skateboarding


computers / photography & film

Martial arts / fitness

Astology / nature


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Hi All,

I'm Greg Thilesen

Live in Daytona, Florida

I'm 19 and have been a Car guy since I was knee high, I got into Sim racing about two years ago.

I race on the PC, and on Ps2.

MSN= [email protected]

Favorite types of racing = I enjoy road racing, and the occasional drifting.

Equipment = Logitech G25.

Favorite Sims -


PS2= GT4

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Yo everyone,

I'm James.

18 - From New Jersey.

Just got into Sim Racing and really just dipping my feet into the pool before I get on the diving board and cannon ball in.

Found this site and all these videos, and now am very anxious to have my Obutto and G25(or possibly Carrera 911 Fanatec if I can find one) come in.

Been playing video games of all kinds since the Sega Genesis, was primarily a Console gamer for most of my life until about two years ago when I got really into MMORPGs, which I no longer player.

Hoping to have some casual fun on my console and get into the competition side of things on the PC. Hope to see you all on the track soon!

Oh, and obviously. I'm a huge Porsche fan. Have been as long as I can remember.

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Been watching the show for a long time but new to the forums so here's my intro.

My name is Patrick Spence, I'm 25 and live in Vero Beach FL. I've worked for my local Honda dealership as an auto tech since I was 18. I got into sim racing about the time when GTR was a mod for f1 2002, so its been a couple years! Was big into the GTR series in its hayday, loved GT Legends, also Live for Speed - but nowadays (well for almost two years now actually) it's all iRacing for me. As much as I'm devoted to iRacing I still try to find time to run some rallys in Richard Burns Rally, that sim has hooked me for years - love it!

Love the show, and glad to be on board here in the forums.

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Hello, I'm Pete, 26 from Germany.

Spent a lot of time with "Stunts" and IndyCar Racing 2 when I was younger. Then turned towards Shooters and Strategy games, cause that was what all my friends were playing. Some months ago I got Test Drive Unlimited and spent a lot of time with that. I was using my gamepad, but as it wasn't very precise and also pretty worn out already I started looking for an alternative and found your review of the G27/G25 on youtube.

I got myself a G25 for 150€ and also wanted to get a "proper" sim without spending too much money on it, so I also ordered GT Legends for 5€. Pretty soon I was spending a lot more time with GTL than with TDU, and still am :D

Probably getting Richard Burns Rally soon...

Anyways, great show and site, keep it up folks!

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What's up guys / gals....

Jeff Detrick

Pittsburgh, PA (originally from Detroit, MI)

Age: 41

Married with 3 kids (oldest of which is 14) who all look at dad like a loon with the headset on and wheel in front of me. O well. I usually pal around with the Exodus Racing crew (hence the EXOR in my GT). We like to run no assists and longer full sim. races. Strictly XBOX 360 and FM3 at the moment but I would love to get into iRacing. Remember those kids I mentioned earlier? Well, the cost of those suckers is keeping me from it. So, for now, I'll continue to pay M$. I race with the M$ Wheel (surrounded by a home-build cockpit) but someday would love the Fanatec. Many thanks for Patrick Spence (see 2 posts above) for hooking me up with said wheel. What's up griev0r?

Look me up for some clean, close, fun, racing on the 360.

I also like long walks on the beach and romantic dinners but we'll save that for a different forum...... :lol:

GT - EXOR Detrick

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Hi, I've been posting for a while but realized I never properly introduced myself.

I'm Wendy, 48 from Northern Virginia.

My first "sort of sim" racing experience was PGR 2 on the original xbox.

Ran forza, forza 2 and now forza 3...lately I've been getting seriously into the PC sims, mostly iRacing but also RBR, rFactor, LFS, etc.

I have Dirt 2 and F1 Championship on the PS3 as well.

One funny story with Forza 2 is my Folks were visiting not long after it came out and I set my Dad up in "practice" mode and he was hooked...every time we were hanging out at my house he requested I "boot up the game" for him. (I'd love to get him into something like iRacing but I'm sure he'd say he doesn't have time for it.)

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