TX, swapped power supply, still dead

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Hi everybody,

the original power supply of my TX burned a few days ago.
I tried to replace it with an external PS. So far I have 24 V on the connector to the PCB. Most other connectors to / from the PCB have power to. All button presses work / show a respective voltage drop on their connectors. However, I have no power on the motors and no power to the fan (was running the wheel in fan always on mode).

Even after connecting both power and USB, the wheel remains dead. Pressing and holding Xbox and Mode buttons while connecting to a USB socket does not help either.
The wheel remains off, not autocalibration, no movement, no lights behind the buttons, no nothing.

I believe that I am out oh luck since there must be something wrong on the PCB?
Does anybody have any idea what else I could check?
There're no burn marks whatsoever, but this is the only explanation that I am currently left with.

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