Wanting to build custom pedals (wilwood Top Mounted)
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Hello, guys and gals, I hope everyone is going well. I'm currently looking to start building pedals for my sim rig I'm building.  and I know I could go to ricmotech and buy them but they are expensive and it'd  be a lot easier for me if I could buy the parts and build them myself, so I can spread the cost out. I've been looking up forums and youtube video's on what I'd need but I'm coming up empty handed. I will link to the pedals I'm wanting to build. Moreover, I'm not to mechanically inclined, but if I have all the parts I can and possibly good guides I can figure it out. In addition, I know the clutch and break will need a master and slave cylinder or at least the break will, but the two things that confuse me the most is what parts would I need for the throttle and how would I attach the slave cylinders to the break and possibly the clutch. Furthermore, I came across this youtube video on how to build a hydraulic hand brake, which clear up things alot. on how to build theses pedals but still some what confused.  


Pedals I want to build 



how to build a hydraulic hand brake



From the video and from viewing the pictures and the video on ricmotech this is what I know I will need a minimum

3 pedals 








completely lost on building the throttle 


connect to pc 



Brake line 



tee adapter and other adapters








1000 psi 



Nevertheless, this is what I know so far and I know I the parts can be swapped for others.  so any help would be appreciative. 

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