SOLD - High End Rig for sale

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For sale in the United States only the items below:

Chassis - SOLD

Seat - SOLD

Motion - SOLD

Wheel base - SOLD

Steering wheels and button box

  • Open Sim Rig 488 GT3 steering wheel with AF QR (8-pin avio connector to USB hub) – SOLD
  • Open Sim RIg 488 GT3 dashboard (small) – SOLD
  • F1Simgames R8 GT3 – with NGR carbo QR (8-pin avio connector) to USB Hub or straight USB cable) – USD 700

Pedal systems

  • 3 pedal kit Ricmotech RealGear GT3 Pro with brake kit and spare bushels (like new factory resealed) – SOLD


  • 2 pedal kit SimRacing Coaches Formula (1 month old) – SOLD

H-Pattern – Sequential shifter - SOLD

Wind Simhub - SOLD

Buyer pays transaction fees plus shipping from 60642 Chicago fully insured to destination within US-CON.



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