Wanted: Fanatec BMW gt2 Rim
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I am looking for a V1 Fanatec Clubsport BMW rim, I would like the original version as the new V2 does not have vibration motors within the rim and I do like that function. I would be open to a V2 if the price is right but since I could get the V2 directly through Fanatec I am mainly interested in the V2. 

If anyone here in the USA has one of these rims they would like to sell at a reasonable price let me know. Located in Connecticut.

Also interested in any rim that comes with the metal QR1 quick release (McLaren rim with the metal qr, formula e-sports etc) or even just the metal QR1 itself possibly. Since the qr1 goes for so much alone I think it makes more sense to buy one together with a rim. 

Thank you. 

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I've got one I would be willing to part with.  It has SRH magnetic shifters (I still have the original parts if you want to but it back to stock).  The analog joystick doesn't center properly, other than that everything works as it should.

Will ship in original boxes from CA

$250 shipped UPS ground.

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