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Hello guys.. I don't post much here and have not been active for a long time..  I would like your feedback please.. I'm moving soon and need to sell local and pickup only - WASHDC/MD/VA.. I want to create a for sale tread before going to ebay but don't know how much this goes for now..  Could I please have feed back on the following please.. thanks in advance on your feedback. 

this is how much I paid for the rig.. the seat was cost me $800 plus shipping..

Sim Rig GT Combo Kit 1 €1,411.07
Sim Rig GT Bracket Kit:Sim Rig Bracket Kit
Bracket Color: Blue
1 Option subtotal: €784.30
Sim Rig GT Profiles Kit:Sim Rig Profiles Kit 1 Option subtotal: €330.58
Sim Handbrake:Sim Handbrake 1 Option subtotal: €158.02
Sim Shifter Sequential:Sim Shifter Sequential 1 Option subtotal: €138.18
Subtotal: €1,411.07  
Shipping: €254.68 via UPS Express Saver - Zone 8  
Payment Method: PayPal / Creditcard (Paypal account not required)  
Total: €1,665.76





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