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Screen Tearing and General Comment

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Hi Guys,

Ok, so this screen tearing thing, i dont seem to be able to find anything definitive on it. Some are blaming PD and poor/lazy coding, some say its the limitations of the PS3, others say its a 720/1080 thing, quite a few say they don't even get it, and some say ignore it and get on with the game.

I understand the limitations of consoles, and i know that although GT5 is an amazing achievement, it's not really a true sim. But, i'm finding that the screen tearing in the game is really distracting and flippin annoying! Its one of those things that as soon as you notice it, it really plays on you. I'm probably being overly fussy!

I'm kind of thinking this is all rhetorical really, as my suspicion is that there is no true fix for it. The game is maxing the PS3 out and it's just a symptom of the excessive work the rendering engine is having to do with the random* camera movements. (*) A race is not scripted, so the view is constantly updating depending on what you do, the line you take, the direction you travel etc. I particularly notice bad screen tearing in fast corners on detailed tracks, primarily the city courses. But i've also noticed Spa can be quite bad also.

I have a triple projector screen set up, running 720p, (i wont detail the other details of the rig, but its work in progress!!) When the screen tears, its just a massive reminder that you're playing a video game, it removes you from the immersion that you've created, ha!, like a glitch in the matrix!! And thats why i find it so distracting. I like to 'get into' the experience and the screen tear detracts from that experience. If i played in a more casual manner, picking up a controller and playing for 30 mins, i probably wouldn't care, but when you're 'in' the game, surrounded by the visuals, feeling the force feedback, shifting through the gears, hearing the surround sound (not to mention the vibration and smell (yes, smell!!)), then to get a massive jaggie screen tear cut across the screen just above the road is really quite annoying! :x

I don't understand all the technicalities of graphics processing and the like, but i am surprised that an exclusive title such as GT5, genuinely developed over a period of 5 to 6 years, seems to have this issue. I cant believe the 'quality control' guys saw this, made a note of it, and then said "yeah, that's fine, we've got bad screen tearing, but that's acceptable"

Is it me? :?

All things considered, i'm still paying the game, because it has a lot that it does well, but there are a few areas that i think we would all like to see improved. Getting into talk of GT6 and PS4 is just wishful thinking and way off. I'm not sure if its technically possible to do anything about the screen tearing now, perhaps by way of a patch, but i truly hope that whatever comes next learns all the lessons and delivers a truly amazing racing experience with true visceral gut wrenching burbeling sounds, popping on the down shift, accidents that feel and sound bad, aggressive AI with truly challenging real world racing, engine blow ups, oil on the track, intelligent damage, smoke, shadows without jagged edges, fire, grid starts, more race orientated cars as opposed to standard every day 100bp motors, oh, and no screen tearing! ( i could go on)

Or should i just get into iracing?! ;) Assuming a reasonably specced PC, graphically how does iracing compare?

oh yes, those smells, i've got 'Burning Rubber', 'Fuel' and 'Fresh Cut Grass'. They are set to pump out a short blast every 3 minutes alternatively, so as you tear up the track (pun intended) you get some sense of the smell of racing; albeit at a track that has just had it's grass cut :D !!. It's cool. Subtle, but totally immersive. It's not an everyday thing, just something i use now and then, when mates are round. :lol:

Cheers for reading. Interested to hear any thoughts on the whole screen tearing issue.


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Well, the tearing is a result of v-sync being turned off. You're seeing part of one frame and part of the next, rather than a complete frame every time the display refreshes. If they had enabled v-sync, there would be a performance penalty, and they're really pushing the hardware as it is to get it as close to 60fps as possible, as often as possible. Turning on v-sync would cause the game to drop to 30fps any time it dips below 60fps. They've decided that it's better to have some tearing than a less consistent framerate, or to cap it at 30fps like many other games.

Another problem is that v-sync can cause input lag, and that would be a big problem in a racing game that strives for realism. On quite a few PC games, I have to decide whether to have input lag (v-sync on) or tearing (v-sync off), and if the game is sensitive to input lag I usually will choose the tearing.

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