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HI all, Brandon here.  26 and living in the northern midwest.


I've been a gamer since I was about 3, and also into R/C since about that time too.  I grew up on the NES, and a door stop that Packard Bell (486) used to call a computer.  Those were the days, B: drive and the A: drive, and windows 3.1.  Deleting the File Manager was really easy to do... figuring out how to get it back was a pain in the rear! 


Some time in the 90's, I met a new buddy, went over to his house, and saw something that had me hooked... Nascar Racing 2 and a really nice wheel.  I have NEVER seen anything like it at the time.  I mean, come on, I thought a simulator was Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge on the NES (actually, simulator was a new word to me at the time, so that's a fib).  Anyways, I had to play it!  Soon as I did, I fell in love with it.  My first "sim" game was Nascar Racing 3.  Since then, I fell in love with sim racing.  Now, I wasn't able to have the luxury of a wheel, in fact, I had a game pad that I used (came as a combo with doom 2 back in 95).  I don't think I bought another racing game for quite some time.  In fact, I bought my first wheel dating back to about 2000.  It was a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GT.  It wasn't anywhere near the quality of the wheel/pedals my buddy's dad used, but it got me further into sim racing.  Fortunately, Sports Car GT came bundled with it, so I had another game to play!  The next game, was Nascar Racing 4, but it never really stuck with me like Sports Car GT did.  Then GTR and GTR2 came out, and I really fell in love.  As of lately, I am embarrassed to admit that I only discovered rFactor in 2012... how? After a long time of trying to get Sports Car GT to work on Windows 7, I somehow stumbled upon it.  Unfortunately, I never got into it, never was as fun as GTR or GTR2.  After that, I gave rFactor 2 a shot in beta, but that too didn't appeal to me.  So, after accepting the fact that my next real sim fix wasn't coming out for quite some time (GTR3), I caved in and joined iRacing.  On this day, I finally received my new wheel, G27.  You simply cannot compare this thing to my first wheel, and it is insane to think I went that long on that original wheel.  The hardest thing to get used to, so far, is the luxury of a clutch (well, really a standard these days), and the MUCH firmer pedals.  The learning curve begins once again!


So, that's my background to getting into sim racing (on pc, I left out quite a bit about console and Gran Turismo... that was a whole different obsession).  My other hobbies, besides r/c, pc games and sim racing... include brewing beer, fishing, wrenching on cars/trucks, snowmobiling, and so much more.


Currently race on:




Favorite Sims:

iRacing is working its way up there.

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My name is Joseph Johnson
Live in Albany, Ga
3 Kids which includes one on the way
I'm 28 and just joined iRacing
I will never again play my xbox 360 for racing

PC = Joseph Johnson3

Favorite types of racing = Oval, I enjoy turning left

Equipment = Logitech GT Wheel and pedals, 55 inch plasma

Favorite Sims -

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Hello everyone! :)

My name is Simon and I'm from the UK. Just thought I'd post a quick hello and show you a couple of teaser-pictures for my rig! :D A more detailed post/thread will follow dedicated to the building and fitting out etc, but for now...







Very interesting Rig... will be great to know how you even got to the current stage... looking forward to your posts!

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Hey Guys,


Im Anthony Cappellino

Im 17

Currently Living In Long Island,New York

Been A Sim Racer Since 14

Favorite Sim Racing Game Would Have To Be The Forza Series.


I've moved more toward the PC/PS3 side however, getting more and more into Gran Turismo 5 / The Need For Speed Series side of things. Im Currently working on building my first rig, which would be the DIY Sim Racing Rig for under 100$ Posted on YouTube. I'll be hooking up the Logitech G27 wheel to it so totally looking foward to that.


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My name is Mike. I'm new to sim racing but I've had a ton of seat time on simcade racing (Dirt 1 thru 3, GRID, NFS Shift 2 with nogripracing community patch). I currently own a T500rs with two th8rs' coupled with CSPV2s (yet to be used, DOA) mounted on an OBUTTO ozone with triple monitors,TrackIR5 and a Buttkicker sim kit.  I work in the IT field, so naturally, I'm mostly a PC gamer. 


Amazingly, I've yet to play a true sim racer. My plan was to get the CSPv2s (after the stock t500rs pedals broke) and start with rfactor2 beta and maybe some Iracing. Nonetheless, my plan has been derailed until I can get a working pedal set.

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Keefe Gonzalez
Madison, AL
I'm 22 and been been a sim racer since 1997 and into High Performance driving since 2010.
I race on the PC, and XBox 360

XBox 360 Gamer Tag = Mediarocker
PC = Mediarocker/RareJello

Favorite types of racing = Road/Rally/Endurance
Equipment =  Nothing for now

Favorite Sims -
PC = Colin McRae's DiRT (this list is bound to change.)
XBox 360 = Forza (FORT-ZA) Motorsport 4

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Hi everyone.

I go by Manny and I live in Lansing, MI. Im 32 and an RN by night.

I've been a long time lurker on Insidesimracing youtube channel. Bought my first racing wheel in 2002 (logitech g force driving wheel) for my ps2. At one point I own every single need for speed game.

I built a new gaming pc last year and got dirt3 with the video card. I've been playing that since. I currently game on a G25/playseat evolution setup with three 26 inch monitors in surround running off two gtx 680s. I just got done doing an ebrake mod to my G25 courtesy of Chilicoke on youtube.

I have played liveforspeed in the past. Looking to tryout iracing and rfactor.

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Hello everyone!  I've been watching the show for a while but never made an account.


It's about time to get to know more people in the sim racing community, as I have NO friends who enjoy the same.


I'm 23, and live in Michigan, Detroit suburbs.  Ever since I was a wee little thing, I always had an interest is mechanical moving parts, especially this toy train that was clear plastic, and you could see all the mechanisms making it work on it's own.  I think the first true race I've seen on tv was an old Porsche about to win a huge race (le mans?)  too young to know exactly.  Since then, I've been completely been head over heels for cars and racing.  The sheer concentration and white knuckling across the roads, next to an equally dangerous machine operator,  NOTHING like it!!


Had I had a better "family" life, I would probably already be here talking within forums with many people.  I had a very abusive step mother, I couldn't even eat in my own house for days at a time, doing cleaning jobs for the family until my fingers bled.  I was the ultimate story of Cinderella, in fact, I truly defined it.  This led me to making some poor decisions in my teen life, and set me up for failure in the long run.  After much therapies, and lock-downs, I came about into Ann Arbor, and came face to face with a world that I never understood.  "ACCEPTANCE"
Through all of this, I retraced my roots, to my true hobbies, loves and interests, and the one that sticks was sim racing, racing in general.  A sad back story, but hey, I feel the people here are more about the reality of being friends and long time aquaintances, instead of mockery and immaturity, so why not be honest?

Anyways, I play rFactor 1 & 2, testing the AC tech demo, which is incredible, rarely play RACE 07, used to play LFS a lot, used to play GT5, and am always curious whether I would like iRacing or not (not a fan of the 1 make racing as much)

I started as a gran turismo fanboy, since the first one up to 5.  I slowly transitioned into pc sims, with much frustration honestly, I hated them all for a long time.  Basically, It took a long time to get adjusted between console racing, and then the next step of PC racing.  Big difference, but now I know I will never go back!

I'm a daily racer, commonly looking for a good couple of people to race track after track with, mostly rF1, some rF2, and in the future, Assetto Corsa.

I'm glad to be introducing myself here, because what I'm looking for most is FRIENDS.  I play other genres of games, especially on STEAM, yet none of my friends are into sim racing (or just not good at it).  I would love to find some people who like driving interesting tracks on rF1, particularly open road courses, and some street cars(shift street mod?), or even Historx.  I love track racing, and can keep a good pace, but I much prefer things like Targa Florio and a Stock Lancer, sliding around, enjoying the drive, and then going into a good 1 on 1 with someone with equal pace.

I have participated in a league for rF2 using the 370z GT4, and placed 2nd overall, that's the only league experience I have, and don't know if I can commit to specific times of races for leagues.


I'm a night owl, and stay up very late, so my usual race times are passed midnight here eastern standard time.
Send me a PM with your steam details, or maybe even Teamspeak info, and I'll be down to race.  I'd post my steam account, but it's usually the wrong name lol, honestly I don't know my steam ID, and it seems to change by itself O.o.  Maybe I'm just not savvy enough with steam, even though I've been a user for many years.  Either way, I could really use some friends in this community, as I always feel like a lone shark.


Just wanted to end on a positive note:  Love the show, and all the guys working with it!!  I enjoy seeing the new hardware, and it seems this website is very well established.



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Hi everyone. Im new to this but a long time viewer of the show

my names Andi

im 32 and live in the UK

i have a son who is 3 and already getting interested in racing.

About me

ive been gaming since i can remember, started out on the spectrum 128k.( yes im old lol). But i soon found myself playing more and more racing games. From supersprint to test drive, hard driving, grandprix to games like F1 on the mega drive. I really started taking it as a hobby once i got my first xbox, playing forza 1 and PGR. Something about racing real people across the world really got my heart pumping. I came across the show one day on youtube and couldnt belive what i saw. Darin and shawn really showed me what was possible in sim racing!. I soon found myself wanting for from simracing as racing on the xbox360 in forza 4 was just not enough. I wanted to racing with real simracers not just kids that seem to be on forza and do nothing but use my car as a brake into the first turn!. So now here i am. Im now using PC more than ever and have just built a pc ready for racing.


Xbox- forza 4, Dirt 1,2,3. Race pro (the most underated game ever on xbox)

PC- live for speed, race on, NKPro, RBR, gt legends, GTR1,2, RFactor

im running PC 3.4ghz duo, 8 gigddr, and all on 40"samsung


started with a xbox wheel but now using Fantec forza CSR with elite csr pedals and HShifter.

Just want to say thanks all at ISR for doing the show and all they do.

Awsome job guys!!

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My names Ricky Davies

Ilive in the United Kingdom

I am 23 years old.


I have been sim racing for about 4 years and been a fan of the ISR videos felt it was time to register here :)

I currently use iracing and mainly do Oval even being a Brit i am still a fan of the Oval racing. I always use rfactor and i am currently racing in ISAMRRACING league running F1 2013 series representng a UK group. I also enjoy racing UK stox and some F2000 along wih Clio cup.


Other titles:





I currently have a G27 no mods but will soon be getting a button box. I have an xrocker Daytona chair with the vibration/bass. only have 1 22" monitor but would love to run a 3.


Thats about it :)



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Eddie Hollon


San Antonio, Tx

Father to Corey age 10

Current Xbox racer, future PC sim racer

I started sim racing back about 1998, I kept up with sim racing for several years after that, but there was a 6 year part of my life where I couldn't invest the time I wanted to racing.

 I back and looking to get involved. I feel like the sim world has passed me by in many ways but I am determined the catch up.

Hope to meet my fellow sim racers.

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Hey Everyone,


My Name is Steven Scukovic

Single bloke from Australia

28 years old and Studying full time.


Current Machines:


3.4ghz i7 core processor

12gb ddr ram

AMD radeon Graphic Card

2 x 4tb hard drives

(Is setup for what i will be doing once i finish studying, but proves handy for PC sim racing)


Playstation 3


Wheel: Logitech G25 that i have had for many years (needs an update)


Games that i play on PS3:

GT5, F1 2011


Games that i play on PC:

GTR 2 Evolution

Race On 07

Race Room Race Experience (Currently sit 13th in the saleen challenge on "Get Real")


Just really getting into the Sim Racing thing, and once i am working again, plan to update my gear and get a rig setup :)

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Hi everyone.


My real name is Mark Pickford. I am 47 years old and live in Egland. I have one Son who is now 21.


I have been sim racing since the Geoff Crammond era. Descovered multiplayer when the internet came along, with Grand Prix Legends at 56k dial-up. How fibre has changed things! Also drove each version of Sierra's Nascar series (in single player only though)


Then took a break for several years as I developed a small business.


Found iRacing recently, dusted off the old G25 and immediately ran out, bought a new PC, (i7, 32gig ram, ssd's, GTX 690 blah blah) and a triple screen setup.


Now totally hooked. I enjoy both Road and Oval racing in equal measure.


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My name is Bob Frogner, I'm from northern California.

I've just started on iRacing and really enjoy it.

My background is in autocrossing and time trials at local road racing tracks (Laguna Seca and Infineon).

I am 65 years young and try to keep current with F-1 and Indy Cars.

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I am also new to Sim racing. However I have been a gamer for many many years, before DOOM. I have been into computers and gaming since the early 80's.

I am a system Analyst and a huge gadget nut. Like most of you guys I am sure.


I am also a drummer, Indy Film maker and am into electronics a bit.


I like long walks in the par.... err never mind... :)


Over the years I have been playing some simple racing game on and off but it was about a year ago I got more serious moving into the Sims. The guys in my gaming clan got me hooked and they iRace.


So I have been buying gear over this past year and finally have my first rig set up with SimVibe.

I have triple monitors ran by SoftTH and I got the T500 (GT/F1 wheels) and got a set of CS V2 pedals and find those along with the rig to be wonderful and so immersive.


I like all kinds of cars and tracks but really love the F1 cars as they handle so well and offer a nice open view. I also love that F1 wheel! :)

So I have been driving stock and F1, oval and road.



I must say all of you guys seem very cool and helpful here. Kudos!

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Closing in on 40 here, started out by NOT driving the GPL demo on a keyboard after trying for 10 minutes, but took it up again in -99 and listened to the sound of the Ferrari... I just had to buy a wheel after that, and got my first one, the trusty plastic rattle "Logitech Wingman Force Feedback GT". Stuck with Papyrus into N2003 and mods through a Momo Black that never worked (pedal issue), and lost the spark when I found GTR and rFactor a bit "meh". Then followed a long (8-9 years) hiatus where I occationally tried some various sims without much "wow" until I was lured in recently by my long time simracing buddy who just put his hand on my shoulder and solemnly proclaimed "rFactor 2". As I trust him in these matters I payed up for a lifetime license and bought a G27, and oh yes... There it was, that spark! that incredible fun-factor! Stuck again.

I have recently finished my first rig, and since my G27 turned nascar on me (refused turning right) I included a T-500 in the rig and am now in the process of adding a few more 27" screens.


Favourite car would still be the Murasama (Honda) F1 car, simply because of the looks, throaty song and devious personality, though I've come to love the rf2 Megane after completing an entire racing season it it.

The dream scenario would however be having all the Swedish tracks and the Modsport series cars with rF2's incredible physics and FF, what a season it would be!

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Hello guys,

My real name is Simon Ashbourne, I'm 40 years young married 2 kids 7&5 2hamsters and a labradoodle.

Only recently (2 years) joined the world of sim racing having bought a wheel, I've been racing Live for Speed since 2008, but using a joypad didn't think of it as anything other than a really good racing game. Now getting more and more into it, I've joined a racing club in LFS where I race fortnightly with a good group of clean racers away from the demo horde.

I'm also expecting big things from Project CARS when it hits the shelves next year, and I'm hoping one day to get a playroom so I can build a proper rig.

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Name: Paul TDS

From: Uk Bristol

Live: Thailand

Work: Semi retired own a coffee shop/bar

Gameing: gtr2, race 07, iRacing

I used to be a cabbie back in the uk but my parents passed away so now live in Thailand.

Only been into sim racing seriously for about 6 months. Built my own rig... i7 24gig ram 240gig ssd crossfire 7850 with triple 40inch sony HD and G27. Rig performs realy well apart from the driver. Got inti iracing after stumbling on isrtvs' website and enjoy your shows.


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Hello Sim Racers 


Name Cam Davis 


Age 38


Live NSW Australia 


Been playing a lot of car games on Xbox360 loving F1 2012 but then found iracing and would love to start getting into it.


I have found the rig I want its the Obutto R3volution Cockpit with all the add ons and I like the Fanatec Clubsport Pedals.


But still working on the wheel looking at the CSR Elite wheel as I can use it on both Xbox360 and pc or the Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel only thing is this dose not work on Xbox360 so would have to get F1 2012 on PC and start again just not to sure witch one is the the way to go seen reviews on both and both have there ups and downs but at the moment the CSR Elite is just in front 


Thanks Racers  :-P 

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Hi, my name is Olly. I'm 31 and been sim racing online since GT5 came out with a G27/Wheelstand Pro. Very tempted by the darkside of iRacing and determined to race in the not too distant future.


I'm obsessed with MX5s (pics of my last few in members' motors), BMWs, Porsches and the Nurburgring. Slowly but surely notching up my 'Ring lap count:



Sadly without a track car at the moment and making the best of it by driving friends' cars, like this mental Striker.......'>



Now with added GoPro. I'll put up some more vids if people are interested.

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Bryan Stromquist  48


Walked into an arcade 30 some odd years ago and saw a machine with a wheel, pedals, and a gear lever, it said 'Pole Position'. High and low 2 speed and force feed back, within the first 20 seconds after I hit start I said to myself "I'm going to have this in my house one day". About 5 years ago I was recomended 'Forza Motorsport' I used a controller for that and the second one, got an MS FFB wheel for the start of the third installment, and was on my second MS by Forza 4. That one has just failed, but not to worry, because by next weekend my pc will be finished and I will start my iRacing career. Hopefuly my new clubsport set will last me for many years.


I've tried many pc and console racing games over the years, and with about 33 years of legal driving experiance, some as a proffesional driver, and 15 years as an automotive technician, Forza was about the best I had found that I could afford. Now with a good job and a very understanding wife (just had our 25th anniversery) it's time to move up.


Hope to see you guys on the track.

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